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Rashes on the genitals: causes, symptoms, treatment

Rashes on the genitals

A rash is the appearance on the skin of certain elements that can differ in different parameters: color, appearance, quantity, elevation above the skin, etc.The rash on the genitals is often a symptom or manifestation of various pathologies - both systemic and dermal.There are usually a number of other complaints.In this case it is important to correctly differentiate the diagnosis, that is, to determine the cause of the rash, to distinguish the norm from the disease and to prescribe an adequate treatment.

Not every kind of rash can be a signal of illness, but it is absolutely necessary to visit a doctor.Sometimes a rash appears on the genitals not because of a venereal disease, but as a result of allergies, imbalances of sex hormones, metabolic disorders, etc.

Table of contents: Types of rash on the genitals Symptoms accompanying the rash on the genital organs Rash on the genitals in men and women as a variant of the norm What is indicated by this or that rash on the genital organs Reasons for rashes on the genitals

Types of rashes on the genitalBodies

Rashes on the genitals usually have the appearance of certain skin elements and may appear in the patient suddenly or after the incubation period.

In this case,

  • appears: blisters - they have a short-term course, disappear without therapy;
  • pustules - yellow or green in color, contain a purulent discharge and appear when the disease is in the advanced stage;
  • vesicles - they are filled with fluid, are arranged in groups or singly, without treatment become ulcers;
  • chancre - has a red color, firm edges and a ulcerated bottom;
  • erythema is a highly reddened skin area that rises above healthy tissues;
  • condylomas - they are round seals over the surface of the skin, can be both solid and brown.
  • nodes - rashes with a dense structure that lie in the dermal layer of the skin.
  • plaque - a rash that is a grouped small-sized vesicles.

These are the most common types of rash on the genitals, but there may be others.

Symptoms accompanying the rash on the genitals

In addition to the typical elements on the skin, there may also be other symptoms that worry the patient.Usually a rash on the genitals is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • pain;
  • swelling of the genitals;
  • detachable from the elements;
  • itching and burning;
  • enlarged lymph nodes in the groin;
  • hyperemia with clear edges or spilled;
  • fever is local or general.

Rash on the genitals of men and women as a variant of the norm

The following rashes are not a sign of the pathology:

  • Rashes on the genitals of men and women as a variant of the norm microdapillomatosis is a rash on the genitals of women in the vestibule of the vagina.
  • epidermal cysts of the scrotum;
  • rash on the genitals in men - "pearl ring" - nodules along the edge of the penis head, light and painless, which represent the sebaceous glands;
  • smigmau men;
  • sebaceous glands on the skin of the penis.

All of the above types of rashes on the genitals are the norm that does not require any treatment.They are observed in every third man and are associated with a blockage of the glands or an increase in the glands of the genitals.

What is indicated by this or that rash on the genitals

There is an accepted classification, but it can not be considered complete.It should also be borne in mind that localization can not be the main symptom for diagnosing.


The following types of rashes on the genitals of men and women should be cautious:

