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Enterosgel in case of poisoning: instructions, features of use in childhood


Probably every person has faced poisoning in his life.This is a painful condition of the body, provoked by the ingress of poison or toxin into it.Intoxications are easy and severe.With the latter, doctors struggle in the hospital, because these conditions are a real threat to life.But with an intoxication of mild severity can often be handled at home, using enterosorbents, in particular Enterosgel.

Contents: How does Enterosgel work?Indications for the use of Enterosgel

How does Enterosgel work?

Enterosgel Enterosgel is an adsorbent, available as a gel.Its active substance polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate is an organosilicon compound.The drug has several effects.First, it binds toxic substances, makes them insoluble, and in this way removes them from the body.Secondly, the gel envelops the intestinal mucosa, thereby protecting it from the corrosive effects of poisons.

In addition, the drug is able to absorb metabolic products: excess bilirubin, as well as urea, cholesterol, lipoproteins.


Indications for use

The drug is effectively used for all kinds of intoxications. So, Enterosgel is prescribed with:

  • Enterosgel Acute as well as chronic intoxications of various genesis;
  • Poisoning with potent poisons( salts of heavy metals, alkaloids, etc.);
  • Alcohol poisoning;
  • Food poisoning;
  • Intestinal infectious diseases;
  • Nutritional, as well as medicinal allergies;
  • Prevention of chronic intoxication to workers with hazardous production conditions: excess of toxic substances in the air of the work area.

Enterosgel for food poisoning

Food poisoning refers to a disease caused by eating food containing pathogens or substances of non-microbial nature that have toxic effects.When the poisoning is caused by eating food, disseminated by pathogenic microorganisms( enteropathogenic E. coli, staphylococcus, enterococcus, proteus), in this case they speak of the development of food poisoning.

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However, food poisoning can be triggered by eating food that is safe from microbiology.So, some plants contain poisons.For example, sprouted potatoes contain solanine, and immature beans are phytohemagglutinin.Agricultural land farmers are treated with pesticides, intoxication with these substances, alas, is not uncommon.

Mushroom poisoning is also common, it is a dangerous product that must be handled with care.There are also so-called conventionally poisonous fungi, which cause poisoning in the event of their improper preparation and use.We must not forget that food can contain food additives, preservatives, which are also capable of causing poisoning.

Nausea-with-hemorrhagic-stroke Symptoms of food poisoning are nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, fever.What to do with food poisoning?The main task is to maximally free the body from poison or toxin.To do this, you need to induce vomiting, then take an enterosorbent, in particular, you can use Enterosgel.In no case should you drink antidiarrhoeic drugs, because toxins are also excreted with feces.It is important to drink plenty of water in order to restore the water-electrolyte balance.

Enterosgel for alcohol poisoning

Ethanol, which is a part of alcoholic beverages, is itself a toxic substance and its effect on the human body is a priori unfavorable.With the metered use of alcoholic beverages, this potential harm can be minimized.However, in case of excessive consumption of alcohol or a poor-quality beverage, alcohol poisoning is possible.

About intoxication symptoms such as inhibition or vice versa euphoria, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, dizziness, loss of consciousness, palpitations and breathing, are indicative of intoxication.With severe poisoning, an alcoholic coma develops, and this condition requires medical intervention.


How can a person be helped at the first sign of alcohol poisoning?First of all, you must try to induce vomiting by clicking on the root of the tongue.You can give water.Then give three or six spoonfuls of Enterosgel.If a person has strong alcohol poisoning - it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Why is Enterosgel used for alcohol poisoning?The thing is that about 20% of ethanol is absorbed in the stomach and 80% in the small intestine.Getting into the blood, ethanol is carried around the body, having a poisonous effect.Enterosgel adsorbs ethanol and its derivatives from the gastrointestinal tract, and also reduces their concentration in the blood.Thus, the drug minimizes the effect of alcohol.

Note: is better not to allow alcohol poisoning at all.This can be achieved by taking three to four spoons of Enterosgel twenty minutes before the feast and as much after.By the way, this method will avoid a hangover.

How to use Enterosgel

Enterosgel Enterosgel is a gel that has no odor.Before use, it should be dissolved in water.Optimum ratio of Enterosgel and water 1: 3.Take the drug you need one or two hours before or after eating.Do not use Enterosgel together with other medicines, as this can affect their absorption.Enterosgel taken with other drugs, maintaining an interval of one to two hours.For some people, the taste of the drug may seem unpleasant, in which case the manufacturer recommends adding a drop of lemon juice to the prepared suspension.

Adults with poisoning are recommended to take 1.5 tablespoons of gel three times a day.Children under five years should take half a tablespoon three times a day, and children from five to fourteen years old - enough for a tablespoon.Enterosgel is prescribed even to infants at a dosage of 0.5 teaspoonfuls per session.The drug is stirred in water or breast milk in a ratio of 1: 3 and gives the baby a suspension before each feeding( six times a day).

Remember, Enterosgel is most effective when used in the first hours of poisoning.But with severe poisoning, excessive vomiting, impaired consciousness, convulsions, you can not hesitate - call an ambulance!

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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