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Symptoms and treatment of syphilis in women

Syphilis in women Syphilis is a serious sexually transmitted disease predominantly sexually transmitted.Getting into the body, the spirochaete treponema enters the circulatory and lymphatic systems, spreading throughout the body.The duration of the incubation period in women is from 20 to 40 days.

The reasons for the development of syphilis is unprotected sexual intercourse, violation of rules of sterility by medical personnel, transfusion of contaminated blood, use of common objects of use with the patient.

Table of Contents: First signs of syphilis in women Symptoms of secondary and tertiary stage of syphilis Syphilis during pregnancy Diagnosis of the disease Treatment of syphilis in women Possible complications

First signs of syphilis in women

Syphilis_6 The emergence of solid chancre is one of the first signs of syphilis in women.It is a smooth erosion or ulcer of a red-cyanotic color with rounded, slightly raised edges.It forms at the site of infection - on the cervix, labia, near the anus, on the abdomen, rectum mucosa, hips or pubis.

Even in the absence of treatment, a dense infiltrate dissolves after a month, and the solid chancre disappears completely.Ulcerative chancres leave scars.

A week after the onset of chancre, the lymph nodes increase.


If the ulcer is located on the cervix or rectum, the process remains unnoticed.

When syphilis is formed in the mouth, the occipital, submaxillary, cervical and chin lymph nodes increase.When chancre occurs on the fingers, lymph nodes in the elbow region are affected.

Symptoms of secondary and tertiary stage of syphilis

The secondary period of syphilis occurs one and a half to two months after the first signs manifest.


  • pale rashes all over the body, including palms and soles;
  • in the anus and genitalia appear wide condylomas;
  • aches in the bones;
  • hair, eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • lack of appetite;
  • increase in body temperature up to 38 C;
  • malaise;
  • headache.

syphilis In the second stage, in the region of the vocal cords, papules are formed in the tongue and in the oral cavity, which lead to a characteristic hoarse voice. The rash disappears after 2.5 months and a latent form of secondary syphilis begins.

Symptoms of tertiary syphilis are more pronounced.Pathology affects all systems and internal organs.The body is covered with knots or tubercles, which, after opening and healing, leave scars behind them. Soft tissues are melted, deformed and transformed into unique tumors - gums .If the mucous membrane of the throat and nose is affected, the sky and the bony part of the nasal septum suffer.The back of the nose sinks, which leads to the throwing of food into the nasal cavity.

The soft-sky gum makes it dense, still and dark red.Over time, it breaks right away in several places, and ulcers are formed that do not heal for a long time.The gramma of the tongue manifests itself in two forms: sclerosing and gummy glossitis.At first the tongue becomes dense and sedentary, and at the second on the organ appear small sores.Gradually, it wrinkles and atrophies.


The tertiary stage of pathology development does not present a danger to others.

Syphilis in pregnancy

Pathology is not always an indication for the artificial termination of pregnancy.Women are prescribed drugs that can help reduce the risk of serious complications in the fetus.

Often newborns are diagnosed with severe forms of pathology that lead to death in the first year of life.Approximately 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriages.The risk of stillbirth increases with no treatment before and during pregnancy.

Diagnosis of the disease

Symptoms of syphilis The scope of diagnostic measures is determined depending on the stage of syphilis.First of all, they perform screening and treponemal tests, microscopy in a dark field.

Treponemal tests can detect antitreponemal antibodies .About a month after infection, they give a positive result.They include: RGA, RIF-ABS, RMGA-BT.These three reactions have the most accurate result than the rest of the tests.

Screening tests use lipid antigens to detect reactive syphilis .Give a positive result no earlier than a month after infection.These include: a reactive express test and VDRL.The presence of pale spirochaete in the body is indicated by a positive or weakly positive result.But for confirmation, additional diagnostic methods are carried out.

Treatment of syphilis in women

For the treatment of pathology complex therapy is used, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient - age, general condition, stage of development of syphilis, the presence of concomitant ailments, etc.


When diagnosing primary syphilis, all those who have had sexual intercourse with the patient for the past three months must submit tests for the presence of the bacterium.At the secondary stage - everyone who had an intimate relationship with the infected over the past year.

Diagnosis of early latent forms of syphilis shows hospitalization in the venereological dispensary .Treatment of late stages is carried out in the venereological, cardiological, psychiatric, therapeutic or neurological hospital, taking into account the nature of the prevailing lesions.

The course of treatment lasts two to three months and includes:

  • Gynecologist-woman antibiotics - penicillin derivatives in sufficient doses( benzylpenicillin).In the secondary and tertiary stages, Bismoverol, iodine, and Bismuth are additionally prescribed.In the progressing tertiary stage, the resistance of the pathogen to antibiotics and the condition of a good general condition of the patient, arsenic derivatives are additionally prescribed( Myarsenol, Novarsenol);
  • probiotics - take the first days of anti-syphilis therapy;
  • antioxidants and B vitamins;
  • immunomodulators.

During treatment, it is strictly contraindicated the use of alcoholic beverages and any sexual intercourse.At the end of the therapy, the patients are given control serological tests.

Possible complications

Decreased immunity, attachment of infection and lack of adequate treatment can lead to the following complications:

  • partial or total loss of vision;
  • Inflammation of the vulva and vagina;
  • formation of gum in the internal organs, which lead to their severe insufficiency;
  • affection of the structure of bones and joints;
  • dementia and paralysis;
  • meningitis with a subsequent fatal outcome.

The pathology forecast depends on the stage at which it was detected and the therapy method.If the treatment is started at the first signs, a full recovery comes.In later stages, therapy only slows the development of pathology.

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