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How to take activated charcoal for body cleansing

Activated carbon

Purification of the body Activated carbon and its natural derivatives have been practiced for many centuries.In ancient India, water was purified by filtering it through the bark of trees on which the loosened carbon plates were located.Doctors of ancient Egypt on coal materials cleaned their own prepared ointments.Recipes of ancient Roman wines included the use of coal pieces in the cooking stages.Natural coal was used to remove odors and off-flavors of products.

Modern Activated Carbon is prepared on the basis of industrial-grade materials obtained from organic coal.The therapeutic effect of this drug is based on the property of adsorption of poisons and gases.One of its advantages is a low price.

Table of contents: Why use activated carbon in medicine How to take activated carbon for body cleaning Activated charcoal for rejuvenation and weight loss Side effects and contraindications About "misalignment" of activated carbon use

Why is activated carbon used in medicine

RangeUse of drugs Activated charcoal for the treatment of various pathologies is wide enough.

The therapeutic properties of medicines based on Activated Carbon are used in therapy:

  • of all kinds of dyspepsia( digestive disorders);
  • with an existing swelling of the intestine( flatulence);
  • pathological conditions of the gastrointestinal tract caused by excessive acid formation;
  • of foodborne infections and their consequences;
  • poisoning with industrial poisons, salts of heavy metals;
  • acute and chronic overdoses of medicines.

The drug is used in the complex treatment of alcohol poisoning, kidney and liver diseases.A certain benefit of the medicine may be in healing from bronchial asthma, psoriasis.Use coal and with diagnostic procedures that require the release of the intestine from gases.

Activated carbon is available in the form:

  • tablet form;
  • capsule shell;
  • granular and compressed elements;
  • powder state;
  • paste.

Activated carbon( Carbolen) is a part of domestic drugs: Carbopec, Sorbeks, Carbolong, Microsorb.It is produced by foreign manufacturers: Farmakol, Aktibor and others.The main ingredient is a part of complex medications, for example Allochol, used in the treatment of diseases of the biliary tract, accompanied by bloating.

How to take activated carbon for body cleaning

angle For acute cases of easy poisoning, it is enough to drink an adult person 3-6 tablets( 0.25 grams) sometimes up to 10( relying on physical composition) once.In more severe cases, a regimen is required, which is individually selected for each patient.Best if the doctor does this.But you can also plan the dose yourself.

Please note: The approximate calculation of a one-off procedure should be based on the following principle: 1 tablet( 0.25 g) per 10 kg of patient weight.

In the case of diseases accompanied by flatulence, the drug should be taken after meals, washed down with clean water.Multiplicity can be from 2 to 4 times a day.The course of treatment should not be delayed more than 14 days.In case of suspected infectious onset of the disease( dysentery, salmonellosis), it is strongly discouraged to self-medicate.In this case, the reception of coal can cause serious harm.

If the patient has signs of poisoning, it is necessary to use a soluble powder, which is diluted in water in quantities of up to 30 grams per reception.The same option is suitable for significant alcohol poisoning.

If it is necessary to wash the stomach with preliminary adsorption of poisons, one tablespoon of coal powder should be diluted in liters of boiled water of body temperature.The mixture should be drunk, and after a few minutes emptying the contents of the stomach.The procedure can be repeated in a few hours.

For diseases that are manifested by skin problems( eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.), cleaning with Activated Carbon preparations can be carried out as a concomitant treatment together with essential medicines and the necessary diet, agreed with the doctor.

Important: charcoal should not be used for more than two weeks.As a last resort - three .

Activated charcoal for rejuvenation and weight loss

Some people resort to using Activated Carbon as a rejuvenating agent.We disappoint you - he does not have such an action.A much greater effect can be achieved with physical education, diet and "cold" procedures( pouring ice water).These measures significantly improve the nutrition of the skin, restrain the development of wrinkles.

Coal when trying to lose weight is really capable against the background of its reception to reduce body weight.But without a reasonable restriction of nutrition, active movement, the weight will very quickly return to its previous values.Repeated attempts at a course of treatment may lead to metabolic disorders.So be careful.Problems of excess weight only Activated charcoal can not be solved.

The most sparing scheme of using Activated Carbon in the complex( diet, exercise, douche) is the following: the first ten days to drink 3-4 tablets on an empty stomach, washing down half a glass of water.Then within three days, increase the dose from the calculation of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.In such an amount take the drug for three days.The next three days to reduce the dose to the initial.After the cycle, a break of 10 days is necessary.Then the "cleaning" can be repeated with two more cycles.Apply this course should not be more often than 1 time in six months.

Side effects and contraindications for body cleansing Activated charcoal

In case of prolonged intake of Activated Carbon preparations, a person can develop:

  • loss of appetite, accompanied by nausea and vomiting;
  • indigestion with watery diarrhea, or constipation caused by intestinal atony as a result of disturbances in the absorption of food and water;
  • marked weakness;
  • reduced pressure;
  • decrease in the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood;
  • general exhaustion.

There are also conditions with diseases in which the reception of Activated Carbon is contraindicated.This is about:

  • gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • exacerbations of ulcerative-erosive processes of the intestine;
  • neoplasms;
  • drug therapy( in which the intake of coal can lead to impaired absorption of the drug);
  • chronic diseases in moderate to severe severity;
  • of individual intolerance to the body of coal.

About the "misalignment" of the use of activated carbon as a cleaning of a healthy body

Activated carbon Some representatives of alternative medicine and homegrown doctors adhere to the unfounded opinion of medical science that our organism is extremely slagged with poisons, non-dormant products of vital activity, radionuclides and other toxic compounds.This is partly true, since we live in environmentally unfavorable conditions, we use often poor-quality food, water, breathe unhealthy air.

On this basis, they suggest doing periodic "cleansing" of the body with special schemes for receiving coal.Such an approach is not only untrue, but also at times dangerous, it brings frank harm to a person who uses similar techniques.Why?

Firstly, because our body functions as a self-cleaning organism, which itself determines, inactivates and removes all toxins and poisons through the urinary, digestive and respiratory systems.Yes, in some cases he needs help.It is in these options prescribed therapeutic regimens, which we discussed above.

But to "clean" a healthy body is an activity that has no scientific background and practical effect.

Secondly , a special danger is represented by schemes of similar "cleanings", which are described in some articles on the action of activated carbon.These types of "treatment" offer their patients exhausting courses of drinking coal for several weeks and even months.This is categorically unacceptable.Especially "try" some advocates of cycles of weight loss.

Important: Why can not Activated Carbon be used in high doses and for a long time?Because in addition to his main action, he can take out the necessary nutrients: proteins, vitamins.This can lead to very serious consequences - metabolic disorders, chronic digestive disorders, beriberi.

Some "experts" came up with the idea of ​​using coal for cleaning teeth and making cosmetic face masks.The effectiveness and benefit of such procedures will be left to their conscience.

If you have a desire to use Activated Carbon for any purpose, first of all, consult a doctor.If necessary, it will help you to make a useful and individual scheme for taking this drug.

Alexander Lotin, medical reviewer

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