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Prostamol OOO: brief instructions, analogues of the preparation


Prostate adenoma is one of the most common pathologies of the urinary system in men after 45 years.If you do not make timely treatment, the disease can lead to complications that negatively affect your overall well-being.In severe cases, adenoma can develop into prostate cancer.

Treatment should begin when the first symptoms appear, and men after forty years should pay special attention to the prevention of these diseases.Prostamol Uno is the most common herbal preparation, which is widely used to treat and prevent prostate pathologies.

IMPORTANT! Despite the plant composition, the drug is expensive, so many are looking for cheaper analogues of Prostamol Uno, which have the same composition and principle of action.

Composition and principle of action Prostamol Uno Instruction for use and contraindications Analogues Prostamol DNA

Composition and principle of action Prostamol Uno

Prostomol-uno-course-treatment The active ingredient of the preparation is creeping palm fruits that insist on alcohol.It has antiandrogenic and anti-inflammatory effects, thereby helping in the treatment of prostate pathologies.

The hormone dihydrotestero provokes the development of adenoma, which leads to an increase in the prostate.The active substance destroys this process.The enzyme 5 alpha-reductase is blocked, which stops the growth of the prostate.

Palm fruits contain cartotinoids, tannins, enzymes, fats, phytosterols and other biological components that tone the male genital organs, reduce inflammation and relieve edema of the prostate, thereby reducing prostate volume.

ATTENTION! The drug stops prostate enlargement, relieves inflammation and stimulates blood circulation to the pelvic organs.Taking capsules can significantly reduce the manifestation of symptoms of prostatitis: frequent desires for urination, pain, etc.

The main indications for use Prostamol Uno: functional disorders of urination, prostatitis, prostate adenoma 1 and 2 stages.This drug and its analogs are used to treat chronic prostatitis and other pathologies of the genitourinary system.

Herbal composition of the drug allows it to be used with other medicines and antibiotics.

Instructions for use and contraindications

Typically, doctors prescribe the drug course for three months, but the duration may vary, depending on the perception of the drug by the patient's body.

Forms of Prostamol Uno:

  • Soft gelatin capsules that contain a brownish-greenish liquid with a pungent odor.One capsule contains 320 mg of active substance.One capsule per day is taken with plenty of water.

Prostal IMPORTANT! Thanks to the gelatin shell, the active substance begins to be absorbed not in the stomach, but directly in the prostate .

Individual intolerance to the active substance is the only contraindication.

Side effects are extremely rare and occur in the form of stomach pain and nausea.

Analogues Prostamol DNA

There are several analogues of Prostamol Uno that positively influence the functioning of the prostate gland.The analogues contain alcohol extract of Sabal and auxiliary components.Preparations are produced by domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.Analogues of Russian production are much cheaper, but they have a high therapeutic effect.

Capsules Permixon

Prostal Extract of creeping palm fruits is the main component of the preparation.It is used for violations of urination and treatment of stages 1 and 2 of prostate adenoma.Capsules Permixon relieve inflammation and swelling.Have antiandrogenic effect.Positively affect the potency.

The preparation is issued in the form of capsules or tablets for oral administration.Tablets relieve symptoms of the disease, inflammation, eliminate pain when urinating and restore it.

Permixon is a direct analogue of Prostamol Uno, but it contains much less active substance than a branded drug.

IMPORTANT! The first result can be noticed after two weeks of regular application.The duration of treatment is at least three months.

Capsules Prostaplant

Prostal Phytopreparation is intended for prevention and treatment of prostate diseases.They are mainly used in the treatment of prostate adenoma stages 1 and 2.Also, the drug is prescribed for men suffering from chronic prostatitis.

Active component - extract of serenoic creeping .Each capsule contains 320 mg of the active ingredient.

Reduces swelling and eliminates inflammation in the prostate gland.

IMPORTANT! Take capsules for two to three months, 2 capsules twice a day.The drug can be taken with other medicines.

Capsules Serpens

The active ingredient is an extract of creeping palm fruits.Each capsule contains 160 mg of the active ingredient and excipients.The drug is prescribed for violations of urination, which developed against a background of prostate adenoma or prostatitis.Serpens capsules relieve inflammation and swelling, as well as have a pronounced antiandrogenic effect.

The use of capsules can reduce pain in the pelvic region, normalize urination, remove tension and inflammation in the perineal region.Take the drug twice a day for one capsule. The course of treatment is at least three months.

Capsules Palprostes

Phytopreparation is used to treat diseases associated with violations of the urinary system of men. Active ingredient - creeping palm fruits and titanium dioxide. Applied for the treatment and prevention of prostate adenoma.The drug can be taken in combination with other medicines and antibiotics.

Take one capsule per day.Duration of treatment is three months.

In addition to analogues carry Prostagut, Adenorm.

All the above analogs are well tolerated.Individual intolerance of the constituents of the drug is the only contraindication to use.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a sexually-pathological andrologist of the 1st category

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