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Pain in the right side: causes, diagnosis, treatment

Image 2390 In the right side of the pain appears as a symptom of unhappiness in the body.Depending on the affected organ, the patient may feel pain in the right upper quadrant or pain in the right side in the lower abdomen, in the side, in the lateral part of the back.Pain syndrome can spread far beyond the place of maximum soreness and give in one direction or another.In any case, the localization and nature of pain gives a lot of information about the pathology that provoked it.

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Pain in the right hypochondrium

At this point, pain can occur due to:

  • diseases of internal organs;
  • injury;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • neurological diseases.

Diseases of the internal organs as a possible cause of pain in the right side

Among diseases of internal organs, the most severe pain is caused by the pathology of the gallbladder.Acute and chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis and its complication - biliary colic, biliary dyskinesia, fetal nipple tumors and acute pancreatitis - with all these pain diseases localized in the right hypochondrium.

In acute cholecystitis, along with this symptom, there is a temperature increase, a bitter taste in the mouth, nausea with bouts of vomiting that does not improve the patient's health.Contrary to the general opinion, jaundice is not characteristic of this disease.

Cholecystitis-y-puppies Chronic cholecystitis without exacerbation does not show itself. Having become aggravated, it is symptomatic in general and by nature of the pain in particular very similar to acute inflammation:

  • is localized in the right hypochondrium;
  • is first paroxysmal, and then permanent;
  • at the peak of inflammation is enhanced by any action that increases intra-abdominal pressure - coughing, sneezing, straining and even breathing.

Pain in the right hypochondrium with cholelithiasis does not occur as often.Stones in the gallbladder can not manifest themselves for years.Very often they are detected accidentally during routine ultrasound examination or examination of the patient for other diseases.

536242-1531b721 But everything changes if the stone clogs the way out of the gallbladder.

At this point, there are intense paroxysmal pains under the right costal arch of a cutting, pricking, rending character.Often they give in the lower back, under the right scapula, in the arm and sometimes - into the heart area.A person at the peak of a biliary colic is willing to do anything to get rid of the pain, so strong are they.

Simultaneously with painful sensations, nausea with repeated vomiting occurs, the patient rushes on the bed, as the pain does not subside in any position.

Similarly, tumors of the Fater's nipple are manifested - the places where the bile ducts exit into the lumen of the duodenum.In itself, the tumor does not cause pain.However, in its presence, cholangitis inevitably arises - an inflammation of the bile ducts, in which pain is localized in the left hypochondrium.Along with them, the patient has a fever, chills, severe jaundice.

In the case of dyskinesia of the biliary tract, the character of pain in the right side is quite diverse and depends on the type of its course.


With hyperkinetic type of dyskinesia, pain in the liver region is acute, sharp, paroxysmal.In hypokinetic type, on the contrary - constant, dull, aching, sometimes completely absent.Possible dyskinesia and the type of biliary colic, in which pain is high-intensity, unbearable, occurs suddenly and is accompanied by irregularities in the heart, a sense of fear.In the latter case, sometimes doctors can make a mistake in the diagnosis and expose an incorrect preliminary diagnosis of myocardial infarction.However, the data of laboratory analyzes and interpretation of the ECG makes it possible to exclude cardiac pathology.

Pain in acute pancreatitis is more often located in the upper abdomen and is shrouded in nature, grabbing both sides and even back.


This surgical pathology occurs most often against the background of the abuse of strong alcohol, which is accompanied by a plentiful reception of fatty, spicy, fried foods.Without treatment, this disease can quickly lead to death.

Pain in the right side as a result of injuries

rib cage A bruise or rib fracture can also lead to pain in the upper abdomen or pain in the right side under the ribs.It is noted that they are strengthened by breathing, movement by the body, coughing, sneezing.In the first hours after the injury, the pain is spread in the area of ​​the impact, but after a few hours it is precisely localized at the site of injury.The use of X-ray reveals a fracture of the ribs, and ultrasound of the internal organs makes it possible to separate the trauma from the pathology of the liver or gallbladder.

