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How is gonorrhea transmitted?

How-is-passed-gonorrhea According to medical statistics, gonorrhea belongs to the most common sexual infections.The disease can be asymptomatic for a long time, which allows it to cause serious harm to the body.Knowing how the infection is transmitted, you can protect yourself by taking care of preventive measures.

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Who is in the risk zone

Researchers found that the fairer sex is more likely to have this disease than the men of .Intimate affinity with an infected man without protective equipment leads to infection of a woman in 98% of cases.A similar indicator for men is 50%.

In connection with the peculiarity of the device of female genital organs, the causative agents of gonorrhea are easier to take root in them.Strains are fixed on the porous mucous membrane of the vagina and the walls of the cervix.

In man, the penetration of gonococci is complicated by the structure of the urethra.It is narrow enough, constantly washed by urination and ejection of sperm.Strong sex especially need to be afraid of infection when you have sex with a woman in her critical days.During this period, the concentration of gonococci is much higher.

How is gonorrhea transmitted

How can a woman get gonorrhea

Gonoreya The risk of infection with unprotected sex with a man who has gonorrhea is about 98%. This symptom of gonorrhea is partially absent in more than half of infected women.The disease takes a latent form, and a woman who is unaware of an infection may infect a sexual partner.

Later diagnosis significantly increases the risk of complications.Infection affects not only the vagina, but also the other organs of the reproductive system.During pregnancy, the virus can affect the fetus.Infection occurs at the time of delivery.


Women with gonorrhea can often not conceive and endure a child.In early pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy is significantly increased.

How can gonorrhea get infected by a man

The risk of contracting a single sex in men is only 20-50%. The probability of infection with repeated unprotected acts increases to 80%.

This is due to the structure of the male genital organs.Infections are harder to penetrate through the urethra.Even in case of penetration of the pathogen into the canal, it can be washed off with urination.

The risk of infection is significantly increased by intimacy during or immediately after menstruation.


How can children become infected

Infection of the baby can occur during passage through the birth canal. Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, rectum, eyes and oral cavity occurs when the infection gets into the mucous membranes.

The risk of infection in the household is significantly increased if the child lives with an infected person.

Is it possible to infect gonorrhea in oral sex?

The gonorrhea pathogen is difficult to penetrate through the multilayered epithelium, such as in the nasopharynx.However, if the body is weakened, then the infection can attack and throat.In this case is infected with gonorrhea when oral sex is possible.

If the condom is not used, the risk of the disease increases.Bacteria are transmitted by contact with the mucous vagina, penis or mouth.


Many people mistakenly believe that sexually transmitted diseases are not transmitted through oral sex.The contact of gonorrhea infected with mucous membranes leads to infection.

Is it possible to infect gonorrhea in a household

People who live in the same house with an infected person should adhere to the simple hygiene rules of .The patient should have personal items of personal hygiene: a washcloth, a towel, etc. It is also recommended to use a separate dish.It is advisable to use disposable linings on the toilet bowl to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.


Outside the human body, the pathogen quickly dies.

Can I get gonorrhea when I kiss

Infection with gonorrhea in a kiss can be through saliva, if the partner is sick with gonococcal pharyngitis, in which the infection spreads over the mucous membrane of the throat .To have an infection, a large number of gonococci must enter the oral cavity.Strong immunity can suppress their activity.Therefore, this form of gonorrhea is rare.

Can I get infected while swimming in a pool

Gonoreya Gonococcus is able to survive outside the human body in a humid environment for 24 hours.Therefore, it is highly advisable not to cope with a small need in an open water body, because when you urinate, water from a river or lake gets into the urethral canal. The percentage of gonorrhea infection in the open reservoir is small.

The risk of infection can not be completely ruled out when using a shared bathroom and in a bath.

Methods of protection

Everyone can protect themselves from infection, knowing how the gonorrhea is transmitted.

Basically, prevention measures are associated with an intimate life:

  • using a condom for any type of sexual intercourse is the most effective preventive measure;
  • exclusion of promiscuity;
  • in case of accidental sexual intercourse is recommended to carry out drug prevention, which is prescribed by a doctor;
  • men are recommended immediately after sexual intercourse to go to the toilet, and for women use intravaginal ointments.

Adhering to the above recommendations, you can reduce the probability of infection to zero.However, if you have unpleasant symptoms, you need to go to a medical facility.The doctor will conduct a checkup, diagnose and prescribe an effective treatment.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, doctor of sexopathologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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