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The most popular generic drugs for increasing potency

Viagra Analogues of popular and expensive drugs, identical in composition, but at the same time much cheaper than originals called generics.In other words, it is a cheaper analog of an expensive drug.Because of the low price, some mistakenly believe that generics are inferior in quality.However, this is not the case, manufacturers of original drugs pawn advertising costs in the price, hence the inflated cost.

Generics of known drugs for increasing the potency are similar in composition to the originals.To generics can also include drugs of plant origin and aphrodisiacs.

Table of contents: Generics Viagra Generics Levitra Generics Cialis

Generics Viagra

Viagra is one of the most famous drugs.The active substance is sildenafil citrate. The remedy is valid for six hours.Fatty foods can reduce effectiveness.

Overdose can be manifested in the form of headache, redness of the skin and nausea.

Important! Steady erection is possible only with sexual stimulation, that is, immediately before sexual intercourse.

The most popular generic Viagra:

  • Sulfar 100. This preparation contains Sildenafil, which stimulates blood flow into the groin area, which stimulates an erection.Reduction of erection occurs naturally after intimate intimacy.Effective after half an hour after taking.The duration of the effect is an average of eight hours.
  • Viagra generic Sildigra-100 is a generic Viagra having a similar active substance.Has similar effects and properties.Strengthens the flow of blood into the genital area, contributing to a greater fullness, which leads in turn to a prolonged erection.
  • Camagra soluble.Has a pleasant taste of orange.Remove the product before use in a small amount of water.The drug contains 100 mg of sildenafil.Take the drug you need an hour before coition.The effect lasts 5 hours.
  • Vega-100.Used to treat various erectile dysfunction, as well as to stimulate the blood filling of the penis, which increases the quality of sex.
  • Dynamic.The active substance is sildenafil.Supports erections and quickly restores her after ejaculation.
  • Viagra gel.They are produced in the form of small bags that are filled with gel with a taste of fruit.Each contains 100 mg of sildenafil.
  • Women's Viagra.The active substance is sildenafil.It is recommended to take on an empty stomach 40 minutes before coition.The drug is effective during menopause and with dry vaginal syndrome.Stimulates the onset of orgasm.
  • Viagra soft.Contains Sildenafil.The action begins 20 minutes after ingestion.The effect lasts about 4 hours.
  • Anaconda 120. The composition of the increased dose of the active substance.It is necessary to take one hour before intimacy.It is necessary to completely eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages.

Generics Levitra

Viagra generic Levitra contains active substance - Vardenafil.Levitra is different from other drugs in that it contains 10 times less active substance.Due to this the preparation has practically no side effects of .Operates after 20 minutes.The effect lasts for ten hours.Reduce the effect of the drug can fatty foods.

Possible side effects are manifested in the form of headaches, muscle tone and weakness.

Important! Generics of Levitra are prescribed for men who suffer from diabetes mellitus.

The most popular generics of Levitra:

  • Snovitra-20 is a generic Levitra and an aphrodisiac.It is highly effective even when normal Cialis and Viagra do not work.In the active ingredient vardenafil-20 mg.By action is similar with Cialis and Viagra.
  • Snovitra Vardenafil.The effect lasts 12 hours.
  • Gel Levitra.It is available in single dose packets in the form of jelly.Each contains 20 mg of Vardenafil.The drug is effective after 15 minutes, because it is quickly absorbed into the blood.The effect lasts for 12 hours.
  • Auvitra.Produced by a dosage of 10, 20 and 40 mg.According to the reviews of men, the effect persists for 24 hours.

Generics Cialis

Cialis is valid for more than 36 hours.In this erection occurs only as a result of sexual stimulation.The active substance is Tadalafil. The tablet should be taken 30 minutes before coitus.Generics of this group can not be combined with alcoholic beverages.

Side effects can occur in the form of dizziness, back pain, headache and dyspepsia.

Attention! Cialis preparations can not be taken more than once a day.

The most popular generics of Cialis:

  • Cialis Wellphil-20.The drug contains active substance Cialis 20 mg, which stimulates the potency within 30 minutes after ingestion.It works for 40 hours.
  • Tabagra-20.Effective means, which increases the blood supply of the genital organs under the influence of sexual stimulation.It is characterized by a long period of validity - 36 hours.
  • Tabaris-20.The active substance of the drug is Tadalafil, which provides a powerful and long lasting erection.The effect of the drug is 36 hours.
  • Apkalis SX.Issued as a packet of gel, which has a pleasant taste.The packet is designed for one reception.The drug is effective after 15 minutes.
  • Cialis 40. Contains a double dose of the active substance.Assign with severe disorders.The action begins an hour later and lasts for 24 hours.
  • Cialis Software.Issued in the form of tablets for resorption.The action begins immediately after ingestion.The effect lasts about 40 hours.

Generics of Cialis operate gently, they are used not only to correct erectile dysfunction, but also to relieve emotional stress and after physical exertion.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, doctor of sexopathologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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