Shingles as a possible cause of pain in the right side


Caused by the herpes virus, this pathology is very similar to acute pancreatitis in its symptoms.At the beginning of the disease there are severe pains in the left and less often in the right side of the abdomen, acute, sharp, permanent.Perhaps the appearance of characteristic for pancreatitis nausea and even vomiting.This symptom complex can be misleading even experienced doctors who begin to treat inflammation of the pancreas.Fortunately, a few days later on the stomach appear characteristic bubble rashes in the form of tape( because the disease is called "herpes zoster").From this moment the diagnosis becomes obvious and the patient is prescribed the right treatment, if it was not done earlier.

Pain in the right side of the abdomen

In the middle of the right half of the abdomen loops of the small intestine and the ascending colon are located.


In the right side of the abdomen, pain can only be caused by the damage of these organs. They are usually persistent, strong enough, not associated with food intake and are accompanied by other symptoms:

  • disorder of stools;
  • with an admixture of mucus and / or blood in the feces;
  • with bloating;
  • by anorexia;
  • progressive weight loss;
  • with nausea and vomiting.

Lower abdominal pain

In this area of ​​the abdomen, pain can be caused by a variety of diseases.Their clinical picture is sometimes very similar to each other and depends on the affected organ.

Diseases that cause pain in the lower abdomen on the right

Acute appendicitis is the most frequent surgical pathology.


Pain usually occurs in the upper abdomen or near the navel, after a few hours moving to the right iliac region( above the inguinal fold).Simultaneously, other phenomena of dyspepsia in the form of a single diarrhea, nausea, occasionally - vomiting, a decrease in appetite and a slight rise in temperature are possible.

Acute appendicitis has a number of characteristic symptoms that the surgeon determines during the palpation of the abdomen.


In addition to appendicitis to provoke pain in the right flank in the lower abdomen, Crohn's disease may occur.

With terminal ileitis - a variant of the development of Crohn's disease - the pains are localized in the right ileal region and very much resemble "appendicitis".The remaining symptoms also often resemble appendicitis, therefore diagnostic errors are frequent, when a "healthy" appendix is ​​already found on the operation, but inflammation in the terminal section of the small intestine is detected.

Gynecological diseases as causes of pain in the right side of the abdomen in women

In the suprapubic region or the right and left groin pains may appear due to pathologies of the uterine appendages:

  • of an ectopic pregnancy;
  • ovarian apoplexy;
  • torsion of the leg of the ovarian tumor;
  • salpingo-oophoritis.

In these diseases, pain is often permanent, accompanied by a variety of secretions from the genital tract - from bloody to purulent, sometimes simultaneously with them there is a fever, often very high.

Any of the listed diseases is very dangerous, as in the absence of treatment it leads to the development of severe complications:

  • bleeding;
  • for pelvic peritonitis;
  • infertility, etc.

Important: in case of pain in the right side of the abdomen in pregnant women, you should immediately contact a gynecologist.

Treatment of pain in the right side

Since pain is a symptom, it is not her that is to be treated, but the illness that provoked it.How often we take analgesics or antispasmodics in any situation!And how often then surgeons or gynecologists scold patients for not immediately seeking help.But any disease is easier to treat at the very beginning, but not at the stage of development of serious complications.

In the treatment of the described diseases, all methods available to medicine are used:

  1. Dietotherapy:
    • rejection of fatty, fried, acute - in diseases of the gallbladder;
    • exclusion of coarse fiber, spices - with intestinal diseases;
    • complete hunger for several days - with acute pancreatitis;
  2. Medication:
    • for inflammation in any area - antibiotics;
    • for oncological diseases - radiation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
    • in herpes zoster - antiviral drugs, the only effective in this pathology;
    • antispasmodics and analgesics - just as an element of complex treatment;
  3. Surgical intervention - as an extreme, and sometimes the only effective measure to combat pathology:
    • appendicitis;
    • torsion of the ovarian tumor;
    • his apoplexy;
    • ectopic pregnancy;
    • with cholelithiasis;
    • some forms of Crohn's disease;
    • tumors of the fucker nipple.

Whatever the pain in the right side - permanent or paroxysmal, stitching, aching or pressing - it is a symptom of trouble in an organ.Ignoring her, taking analgesics and spasmolytic drugs alone is the right way to a hospital bed, and even on the table to the surgeon.Sometimes a person gets to the doctors too late and then all their efforts are in vain.Therefore, for any pain attack, even if it has passed, do not be lazy - ask at least a district therapist.Let it be better he grumbles that you have wasted to it, rather than you will be operated by a surgeon or opened by a pathologist.

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