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An abscess on the finger: how to treat at home

Naryv na palce

An abscess on the finger( the second name of the problem - panaritium) is characterized by a purulent inflammation of the focal character and a pronounced pain syndrome.Most often this problem occurs on the fingers of the upper limbs, but medicine knows cases of an abscess on the finger and on the leg.

Contents: Causes of an abscess on the finger How to treat an abscess on the finger

This condition is characterized by severe symptoms:

  • in the place of the beginning of inflammation, there is a strong pain that is acute pulsating;
  • skin over the abscess is red;
  • finger swollen, there are problems with its flexion.

The patient's body temperature remains within normal limits, and the general condition does not change, but if the infection began to spread to larger areas of the upper limb, there may be signs of intoxication, including high body temperature.

Causes of an abscess on the finger

Generally, there are a lot of reasons that trigger the development of the condition in question.In some cases, it is rather inaccurate to remove the hangnail to infect the infection - the purulent inflammatory process will immediately begin its rapid development.

If to allocate the most frequent reasons of occurrence of an abscess on a finger, it will be:

  1. Naryv na palce The recovery period after an injury, wound or any damage to the skin of the finger.
  2. Progressive nail fungus and stop.
  3. Doing manicure and / or pedicure with poorly sterilized tools.
  4. Carrying out specific work activities - carpenters, fish sellers, cooks, agricultural workers too often injure the skin of the fingers, and the transmission of infection occurs almost automatically.
  5. Diseases of the blood and metabolism - people with these pathologies are at risk for developing abscess on the finger.
  6. Ingrown nail - in this case it is about the possibility of an abscess on the finger of the lower extremities.

How to treat an abscess on the finger

As a rule, the condition in question does not imply the use of a full-fledged treatment - the focus of purulent inflammation is independently opened, its contents follow and the wound is tightened.But there are times when people need help, and it can be provided both in the hospital and in the home.

Surgical treatment of abscess on finger

Naryv palec Usually, the patient is referred to a medical institution only if the inflammation has already taken a wide scale - the entire finger is swollen, it can not be bent or unbent, the pain is pulsating and unceasing. Doctors say that their help may be needed in the event that the abscess develops aggressively on the finger - the treatment will be performed on an outpatient basis.

The doctor makes a small incision of the skin, squeezes out all purulent contents in the inflammation focus, rinses the wound with antiseptic preparations and applies a sterile bandage .Before the operation begins, the doctor can make an anesthetic injection directly into the finger - the patient will feel more confident, and the surgeon will be able to work quietly, without fear that the patient suddenly jerks his finger.Usually, on this the rendering of qualified medical care ends, but it will be necessary to change the bandage once every 1-2 days.As a rule, after such an operation, the abscess on the finger quickly passes.

In some cases it may be necessary to use antibacterial drugs to prevent the progression of infection.This applies, for example, to cases where the condition in question has developed in a patient with diagnosed diabetes mellitus.By the way, this is why it is not recommended for such people to experiment with self-treatment of an abscess in the home - it is advisable to immediately resort to qualified medical care.

Note: alone use of antibiotics to treat abscess on the finger is unacceptable - only a doctor will be able to select effective medications that can destroy pathogenic microorganisms that caused pathology.

How to get rid of abscess on your finger at home

In general, funds from the category of "traditional medicine" for treating the condition in question is very much, and even official medicine recognizes their effectiveness .Doctors only recommend choosing one method to get rid of the abscess on the finger and to check the lack of allergy to the components that are part of the chosen remedy.

Home compress

abscess Prepare onion husks, milk and calendula. Onion husks must be boiled in water( from the boiling point - 20 minutes), drain the water and add ½ cup of milk to it.Then 15 drops of marigold tincture( you can buy already prepared in a pharmacy) and 1-2 cloves of chopped garlic are added to the mass.The whole mass is brought to a boil and immediately removed from the fire and allowed to cool almost completely.

Next, take a piece of tissue, carefully moistened in a cooked and cooled down agent applied directly to the abscess on the finger for 15-20 minutes.This procedure should be done three times a day until the problem disappears completely.Do not make a bandage or form a classic compress.

