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Symptoms and treatment of syphilis in men


Syphilis is a serious venereal infectious disease that affects mucous membranes, skin and internal organs.Without adequate treatment, the disease progresses and causes serious disorders in the work of the reproductive, sexual and nervous systems.Most often, syphilis in men manifests itself after forty years on the background of a decrease in immunity, and proceeds with pronounced symptoms at any stage.

Table of contents: Incubation period and routes of infection First signs of syphilis in men How does syphilis manifest in men?Diagnosis Treatment of syphilis in men Possible consequences and complications

Incubation period and pathways of infection

The causative agent of the disease is treponema pale from the order spirochete.This kind of microorganisms in the external environment is not viable, so contamination by household means is almost impossible.You can be infected when using general personal care items, as well as in the sauna, public pools or a bath.

Sexual intercourse with an infected person is the most common route of infection.In this case, the use of contraceptives does not guarantee 100% protection of

.The bacterium can penetrate the body both during traditional and oral or anal sex.

The risk of infection with transfusion of contaminated blood is 95%.


Treponema can also enter the body when visiting a dentist or hair salon.

The incubation period of treponema ranges from three weeks to a month.At this time, the bacterium actively multiplies, although there are no external signs.The incubation period can increase if a man takes antibiotics while treating other infectious diseases.

First signs of syphilis in men

syphilis After the incubation period, the first signs of the primary stage appear. On the head of the penis erosion or sore is formed.They can also be localized on the scrotum, mucous membranes, testicles and in the oral cavity.Rashes have a dense base, even edges and a red-brown bottom.In medicine they are called hard chancres.

Approximately two weeks after the formation of a solid chancre, the nearby lymph nodes increase: in the neck, groin, or armpits.This indicates that the bacteria spread throughout the body with blood flow, and affect all systems and internal organs.For a month after the formation of the ulcer heals independently.

Over time, a man develops weakness, mood changes, low-grade fever, pain in muscles and joints, insomnia, headache.Often observed swelling of the genitalia.

How does syphilis manifest in men?

5-syphilis After the initial period of the pathology, the secondary stage begins.The first symptom is a pale, painless, symmetrical rash all over the body, including soles and palms.

Without adequate treatment, pathology becomes a latent form, which can last from two to five years.The number of rashes is reduced, they fade and are localized on the extensor surfaces, mucous membranes, as well as in inguinal and intercostal folds.In the genital area and anus, it is possible to form corporal growth.There is also a loss of hair on the head, the surface of the shank and the armpit.Especially the heart and nervous system suffer.Therefore, a man can experience sudden attacks of anxiety and fear, heart rhythm disturbances, dyspnea, angina pectoris and tachycardia.

After five or more years from the time of infection, the pathology passes into the tertiary stage.During this period internal organs are affected, hums on the skin, lungs, mucous membranes, bones, brain, heart, liver and eyes are formed.The nose of the nose falls and during food the pieces of food fall into it.Possible dementia or progressive paralysis.


If there is even the slightest suspicion of syphilis, you should immediately contact the venereologist.


Diagnostic methods are used depending on the stage of the pathology.The doctor conducts a survey, during which he receives information about the existing symptoms, and also studies the results of the analyzes.

For the diagnosis of the disease apply:

  • Blood test specific Wasserman reaction;
  • bacteriological, serological, immunological and other methods of investigation;
  • method of microscopy.

Treatment of syphilis in men

Antibiotic therapy is the main method for controlling syphilis.The patient can be treated on an outpatient basis or in a hospital .The decision is made by the doctor, taking into account the stage of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.

The best results in the treatment of syphilis showed the derivatives of penicillin( benzilenicilin).As an additional therapy, immunomodulators, physiotherapy, vitamins, probiotics, etc. are prescribed.


It is unacceptable to increase dosage and prematurely discontinue treatment.Such a decision can only be made by a specialist.

During treatment, completely eliminate the use of alcohol and any sexual contacts.

After completing the course of treatment, the patient passes control tests and is under medical supervision for several more years to find a relapse and repeat the course of treatment.

Possible consequences and complications

Venereal diseases-and-their-symptoms_1( 1)

Even after treatment, pathology can lead to serious consequences, including a decrease in immunity and problems with the endocrine system. If syphilis is not diagnosed on time and adequate treatment is not carried out, it progresses to a tertiary form, which is characterized by irreversible consequences.On the skin and internal organs, large ulcers are formed.Some dissolve independently, leaving no traces, and in place of the rest syphilis abscesses are formed, which soften and destroy tissues, including the bones of the skull.

Subacute, acute generalized and latent meningitis, neuritis, early meningovascular syphilis, meningomyelitis, upper and lower extremity paralysis, spinal cord, syphilitic hydrocephalus are the most dangerous consequences of syphilis.

Adherence to preventive measures will avoid infection with syphilis, and regular preventive examinations will help in time to detect pathology and begin adequate treatment.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a sexually-pathological andrologist of the 1st category

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