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Corvalol - instructions for use, potential harm


"Something crushed in the chest," "you have to calm down," "something hard to breathe" - this is how people motivate their decision to use a few drops of Corvalolum.And many people are accustomed to consider this drug quite safe - it certainly will be found in every medicine cabinet.But what in fact is a corvalol, to whom it can be taken, and to whom is it categorically contraindicated?Only specialists can answer these questions.

Table of contents: Corvalol - instructions for use Corvalol composition Corrolol indications Corvalol - indications for use Corvalol - contraindications How to take Corvalol Side effects Overdose Coralolol interaction with other drugs Corvalol is harmful

Corvalol - instruction manual

Before takingAny medicine, you need to carefully read the official annotation to it.But who reads these instructions?But even Corvalol, at first sight an absolutely safe drug, has its indications and contraindications, it can provoke the development of side effects.

Composition of Corvalol

The drug under consideration is in the form of drops and tablets, but coral drops are particularly popular. They include:

  • ethyl bromizovalerianate;
  • peppermint oil;
  • phenobarbital;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • purified water;
  • ethanol.

Appearance of Corvalol drops is a clear liquid, without any tinted impurities.It has a peculiar pleasant aroma.

How does Corvalol work

How Corvalol works This medication belongs to a group of combined medicines, but all components that make up it combine optimally with each other, correcting the effect of each.

Ethyl bromizovalerianate has sedative and spasmolytic effects.Phenobarbital, in turn, enhances the sedative effect of ethyl bromizovalerianate, actively contributes to a decrease in the excitability and tension of the central nervous system, makes it possible for a calm onset of sleep.A peppermint oil has a complex effect on the human body: spasmolytic, choleretic, vasodilating, antiseptic.Therefore, peppermint oil contributes to the expansion of the blood vessels of the heart and brain, irritates the mucous of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract - this restores intestinal motility and helps to cope with increased gas production.

Corvalol - indications for use

There is a clear indication of those conditions in which it is advisable to use corvalol. These include:

  1. Neuro-like conditions - increased irritability, unmotivated outbursts of anger, depressed mood, a sense of anxiety.
  2. Functional disorders of the cardiovascular system - it is especially recommended to use corvalol for people with diagnosed angina, arrhythmia, tachycardia.
  3. Spasms of the intestine - for example, with intestinal dysbiosis, diarrhea against food poisoning.
  4. Sleep disorders - sleeplessness at night and drowsiness during the day, problems with falling asleep, frequent awakening.

Corvalol - contraindications

Corvalol - contraindications This drug is not used in pediatric practice, at least for children under 3 years of age it can not be uniquely assigned.In the older childhood, the question of the appropriateness of the appointment and use of Corvalol should be decided only by the doctor.

No studies have been conducted on the effect of Corvalol on the pregnant woman's organism, during breastfeeding and on intrauterine development of the fetus.Therefore, it is forbidden to take the drug in question during these periods of life.

It is strictly forbidden to use Corvalol in case of head injury, some brain diseases( this should be warned by the attending physician), diagnosed alcoholism.

It is not recommended to use the drug in question for violations of the liver and kidneys of a serious nature of the course - for example, in renal failure, cirrhosis.But this issue is solved in a strictly individual order.

How to take Corvalol

Dosage, which will have the expected effect and will not cause harm to the overall health, should be determined only by the specialist and individually. But in the instructions for the use of Corvalol, there are general recommendations for its use:

  • adults can take 30 drops at a time, in case of diagnosing tachycardia and with the approval of the doctor, the dosage can be increased to 40 drops per reception.In a day you can eat Corvalol 2-3 times;
  • Children over 3 years of age are prescribed 1 drop for each year of life once a day.In some cases, repeated taking of Corvalol is allowed, but the doctor must give it permission.

The duration of the course of treatment is determined only by the doctor and it is strictly forbidden to prolong it independently( "to fix the effect").

Side effects of

Despite the apparent simplicity and safety, Corvalol may in some cases cause side effects. These include:

  • increased drowsiness;
  • Constant dizziness;
  • concentration of attention is reduced;
  • heart rate slows down.

