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Who are HIV-dissidents, myths and truth about HIV / AIDS?

Who are HIV dissidents? HIV infection was discovered in 1983.It was then that the human immunodeficiency virus was first isolated - the reason for the previously described syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency.Since then, the attention of many specialists has been focused on this disease, which has not been cured yet.Unfortunately, in the 20th century people appeared who denied HIV / AIDS - HIV-dissidents.Official medicine for many years proves the absolute antiscience of all their hypotheses, while leading irrefutable arguments.In this article, we will talk about HIV-dissidence and give facts that refute the main arguments of AIDS-deniers.

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HIV / AIDS in Figures:


Statistics of the World Health Organization are depressing: as of the end of 2014, almost 37 million people living with HIV / AIDS were living in the world.From the causes associated with this infection, for the year 2014, 1,200,000 people died in the world.

According to the Russian Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for AIDS Prevention and Control at the end of 2014, there were more than 900,000 HIV-positive people living in Russia, and 24,416 people died in the same year.On January 20, 2016, the number of HIV-infected people in Russia reached 1 million people.And these figures are growing every year not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

The director of the Federal AIDS Center, academician Vadim Pokrovsky tells

about the threat to national security of the Russian Federation:

The danger of this incurable infection is very serious and the more terrible is that people who are against scientifically proven facts giving HIV-infected false hope that you can do "little blood" without taking expensive antiretroviral drugs.

HIV dissidence, or a community that denies the obvious

HIV Dissidence A few years after the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus, skeptics appeared who denied the connection between this infectious agent and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.At first they were called HIV-dissidents, but now they have replaced the signboard for "AIDS-deniers".

The first publication of a critical view of the nature of AIDS belongs to the pen of Karl Schmidt, who in 1984 explained the occurrence of the disease by psychosocial causes.In the article "The group-fantasy origins of AIDS," he said that it is easiest for scientists to look for the viral nature in any unexplored disease.

In 1987, Cancer Research published an article on one of the main fighters with the "HIV mystification" of Peter Duesberg in which he criticized the opinion of scientists that AIDS can be caused by the human immunodeficiency virus.The scientist believes that HIV is just a kind of marker, the presence of which shows an increased risk of developing AIDS, but not the reason.

In 1993, representatives of the so-called Perth Group questioned the methods of diagnosing HIV infection.Eleni Papadopoulos-Eleopulos, who is part of this team, claimed that the available methods at that time could not isolate the virus, so the existence of its connection with AIDS can not be considered proven.

Criticism of the views of HIV dissidents

The views of HIV-dissidents seriously contradict the opinion of traditional science.There are tens of thousands of studies that have long ago confirmed what the staff of AIDS centers, international organizations such as UNAIDS and doctors around the world are talking about.Below we give a refutation of the main arguments of HIV-negative and the point of view of official medicine.

AIDS is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle - drugs and homosexuality, since it is people who use drugs and are related to sexual minorities who are sick more often.


In 1993, a study was published of homosexual men, almost half of whom were HIV-positive people.For more than 8 years of observation, half of the patients in the infected group had AIDS.In the group of HIV-negative - none.Most of these 715 people took light drugs and engaged in unprotected anal sex, but only those who were in contact with HIV infected became ill.

Antiretroviral therapy does not slow the course of the disease;Moreover - it is more dangerous than the disease itself, since it itself suppresses immunity.


Antiretroviral Therapy Here, HIV dissidents argue their thesis by the fact that AZT( zidovudine) was originally developed as a remedy against cancer, and then it was found that it is effective in HIV infection.But they hold back the fact that zidovudine was developed in the light of theories about the viral nature of leukemia as a means of stopping the multiplication of viruses.That is, pharmacists initially manufactured an antiviral drug.

In addition, the toxicity of the drug at the initial stage of its use was significant because of its too high dose.Currently, it is reduced 4-fold, and zidovudine is used in conjunction with other, more modern and safe means.

The effectiveness of the same antiretroviral drugs has long been proven by dozens of studies in which it was compared with the placebo effect.Tens of the same studies have proven the relative safety of these drugs.Of course, absolute harmlessness can not be achieved, however, the usual rule for medicine is that the medicine should be safer than the disease.The mortality and likelihood of developing AIDS among HIV-infected people receiving antiretroviral therapy is 86% lower than those who refused treatment.

