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Vitaprost candles: brief instructions for use, analogues of the preparation


Vitaprost is a preparation containing natural components of animal origin.Applied for the treatment of diseases of the prostate.

Depending on the concentration of the active substance in the candles, Vitaprost, Vitaprost forte and Vitaprost Plus are manufactured.Candles have an oblong shape with a solid base of light yellow or white.

Table of contents: Composition and form of production Principle of operation Conditions in which candles Vitaprost are used Instruction for use Contraindications Analogues of Vitaprost candles

Composition and form of

There are two forms of the preparation:

  • Tablets for oral administration.
  • Rectal candles.

Depending on the concentration of the active substance in the candles, Vitaprost, Vitaprost forte and Vitaprost Plus are manufactured.Candles have an oblong shape with a solid base of light yellow or white.

One Vitaprost candle contains 50 mg of active substance - extract of prostate and auxiliary component - vitepsola .

Candlesticks of Vitaprost Fort contain 100 mg of the active substance of the extract of the prostate gland.


Vitaprost Plus candles contain 100 mg of the active substance of the extract of the prostate and 400 mg of of lomefloxacin hydrochloride, therefore they have a double effect.

Principle of operation

Rectal suppositories Vitaprost are injected into the anus.

Active substances improve blood circulation in the prostate gland, which in turn eliminates stagnant and inflammatory processes, facilitates urination.

Vitaprost forte candles stimulate a decrease in platelet aggregation, which prevents the development of thrombosis of the prostate .Also, the drug relieves swelling of the prostate, eliminates frequent urge to urinate, which, with an inflamed organ is accompanied by painful sensations.

Vitaprost Plus candles have the strongest effect, providing complex treatment.In addition to the therapeutic effect, it has a pronounced antimicrobial effect.

Important! The effectiveness of this drug is observed due to the antibiotic Lomefloxacin.Positively affects gram-negative microorganisms.But in this case, chlamydia, streptococci, ureaplasma, staphylococci remain stable.

All three types of candles effectively and quickly eliminate pain and swelling of the male sexual organ.The active substance normalizes the work of the bladder and the secretion of the prostate, which relieves pain in the allocation of urine.

Conditions in which suppositories are used Vitaprost

The drug is administered to men with a preventive and therapeutic purpose under the following conditions of :

  • no feeling of bladder emptying after urination;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • frequent urination;
  • acute form of prostatitis;
  • as an adjunct to the main treatment for erectile dysfunction;
  • after surgery;
  • poor sperm quality;Benign prostate tumors;
  • ;
  • chronic prostatitis.

Instruction for use

Vitaprost The drug should be used with caution.It is advisable under the supervision of a doctor to rule out the complications of .The doctor selects the initial dose of the medicine and monitors the condition of the man during the treatment period.

A specialist can prolong the course with a neglected form of the disease, but at the same time reduce the dose, in order to avoid side reactions of the body.

Important! Do not recommend vitaprost by urologists on their own.

Vitaprost and Vitaprost fort appoint to prevent exacerbations of chronic prostatitis, as well as for preventive purposes.

Vitaprost Plus is prescribed in advanced cases to cope with the disease in a short time.

Candles Vitaprost are applied once a day, preferably at night.Before using the preparation, the intestine must be released naturally or with a small enema. After the introduction of the candle, it is recommended to rest for an hour.

The minimum course of treatment is 10 days, but can be extended by a doctor up to a month.

Important! Vitaprost Plus candles contain the highest possible concentration of active substance in combination with an antibiotic, the presence of which stimulates the circulation of all the organs of the genitourinary system of a man.


Individual intolerance to one of the components of the drug is the main contraindication to use.

Vitaprost is cautiously prescribed to men with epilepsy, cerebral atherosclerosis and other CNS disorders.

Analogues of suppositories Vitaprost

  • Prostamol OOO. Assign with an increase in prostate tumors of a benign nature of stage 1-2, recurrent prostatitis.
  • Pipemidine. Used for prostatitis, urethritis, as well as for infections of the genitourinary tract of acute and chronic forms.
  • Prostatilen-Zinc. It is used for the therapy and prevention of chronic prostatitis, various sexual disorders and male infertility.
  • Vesulit. BAD.Used to prevent violations of the genitourinary system in the period of andropause in people of pre-retirement and the elderly.The drug increases the effectiveness of therapy for prostate adenoma, chronic prostatitis, enuresis, bladder disorders.
  • Prostamed. Herbal preparation used to treat prostate adenoma.
  • Cernilton. Natural remedy for the treatment of various stages of prostatitis.
  • Prostaplant. Herbal preparation from the fruit of a dwarf palm.Has anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the excretion of urine and reduces pressure on the urethra.
  • Fitolin Forte-N. Applied for the prevention and treatment of pelvic pathologies.
  • Preneur. Applied for the treatment of various stages of prostatitis, as a prophylaxis of prostate disease.

Modern medicine represents a large range of medicines for the treatment of prostate diseases.The necessary medication is prescribed by a urologist.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a sexually pathological andrologist of the 1st category

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