Note: if taking Corvalolum for a long time, the so-called phenomena of bromism-addiction and drug dependence, cancellation syndrome-can develop.

If these side effects( or at least one of them) appear, stop taking Corvalol immediately and seek medical advice.Most likely, a correction of the treatment regimen will be carried out or the dosage of the given drug will be reduced.


Cases of coral overdose occur extremely rarely, but can occur.Therefore, anyone who uses this drug, you need to know the first signs of an overdose. These include:

  • lowering blood pressure;
  • nystagmus;
  • depression of the central nervous system - apathy, confusion;
  • rhinitis;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • ataxia;
  • traffic coordination disorders.

If there is at least one sign of an overdose, the use of the drug should be stopped immediately and seek medical help.Typically, doctors prescribe symptomatic therapy with an overdose of corvalol, and if signs of central nervous system depression are already present, then caffeine and niketamide.

Interaction of Corvalol with other drugs

It is strictly forbidden to use the drug under consideration, if any sedatives are being taken - they intensify each other, which can lead to an overdose.

Note: in , the composition of corvalol is phenobarbital and ethyl alcohol are substances that are capable of affecting the central nervous system.Therefore, when accepting the means under consideration, it is not recommended to operate the transport, conduct labor activity, which is associated with the need for high concentration of attention.

Corvalol is harmful

Is Corvalol Harmful? Disputes about how dangerous Corvalol is to human health, are conducted relatively recently.Some time ago many people thought that Corvalol would be banned for sale in the Russian Federation - it contains both phenobarbital and ethyl alcohol.But it turned out to be only rumors - such combined preparations remain in free sale.

However, in most countries Corvalol is not found in pharmacy chains - it was withdrawn from sale without prescriptions.For example, the United States, Great Britain, Norway, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Finland and Sweden not only banned Corvalol in free sale, but also strictly control the transportation of this drug across the border to the territory of their countries.Therefore, be extremely careful - if possible, when visiting these countries, replace the drug, if this is not possible, the doctor appoints him, then take care of the availability of a document confirming this fact.Otherwise, punishment will be imposed within the framework of the legislation of the specific country.

"Our population still has a strong habit of using this drug.Radical measures - a ban on the sale of Corvalol, its withdrawal from consumption - will cause a negative reaction from patients.At the same time, gradually Corvalolum will be superseded by other, more modern drugs with proven effectiveness, "the Russian Ministry of Health said in a statement.

What is so dangerous about Corvalol?

Coralol is so dangerous First, phenobarbital, which is part of the drug under consideration, has been included in the group of psychotropic drugs since 2013.For the sake of justice it is necessary to specify - in many countries of the world such a classification of phenobarbital has been adopted for a very long time.

Secondly, phenobarbital causes rapid and strong addiction - in some cases, it takes 2-3 weeks to take the drug for the development of drug dependence.Moreover, phenobarbital causes not only physical, but also psychological dependence.

Thirdly, after the abolition of corvalol, people develop a so-called "cancellation" syndrome - a depressed state, the patient complains of constant nausea, intense headaches.

Interesting fact: Phenobarbital is used in some countries to bring the death penalty to execution.

But is there nothing useful in this tool?After a long time, corvalol was recommended for consumption by millions of patients and in most cases no course of therapy was considered by the agent in question.There is one indisputable advantage in Corvalol - it has the fastest and most powerful effect.

If taken in small doses and extremely moderately, then Corvalolum can quickly, almost instantaneously, relieve the feeling of anxiety.In fact, the recommended dose of the drug is not dangerous, but the problem is that if you continually take it, you will need to increase the dosage.The most dangerous thing is that these doses do not just increase each time, but lead to real pleasure: a depressed state and dizziness are replaced by euphoria immediately after the use of the desired dose.

The popularity of Corvalol is related to the fact that it is a cheap medication known to everyone since ancient times and has a quick effect, but it should be consumed only when absolutely necessary or for the purpose of a specialist.If a person feels the manifestations of side effects listed in this article, or if others notice sharp mood swings in someone who periodically uses Corvalol, then urgently seek medical help.The fact is that drug dependence should be treated only in specific medical institutions.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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