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Decoction of buckthorn bark: useful properties, application for weight loss

Safe slimming A buckthorn is a plant that is well known to phyto-therapeutists.First of all, with the help of decoction, buckthorn is treated with constipation.The use of decoction helps to strengthen intestinal peristalsis, removing undigested food and slag residues.No less effective bark buckthorn for weight loss, since the decoction of this plant not only cleanses the intestines, but also removes excess fluid from the body.

Table of contents: Useful properties of buckthorn Buckwheat composition Brewing decoction bark decoction Side effects of decoction of buckthorn Bark of buckthorn: contraindications

Useful properties of buckthorn

Kruschina Grain grows in forests, ravines, near rivers.In folk medicine, application is found in different parts of the plant. But in the preparation of a slimming remedy, the buckthorn bark is used.

It is recommended to harvest the plant in the early spring before the appearance of the leaves.Dry grass is better outdoors.But do not immediately use the plant.Fresh and untreated buckthorn has a toxic effect on the body, which leads to the appearance of nausea and vomiting.The dried bark should be used after a year.It should crack, with a crash, and not bend.

Those people who do not like to bother collecting and drying herbs can do easier: visit the pharmacy and purchase a ready-made buckthorn.

Composition of buckthorn

The properties of the buckthorn are determined by its interesting composition. The plant contains the following substances:

  • Antraglycosides;
  • Apple-tree acid;
  • Alkaloids;
  • Tanning agents;
  • Simple and complex sugars;
  • Essential oils.

Preparation of decoction bark of slimming bucket

Krushina_lomkaya_kora The process of preparation of the drug will not take you much time. Pour a tablespoon of crushed buckthorn bark into a bowl, pour a glass of water( 200 ml).Cover the bowl with a lid.Preheat the broth on a steam bath, while stirring occasionally. After half an hour, remove the dishes from the fire.Wait until the broth cools.Now strain the broth through gauze.The resulting liquid is poured into a jar, add a volume of boiled water, so that the result is 200 ml of decoction.Close the lid and put it in a dark place. It is necessary to drink half a glass at night.

There are other recipes for preparing the broth, for example, with the addition of dog rose and prunes. For this, fill in a bowl three tablespoons of buckthorn bark and three hundred grams of prunes without pits.Pour eight glasses of water.The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath.After 25 minutes, add 250 ml of rose hips and keep the pot on fire for another forty-five minutes.The resulting broth should be infused overnight. Take one hundred grams of decoction before going to bed.

Side effects of decoction of buckthorn

Decoction of buckthorn is called a mild laxative.The effect of taking this medication is manifested after eight to nine hours of .But what is the danger?Together with the ballast substances, slags, the body in large quantities also loses liquid, minerals, vitamins.And this is fraught with a violation of metabolism, dehydration, the appearance of seizures.

Krushinyi That's why you need to carefully monitor your diet.The diet should be rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.If you take a decoction of buckthorn on a low calorie diet, the body will not receive any useful substances in the proper volume of the .It makes sense to consult a doctor about the pharmacy vitamin supplements.

To lose weight, but do not harm your health, you need to know how to properly take a decoction of buckthorn.You can drink the drug within 1-2 weeks.Then you need to take a break. Prolonged intake of laxatives can lead to a directly opposite effect.So, often there is a syndrome of the lazy intestine, when the peristalsis of the intestine decreases, constipation develops.And to solve the problem, you have to use laxatives again.

Buckthorn bark: contraindications

Bark buckthorn and decoctions on its basis can not be used with:

  • Spastic, neurogenic constipation and constipation of endocrine origin;
  • Diagnosed with intestinal obstruction;
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Acute fever;
  • Sharp abdomen;
  • Pregnancy and lactation( possible use only by agreement with a doctor, in a reduced dosage and not more than 5 days);
  • Appendicitis.

Remember, it's safe to lose weight by using proper nutrition and physical exertion.Decoction of buckthorn is an auxiliary method, which in itself can not be a universal way to combat excess weight.Solve the problem in a complex way and soon you will notice how your figure becomes more attractive.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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