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Herbion - cough syrup

Gierbion Coughing is so common that people already know what and how to get rid of it.However, few people are interested in official instructions for each drug, which can lead to undesirable consequences.Cough also needs to be treated correctly - at the very beginning the cough is characterized as dry, but after a while it becomes wet - such variability implies the use of differently acting drugs throughout the treatment period.

Assortment of cough medicines on pharmacy showcases is huge and the choice of something specific needs to be approached responsibly.One of the modern means is the Herbion syrup, which is represented by two species - based on the extract of plantain and based on the extract of the primrose.This preparation is of vegetable origin, but this does not mean that it can be taken uncontrolled and independently - it is necessary to visit a specialist and receive from him not only confirmation of the advisability of Gerbion treatment, but also recommendations for dosage and duration of therapy for children and adults.

Table of contents:

Herbion - species description

For dry, frequent, paroxysmal cough, when there are no signs of sputum evasion, Herbion syrup of plantain is excellent as a medicine.This drug has one big advantage - it has an exceptionally selective effect, so it is considered preferable to many drugs with antitussive and expectorant action.Herbion syrup of plantain is allowed to use for treatment of all categories of patients - both children and adults.

Herbion syrup of plantain can and should be taken in the following cases of development of dry and unproductive cough:

  • a smoker's cough;
  • progression of an acute respiratory infection of a viral origin;
  • bronchitis of varying severity.

Dry cough sooner or later begins to be accompanied by a congestion of sputum in the respiratory tract and in order to speed up its withdrawal, it will be necessary to take the considered second-kind preparation, made on the basis of the extract of the primrose.This drug takes a very active part in improving the process of sputum evacuation, which accelerates recovery. Herbionum syrup is usually recommended when a wet cough occurs in the following cases:

  • common cold;
  • is an inflammatory process in the bronchi;
  • influenza;
  • spastic cough of any etiology.

Adults can take both of these syrups instead of Sinecod, Libexin and other drugs that have antitussive effect of .Especially effective are the medications in question in the event that the cough has already become chronic.Even if the patient is prescribed complex therapy, Herbion syrups can be taken without any restrictions - they do not interact with other medicines.

In pediatric practice, the two types of preparation in question are used only in the treatment of children 2 years and older .It is especially important to give preference to the drug under consideration in the treatment of frequently occurring diseases that are accompanied by a cough - a complex composition of syrups has an immuno-enhancing effect that helps to increase the body's resistance to various infections.

Herbion from dry cough( with plantain) - features of application


The composition of the product under consideration includes vitamin C, plantain grass extract and mallow flower extract.Herbion syrup can not be attributed to any particular pharmacological group of agents - it is a combined remedy made on the basis of vegetable raw materials, actively relieving inflammation and sputum.

The action of the dry cough syrup

The plantain herb contains glycosides, in particular - the aucubin, which provide a softening effect, which is important in inflammatory processes.In addition, the syrup envelops the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, covers it with a thin protective layer, which stops the sore throat and the urge to frequent non-productive cough.

In the extract of mallow flowers there are mucus, tannins and glycoside of malvin - in combination with each other these substances have an enveloping property( acts locally), which helps to calm the cough.

Vitamin C added to the syrup is an auxiliary element that helps to strengthen and enhance the immunity of a sick person.

Note: when taking Herbion syrup from a dry cough at the beginning of the treatment, the patient's state of health may worsen, and the cough itself may become more intense.This is considered normal, as this indicates the dilution of sputum and its withdrawal from the respiratory tract.

Herbionum with a dry cough prevents congestion of sputum in the bronchi( an excellent medium for the spread of pathogenic bacteria) and stops the growth / spread of pathogens.

Contraindications to use

Gerbion Categorically it is contraindicated to use the drug in question for the treatment of those people who are allergic to plants, and it does not matter which.Do not use this drug and those people who have a history of intolerance to fructose - this substance is present in the composition of the drug, albeit in small amounts.In addition, it is unacceptable to use Gerbion Syrup syrup from a dry cough for the treatment of patients of early childhood( the restriction applies to the age of up to 2 years).

Is it worth taking this drug to pregnant and lactating women?This question is very controversial - in the official annotation to the tool there are no restrictions and contraindications on this score, but of full-fledged data on how the composition of the syrup affects the fetus and whether it can enter the baby's body with mother's milk, nowhere is there the .


In the package with syrup Herbion from dry cough has a special measuring spoon, it will help to count the desired dose. It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • for adults / adolescents - 2 measuring spoons for one reception, at least 3 times a day, maximum number of receptions - 5;
  • children age 7-14 years - three times a day, for one meal you can consume a maximum of 2 measuring spoons of syrup;
  • children age 2-7 years - single dose is 1 measuring spoon, the number of receptions per day - no more than three.

A syrup is taken based on the plantain extract immediately after meals, preferably with warm tea or water in large quantities. The duration of this medication is a maximum of 20 days, but within a few days it will be possible to understand whether it is advisable to continue treatment with the drug in question or to replace it.

Note: Herbion syrup from dry cough can be combined with different medications, but if it is done with antitussive, then Herbion's effectiveness will be drastically reduced.With care, you need to take the syrup to those people who have diabetes mellitus - the drug contains sucrose, which can lead to increased blood sugar.

Syrup Herbionum with primrose( from wet cough)

This kind of syrup contains menthol, thyme extract and root extract, and the extracts are not alcoholic, but aqueous, which makes Herbion from wet cough a safe preparation.This drug refers to a group of expectorants prepared without the use of artificially created elements.

How does a moist cough syrup?

Gerbion Menthol is a pleasant additive that not only eases the patient's breathing, like "clearing" the airways, but also relieves pain in the chest.In the extract of the primrose you can find a lot of saponins, and after all, they greatly enhance the expectorant effect, provide a full liquefaction of mucus.

A special role is played by thyme extract - it can be attributed, in this case, to bronchospasmolytic.Such a remedy actively relaxes the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract, which facilitates the free release of accumulated sputum.

Herbion from moist cough has a harmful effect on microbes, stops inflammation, takes part in liquefaction and sputum production - these properties of the drug in question accelerate the process of recovery.Contra-indications for use

Categorical contraindications to the use of Herbion syrup from the primrose are:

  • diabetes mellitus, accompanied by fructose intolerance;
  • allergic reaction to plant pollen;
  • isomaltase - a pathological condition of congenital origin, which is accompanied by sucrose insufficiency;
  • problems with glucose absorption;
  • children under 2 years;
  • is available in a child's history with acute laryngitis.

Please note: does not have any data on the safety of the drug in question for treating cough in pregnant / lactating women.But doctors believe that in the first trimester of pregnancy, you should stop using syrup based on the extract of the primrose.


To avoid mistakes in the dosage, manufacturers apply a measuring spoon to each syrup:

  • 1 spoon at least three times a day - a therapeutic dose for children aged 2-7 years;
  • 2 spoons for one meal three times a day - children 7-14 years;
  • 8 spoons per day, divided into several receptions - adults and children after 14 years.

The drug should be taken with a sufficient amount of liquid, and it is better to take it immediately after meals( meaning a full breakfast / lunch / dinner, not snacks).

Syrup with root extract of the primrose has in its composition saponins - these substances can provoke disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, and in this case the patient will complain of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea( diarrhea).If this condition occurs, then the taking of the drug should be stopped immediately and reported to the attending physician - most likely, the specialist will replace the drug.

Herbion is a widely advertised medication that can effectively help get rid of cough of different kinds.And indeed, if you use each kind of syrup "for the intended purpose," keep dosages and take contraindications, then the patient's recovery period will be greatly reduced.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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