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How to take iodomarine

Yodomarin Iodine enters the human body through the digestive system, then it accumulates in the thyroid gland, but can be contained in other tissues - for example, in the tissues of the mammary glands, the walls of the stomach, the salivary glands.In some cases, a person may develop a shortage of iodine, which leads to the development of various diseases of the endocrine system.It is with the goal of preventing such a development of events and treating the already existing deficiency of iodine, doctors often appoint Iodomarin.

Table of contents: General characteristics of Iodomarin Indications for use of iodomarin How to take iodomarine The specific uses of iodomarin Contraindications to the use of iodomarin Possible side effects Overdose of iodomarin

General characteristics of iodomarin

This is an iodine preparation that is used for the prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases.Iodomarin can compensate for the deficiency of this important trace element in the body, which for some categories of people is vital.

Indications for use of Jodomarina

This medication should only be taken when a doctor is prescribed. And the indications for the use of Iodomarin are:

  • therapy of conditions that are associated with a deficiency of iodine in the body;
  • prevention of endemic goiter( conducted among patients living in regions with severe iodine deficiency);
  • therapy for diffuse euthyroid goiter;
  • therapy and prevention of iodine deficiency in childhood.

In addition, Iodomarin physicians prescribe in the postoperative period, or after the end of therapeutic treatment for endemic goiter and as prevention of iodine deficiency in elderly people.

How to take Iodomarin

Questions about the dosage and duration of the course of taking the drug in question are to be considered only by a doctor - you will need to take into account not only the results of the examinations, but also the individual characteristics of the patient's body. If we consider the official instruction on the use of Iodomarin, we can distinguish several important points:

  1. To prevent the occurrence of goiter,
  • is prescribed for children of the child age, including newborns - 50-100 μg / day;
  • adolescents and adults - 100-200 μg / day;
  • for pregnant women and during the breastfeeding period of 200 μg / day.

If it is necessary to prevent the recurrence of goiter, doctors prescribe to patients Jodomarin in a dose of 200 mcg / day.Prophylactic intake of the drug in question is prolonged, some people will need to consume Jodomarin for life.

  1. For the treatment of goiter designate:
  • for children and adolescents - 100-200 μg / day;
  • adults under the age of 45 years - 300-500 mcg / day.

Children's children( including newborns) will have to take the drug for 2-4 weeks, but adolescents, adults and children of senior school age, doctors appoint Iodomarin in the treatment of goiter for 6-12 months.

Features of the application of Jodomarina

Iodomarine-at-thoracic The drug should be taken after eating food, the tablet should be washed down with plenty of water.Do not drink with compote, juice or coffee!

If the drug should be given to a baby who is on natural feeding, then the mother must express the milk and dissolve the pill in it and already from the bottle to offer the baby.With artificial feeding, respectively, the prescribed dose of Iodomarin is dissolved in the mixture.

Contraindications to the use of Jodomarin

The of the official instruction for the preparation clearly specifies the contraindications to its use:

  • adenoma of the thyroid gland toxic( excluding only the period of preoperative therapy);
  • Dermatitis Dermatitis, taking place in the herpetic form;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • intolerance to iodine preparations.

Possible side effects of

Despite the fact that Iodomarin is well tolerated by patients, the drug can also have side effects, which is associated with the need to consume it for a long time. On the part of the endocrine system, the following side effects of are possible:

  • transition of latent hyperkeratosis to the manifest form;
  • development of hyperkeratosis, although earlier signs of this disease have not been noted.

Do not exclude allergic reactions, which are manifested by metallic taste in the mouth, extensive swelling, inflammation of the mucous membranes( rhinitis, conjunctivitis), glossitis, acne.

Note: side effects with long-term admission of iodomarin often occur against the background of excess daily dosage of the drug.

Overdose of Jodomarin

Signs of an overdose in the use of the drug in question are:

  • staining the mucous membranes in a saturated brown color;
  • diarrhea;
  • abdominal pain.

If such signs have appeared, then it is necessary to stop taking Iodomarin and report the situation to your doctor-most likely, the specialist will adjust the daily dosage or complete replacement of the drug.

Very rarely, but there is a place to be stenosis of the esophagus( narrowing of the lumen).Usually this happens if the patient deliberately exceeded the prescribed dosage.

Iodomarin, like all medicines, should be taken only as directed by a doctor.You can not start a course of reception only on the grounds that the region of residence of a person is far from the sea coast - this is not an indicator for the destination.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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