Compress can also be made from lily tincture - the petals of this plant are put in a glass vessel and poured with vodka or cognac so that they are immersed in the liquid completely .After waiting a few hours( 1-3), we check the readiness of the tool - the petals of the lily flower should become absolutely transparent.Now it is possible to use the finished product for the same nonspecific compresses as described above.

Thyme broth

You need to take 1 tablespoon of thyme( use the culinary department in the store to purchase it), pour 1 cup of boiling water( about 250 ml) and boil for 5 minutes at low heat. After the finished product has cooled down, the patient's finger is dropped for 5 minutes.This dive should be repeated 3-4 times with an interval per hour, the procedure is shown to be performed the day before the full recovery.

In the same way you can use a decoction of field horsetail, which is prepared in a classical way - 1 tablespoon of raw material per glass of water, boil for 5 minutes and cool.


Palec-gniet Not quite the usual way of using this citrus helps to get rid of a lot of pain at the very beginning of the abscess on the finger, and it will be possible to stop the development of a purulent inflammatory process. You need to take one medium-sized lemon, make a shallow hole in it and pour a pinch of common salt into it.Now in the hole made, you need to thrust the sick finger so that the focus of the abscess is in the lemon pulp, and hold it for 25 minutes.After one use, the lemon is thrown away, and if it is necessary to repeat the procedure( for example, the next day the inflammation is still progressing), then it will be necessary to prepare the lemon again according to the prescription.

Comfrey root and camomile oil

It is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of the crushed dry root of the medicinal comfrey( sold in the pharmacy), pour a small amount of hot water( maximum 50 ml) and add 3-5 drops of camomile oil .Now you need to moisten a small piece of bandage in the product and wrap your finger around it, closing the place of the abscess.

With such a "compress" you can walk 1-2 hours, such procedures a day can be carried out three times until the abscess breaks.Later, when a wound with an expiring purulent content formed, the use of comfrey medicinal and chamomile oil is not necessary.

Antibacterial or laundry soap

Find the present, "natural" laundry soap is now very difficult, so you can replace it with antibacterial.The soap needs to be foamed, then to the foam( to remove it in a separate bowl) you need to add hot water and lower the finger with an abscess for 15 minutes.Such procedures should be done 3-4 times a day, each time preparing a new solution.

This method of treating abscess on the finger will be effective only in the first hours of the formation of an abscess, when the first symptoms appeared - reddening of the skin and throbbing pain.

Tamarind juice

This product is sold in stores with oriental goods, so it is worth buying it in advance - the shelf life of the tamarind juice is long, and an abscess on the finger can happen at any time for each person.The juice of the tamarind needs only to lubricate the place of the abscess, moreover, it is plentiful until a full recovery occurs.

If you adhere to the exact tactics of treating the condition of eastern healers in question, then, in parallel with the treatment of the abscess with the tamarind juice, apply to the affected place a steamed fig.This fruit should be cut along and steamed over the steam( for example, over the teapot spout).Apply a cut to the abscess and stand for 40-60 minutes, and all such procedures need to be done 3-4 per day.

Aloe and tea tree oil

These components work most effectively when the finger digs on the leg.You need to take an aloe leaf, peel it and moisten it with tea tree oil.The leaf is tied to an abscess and not removed during the day.

In the evening, the sheet is removed from the finger, the eruption site is treated with any disinfectant and a clean plantain leaf( it should be fresh) or a leaf of cabbage is applied to it - they will treat the abscess on the finger at night.As a rule, 2 days of such procedures are enough for the abscess on the toe to disappear.

It's worth remembering that abscesses on your fingers can not be opened by yourself with needles, scissors and knives - the probability of infection of the wound surface is very high, and the infection will need to be treated for a long time under stationary conditions. If the abscess has opened itself, then all these methods immediately become irrelevant - the patient should only handle the wound regularly with hydrogen peroxide and make sure that dust and dirt do not get into it, which can be done by applying a bandage.

Please note: if development of an abscess on the finger has begun and home treatment has not yielded positive results after 2-3 days of regular procedures, then you need to seek qualified medical help.

An abscess on the finger is painfully painful and quite dangerous.Ignore the condition in question is impossible, it is not recommended to open the purulent focus independently or to try to squeeze out the contents from it.Only a competent approach to solving the problem will give a quick recovery.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category of the

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