The decrease in immunity in AIDS is due to external causes( for example, in Africa, this disease is most developed due to malnutrition and problems with clean drinking water).


HIV is transmitted sexually and through the blood.The argument that in South Africa AIDS is caused by malnutrition and the lack of drinking water, rather than the spread of the virus, is simply untenable.In the end, it is unlikely that Rudolph Nuriyev and Freddie Mercury were malnourished and drank water from dirty wells, which triggered the appearance of AIDS in their home.

There is a genetic predisposition to the disease( as evidence proves statistics that in the US, half of AIDS cases belong to the Negroid race and half more to all the others combined).


Here, even the opinions of the AIDS-deniers themselves differ.Thus, Latin American AIDS dissidents claim that they have this predisposition.Both of them, however, are united in the fact that the virus broke free from military laboratories and is specially tuned to Afro-Latin Americans.In the US, almost half of new cases of AIDS have been reported among people with black skin and nearly a quarter among Hispanics.It would seem that statistics confirms the rightness of dissidents.Here only in the RF people of non-European races are extremely few, and AIDS patients - almost as much as in the US.

However, the facts say that representatives of all races are infected.Therefore, racial, gender and other differences do not in any way affect the chance of AIDS.

HIV can not be the cause of AIDS, since no one knows exactly how it works - scientists are not aware of the pathogenesis of the disease in detail.


The pathogenesis of the infection has been studied quite deeply, although some details remain unclarified.Nevertheless, there is no particular need for this, if there is convincingly proven data on the causes of the disease and effective methods of its treatment.In the end, the mechanism of activity of the Koch bacillus is also not fully understood, but this does not prevent phthisiatricians from treating and curing tuberculosis.

AIDS in patients with hemophilia is associated with an "overdose" of blood coagulation factors, and not the infection of the donor blood with a virus.


No HIV-negative patient became HIV-positive if he did not receive contaminated blood, although they received a lot of coagulation factors.Those people who were infected with infected blood got sick.Moreover, people who received high doses of coagulation factors and people who did not receive them at all did not have signs of HIV infection if the blood was not infected with the virus.With the relevant research data, you can find here, here and here.

Frequent false positive test results for HIV discredit the majority opinion that it is this virus that "deserves" to be the cause of AIDS.


HIV Tests Why does this thesis suggest that there is no AIDS - it's unclear.That testing, which is carried out for the diagnosis of HIV infection, has an accuracy of 98%.This indicator is enough to assure the effectiveness of the analysis.However, no one will make a diagnosis on the basis of only one test.In case of a positive response, a series of repeated tests will be offered to a person using several different methods, on the basis of which a diagnosis will be made.

There are methods for isolating antigens of the virus and itself.However, they are extremely expensive and not suitable for routine use.But it was these methods that proved the suitability of the current tests for the diagnosis of HIV infection.

Condoms are a completely ineffective method of preventing the spread of the disease, since it does not exist at all.


Using the only effective method of protection against HIV infection - a condom - reduces the chance of contracting this disease by 80%.It should also be remembered that AIDS is often associated with other sexually transmitted infections, and their presence dramatically increases the likelihood of infection.The condom also protects against them.Any other method of prevention is at times less effective.

Human immunodeficiency virus does not exist at all, as there are no images of it except fuzzy pictures 30 years ago.


Scientists blame their "unwillingness" to present the world with a clear picture of the human immunodeficiency virus, which would make it clear that it was he.This statement can be considered absolutely absurd, since such photographs exist, they have been carefully studied and published in serious peer-reviewed publications.

Very good this information is presented by Yegor Voronin - a person who has been studying HIV for the last 12 years as part of the international organization Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.With his article, accompanied by links to more than a dozen publications, you can find here.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

However, even without ready-made photos, this requirement is somewhat inappropriate, especially if you attach it, for example, to a smallpox.The first vaccination against this infection was made publicly by a physician Edward Jenner in 1796.By the end of the 19th century, 1 person died from smallpox in England( at that time, vaccination became mandatory for all residents of the country).In this case, the smallpox virus was visually detected only in 1892, when in countries with mandatory vaccination the disease has practically disappeared.

Pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs for antiretroviral therapy earn billions of dollars on them, that is, they are the main beneficiaries of HIV hysteria.


Of course, they earn.The development of just one medicine costs millions of dollars, which the business must "repulse."Of course, with profit.However, blaming them for doing something solely for the sake of money is wrong, if only because world communism has not come, and therefore everything has its price.