  • Genital herpes .It is characterized by the presence of rashes in the groin area, more severe consequences.It can be relapsing, which has a light course, and primary( HSV), which is a serious danger.In the latter case, a person is considered to be contagious and does not show any signs of illness within 10 days of incubation.During this time, he can infect his sexual partners.After the end of this period, the following symptoms are observed: burning, itching and pain in the genital area, local edema, subfebrile condition, weakness in the body, enlarged lymph nodes.The characteristic rash with herpes in the form of vesicles has typical characteristics: it is grouped, inflammation of the skin is attached, the fluid in the elements becomes cloudy, they are opened, leaving ulcers, sometimes with crusts, which soon disappear, stains remain in their place.Treatment of such a rash on the genitals consists in the appointment of antiviral therapy in the form of tablets, ointments, as well as immunostimulants, physiotherapy.Maxresdefault( 1)
  • Plaids .These are all known pubic lice - parasites that live on the host's body and have very small sizes of 1-3 mm.Usually their habitats are the hair on the genitals, but they can spread under the mice, on their feet, etc.You can infect them in the sauna, bath, through shared towels.In this case, the rash will have the appearance of spots, possibly of bluish color - these are places of lice bites.Also, the patient will complain about the terrible itching, which by the night becomes more intense, from scratching appear wounded with crusts, they can fester.The hair itself is visible to the parasites themselves, which are very tightly attached to them.Basics of treatment of pubic lice: shaving hair on the genitals, the use of special sprays, shampoos, ointments. Deer-bloodletter02
  • Condylomata pointed. They appear when there is a papillomavirus in the body, which is transmitted sexually.The elements themselves have the appearance of wide outgrowths on a thin stem, can be pink or flesh colored, arranged singly or in groups.Typical places of their localization are the anus, buttocks and groin.Infection with this virus is not always manifested by the presence of condylomas, they usually begin to form against the background of low immunity, hormonal imbalance, frequent changes in sexual partners, homosexuality.Symptoms occur within 90 days after infection.In addition to genital warts, the patient will complain of itching with a lot of condylomia, their grouping, maceration of the skin around them, the appearance of erosions, ulcers, suppuration, swelling.The main ways to eliminate condylomas are cryodestruction, laser removal, diathermocoagulation.Among medications for the treatment of such rashes on sexual organogens use Condilin, Solkoderm, Interferon.
    Kutil kelamin 3
  • Scabies. Causes her scabies mite, which gets on the skin of a person, starts gnawing at her moves and laying her eggs there.Typical places of its habitation have a more delicate skin: the lower abdomen, the genitals, the scrotum, the groin, the anus, the buttocks.Men often complain of a rash on the penis, namely - on the foreskin and head.Because of bites, larvae, etc.The patient develops a very pronounced allergy.The presence of a tick is also indicated by the following symptoms: severe itching, because of which the patients comb the skin to the wounds, a rash in the form of nodules of red color, appearing above the tick tick, may have a scattered or multiple character.Also, there are scratches on the skin( these are the strokes), there may be pustules from the vesicles that have opened.The basic principles of treating scabies on the genitals - the simultaneous treatment of all contacting with the patient, the use of anti-scratch drugs on the entire body, you can wash yourself before applying the ointment and not earlier than 12 hours after application.To eliminate the itch prescribed antihistamine, steroid ointments.It is better to lead all medical events towards evening.Chesotka-3
  • Syphilis. He occupies a leading position among STDs, mankind has been familiar with it since time immemorial, so there are plenty of effective methods of treatment today.Within 1.5 months( incubation period), the symptoms of the disease do not appear.After the patient begins to develop a typical symptom complex: a solid chancre on the genitals( has 2cm in diameter, sharp edges), first it does not bring pain, then enlarged lymph nodes, which hurt during palpation, join.If the chancre becomes infected, ulcers are formed on it, pus begins to stand out with blood.The rash appears 2-3 months after infection, it signals the transition of the disease to the second stage and is accompanied by a subfebrile condition, a bad state of health, a sore throat.Treatment of the disease and the rash on the genitals is to prescribe specific antibiotic therapy for a long time in the form of injections or tablets.Typically, the drug of choice is penicillin, and with allergies to it - macrolides or cephalosporins.
  • Psoriasis. It refers to skin diseases with a chronic course.Very often, it forms a rash on the genitals in men, namely on the head, pubic, groin.In women, this happens less often and you can usually find a rash on the labia( small).In this case, through sexual contacts, psoriasis is not transmitted.Rashes not genitals with psoriasis have no tendency to spread and can be accompanied by itching.The patient first has papules that are covered with scales.Often, psoriasis is taken for vulvitis in women and for balanoposthitis in men.Treatment consists of the use of corticosteroid ointments and creams, immunomodulators, various physiotherapy procedures.0653714e4ae35748e4a9d3b0a349f727
  • Molluscum contagiosum.This is a viral pathology that has an incubation period of 2 weeks to several months.The first signs are the appearance on the skin of the genitalia, abdomen, thighs of dense erythematous nodules.The contact mollusk is transmitted by sexual and domestic routes, and also through water( pool).Over time, pruritus and secondary bacterial infection join the nodules.Contagious molluscum does not carry a great danger, but is a sign of weakened immunity.Treatment of such a rash on the genitals consists in the mechanical removal of the contents of nodules or their cauterization, the appointment of immunomodulators, antiviral ointments and tetracycline antibiotics if necessary.
    Molluscum contagiosum
  • Sexual dermatitis.It is a disease of inflammatory genesis, which develops as a result of the negative influence of an external stimulus.Recently, it appears in patients on the background of the use of various kinds of contraceptives( tablets, condoms from latex, cream, candles), which provoke an allergy in the form of a rash on the genitals, both in women and men.Also, such a reaction is possible on synthetic linen, substandard powder, etc.This is manifested by burning, swelling, itching, redness, the appearance of vesicles, attachment of secondary infection, whitish plaque and pain syndrome with urination.Treatment of sexual dermatitis involves the definition of an allergen and its subsequent exclusion.Also prescribed antifungal and antihistamines, if necessary - ointments.
    Sexual dermatitis.
  • Candidiasis.It is provoked by fungi of the genus Candida, which equally cause thrush both in men and in women.As a rule, candidiasis develops against a background of low immunity, as a result of uncontrolled reproduction of fungi, which causes typical symptoms.Patients complain of itching in the genital area, a rash on the genitals, emphasize that it hurts to urinate.In men, a patchy white patch on the head is found, and in women - abundant leucorrhoea( like cottage cheese).Candidiasis therapy is an appointment of antifungal medicines( ointments, tablets), and it is obligatory for both partners.
  • spots on the skin - occur with syphilis( secondary), vitiligo and dermatitis( seborrheic);
  • nodules and tumors - appear with skin cancer( squamous), melanoma and scabies, which can affect both the penis and scrotum;
  • plaques and papules - signal about the presence of such diseases: red lichen planus, psoriasis, Bovenoid papulosis, itching dermatitis in chronic form, melanoma, scabies, secondary syphilis, condyloma acuminate;
  • flakes - are found with inguinal dermatophytosis, secondary syphilis, seborrheic dermatitis, candidiasis and psoriasis.
  • erosion - diagnose in case of fixed toxemia, herpes, syphilis, pemphigus;
  • condylomas - occur in the same pathology, as well as syphilis and squamous cell carcinoma;Paraimg1_24502
  • Bubbles and vesicles - appear on the genitals after infection with scabies, herpes, against the background of polymorphic erythema or itching dermatitis in the acute stage.
  • ulcers - may have an acute course with syphilis and chancroid, or chronic in the case of donovanosis, lymphogranuloma( venereal), squamous cell carcinoma.

Reasons for eruptions on the genitals

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The main factors that can result in elements on the skin are:

  • allergy;
  • disease of the venereal group;
  • skin pathologies that have nothing to do with STDs;
  • lack of or low personal hygiene.

Among the pathologies that cause a rash on the genitals, which represent a real threat to health and require adequate treatment, a special place is occupied by

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