Pharmacists have long been prepared for a vaccine against AIDS, but they hide it.


Pharmaceutical companies have a vaccine against AIDS for a long time Advocates of conspiracy theories have intensified quite strongly in recent years.However, it is enough to return to 25 years ago and remember the situation with peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.Then two scientists - Robin Warren and Barry Marshall suggested that the ulcer causes an isolated and grown bacterium, later named Helicobacter pylori.At the time, the ulcer was fought with the help of quite expensive means, blocking the production of hydrochloric acid.After the discovery of the bacterial nature of peptic ulcer, it was treated with penny amoxicillin, tetracycline and metronidazole together with acid blockers.Sales of the latter certainly decreased, but not a single farm company managed to block either the opening itself or the receipt of the Nobel Prize by its authors in 2005.

Scientific community against HIV dissidence

Until the 2000s.The scientific community was rather cold about the ideas of HIV-dissidents.Actually, there was no need to break spears - the fight against AIDS was conducted at the international level, funding for research and treatment of the disease was allocated in fairly large amounts.The impact of HIV-dissidents on the situation with this infection was minimal, despite the fact that they sought to publish at least somewhere.Thabo Mbeki

The situation changed when new President Thabo Mbeki came to power in South Africa.One of his "achievements" was the announcement of AIDS as a hoax at the state level.Mbeki believed that 13 AIDS-associated infections are a consequence of the general poverty of the country's population, and not a mythical virus.Under the influence of Dr. Matthias Rath, manufacturer of multivitamins and a fighter with a "pharmacist", the president of South Africa, together with the Minister of Health Manto Chabalala-Msimang called the only method of fighting the disease medicine "tribal sorcerers."In every way preventing the spread of antiretroviral drugs, these two VIPs indirectly contributed to the death of at least 365,000 people.

This medical disaster led to the fact that in 2005 in the city of Durban was signed a declaration confirming the relationship between HIV and AIDS.More than 5,000 scientists, including Nobel laureates, doctors, biologists, have signed this document.To exclude accusations of bias, no doctor or researcher associated with any pharmaceutical company entered the list of declarants.

However, even the opinion of the majority does not interest AIDS dissidents, if this majority expresses views that contradict their views.One can wonder for a long time what motivations are being moved by the "AIDS deniers", but it would be more correct to provide scientific facts and some inferences that prove otherwise.

Scientific point of view on HIV infection

Scientific point of view on HIV infection According to modern ideas, HIV infection is a condition when a human pathogen, the human immunodeficiency virus, is introduced into the human body.Upon entering the body, it is introduced into the cells of the immune system - lymphocytes-helpers and turns off their ability to recognize and destroy foreign substances.As a result, the body loses its resistance to those infections that a healthy person develops rarely or easily enough and respond well to treatment.

The appearance of these diseases is a sign of the onset of AIDS.This process does not develop immediately after infection, but only after 5-15 years( an average of 8-10).Such a long term is due to the fact that instead of the affected lymphocytes, new, still healthy ones are produced in the body, which are then also switched off from immunity.The moment when the virus destroys the immune cells faster than they manage to produce, and becomes the starting point of AIDS.

The death of a person from a disease is due not to the virus itself, but to a catastrophic decrease in the strength of the immune response to other infections, including tuberculosis, pneumocystis pneumonia, Kaposi's sarcoma, generalized candidiasis, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus and herpetic infection, cryptosporidiosis, etc. Some of theseDiseases are often found in HIV-negative people, while others are almost always found only in people with AIDS.1

There is a certain category of people who need proof,Which has long been proven, who do not believe anyone who appeals to logic, but listen to those who press on emotions.These people can not be convinced by usual arguments, no matter how weighty they are.

To those who are guided by common sense, I want to advise not to pay attention to HIV-dissidents.Tens of thousands of studies on the pathogenicity of the human immunodeficiency virus prove its connection with AIDS, and there is no need to prove anything to anyone else.It is better to spend energy on the fight against the disease than to deny it childishly: "I do not see the terrible, it means it's not there."Moreover, the effect of antiretroviral therapy is really huge - an HIV-infected person taking medication can live almost as much as he does healthy, without reaching the stage of AIDS.

Gennady Bozbey, medical reviewer, ambulance doctor


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