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The most effective antipyretic agents for children

Antipyretic agents-for-children Elevated body temperature is one of the common symptoms of viral infections and colds.Significant hyperthermia can lead to negative consequences.Parents need to know clearly when to knock down heat, and what antipyretic agents for children are the most effective and safe. Any medications should be used as directed by a doctor.Before giving a child a medicine, it is important to carefully read the annotation, and do not exceed recommended age-related dosages.

Table of contents: Elevated temperature classification Which dosage forms should I choose?The most effective and safe antipyretic for children

Classification of elevated temperature

There are 4 stages of hyperthermia:

  1. Subfebrile;
  2. Febrile;
  3. Pyretic;
  4. Hyperpyretic.

The low-grade temperature of is an increase to 37 ° C-38 ° C.Use antipyretic drugs in such cases should not be, because high temperature is one of the means of fighting the body with infectious agents.With hyperthermia, the production of antibodies increases and metabolic processes are accelerated.

Important: unreasonable use of antipyretic can only prolong the course of the disease.

Zhar-u-detej About Febrile is said when on a thermometer 38 ° C-39 ° C.According to WHO recommendations, this temperature does not need to be reduced, but domestic pediatricians hold a slightly different opinion.In this case, it is important to assess the overall condition of the baby - if he is sluggish or constantly moody, it is better to give antipyretic.

Note: is considered that it is advisable to reduce even the temperature of 37.5 ° С -38 ° С in children of the first 3 months of life.

Pyretic - 39 ° С-41 ° С is an unconditional indication for taking antipyretics.It is especially important to bring down high temperature if the child has pathologies of the nervous system( in particular - epilepsy) or febrile convulsions in the anamnesis.

Hyperpyretic , i.e. exceeding 41 ° C, poses a serious threat to human health and even life.Seeing such figures on the thermometer scale, you should immediately call an ambulance team!

Which dosage forms should I choose?

Review-antipyretic-funds-for-children-effective For young children, antipyretics are available in the form of syrups and rectal suppositories.Candles are introduced to very young children who can not yet drink syrup from a spoon or simply refuse to swallow it.

The advantage of syrups is its quick action( due to the high suction speed of the components) and the duration of the effect.

For children who already consume ordinary food, it is possible to offer antipyretic drugs in chewable tablets or pastilles.Solid dosage forms, i.e. tablets or capsules, can be ground and given to the baby, previously mixed with water or juice.

The most effective and safe antipyretic for children

The most effective medicines for high temperature in children are preparations based on ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Ibuprofen series

Can-whether-children-nurofen Ibuprofen can be given to children from the first days of life, but to babies up to 3 months - only as directed by a doctor!Single dose is 5-10 mg per 1 kg of weight;Time interval between receptions - not less than 6 hours.

Perhaps the most popular drug of this group is Nurofen, which is available as a syrup( suspension).It can be given to children from the age of 3 months.This tool, recommended by many pediatricians, works very quickly.The temperature decreases on average for 30 minutes, and the antipyretic effect persists for several hours.Nurofen is not without flaws.These include the irritant effect of the drug on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, so that the child may have vomiting.There may also be constipation or diarrhea.

Nurofen candles are as effective as syrup, but the side effects are much less common.

Note: deterioration of general state of health on the background of hyperthermia often leads to the fact that the child refuses not only food, but also from drinking.Consumption of a large amount of fluid is one of the most important conditions for a quick recovery, since with an abundant drink the excretion of toxins from the body is accelerated.Normalization of temperature facilitates the procedure of "soldering off" a small patient.

Ibuprofen in the form of rectal suppositories is the optimal drug for lowering the temperature in children from 3 months to 2 years.It should be remembered that Ibuprofen may adversely affect the liver of the child, so before starting the use it is recommended to consult a pediatrician.

Children's Motrin helps to quickly cope with fever and pain syndrome.Possible side effects include the occurrence of skin rashes( with hypersensitivity), as well as headache, vomiting and diarrhea.

Means containing Paracetamol( acetaminophen)

Panadol A single dose of Paracetamol is calculated from the calculation of 10-15 mg per 1 kg of the child's weight.Multiplicity of admission - not more often 4 times a day with the observance of a time interval of 4 hours.The agent reduces the index by 1-1.5 ° C, which is insufficient at a pyretic temperature.At very high figures, Nurofen is preferred.

Panadol( suspension based on sugar syrup) is considered one of the best antipyretic drugs for young children, including - babies.The undoubted advantage of this tool is that it does not lead to a decrease in diuresis.Due to the free removal of excess fluid from the body, a serious complication of diseases such as cerebral edema is prevented.

Kalpol, which is produced in the form of a syrup, can be given to a child from 3 months and older.This drug has virtually no side effects.In rare cases, allergic rashes may appear on the skin.After taking Kalpola, the temperature of the baby begins to return to normal within 20-30 minutes.

Shar u detej

Cefexon-D in the form of rectal suppositories is characterized not only antipyretic, but also analgesic and anti-inflammatory.Candles can be administered to babies at the age of 1 month.

Efferlangan in candle light can be used to reduce temperature in infants from 4 weeks of age.Contraindications for use are liver and kidney diseases, as well as intestinal disorders( diarrhea).Pharmaceutical companies also produce Efferalgan in the form of a powder, with the dilution of which water produces a pleasant drink.It can be given to children from the age of 2 years.

Other drugs

If ibuprofen and paracetamol are ineffective, the use of Nimesulide( Nyz, Nimulide) is possible by appointment.This "stand-by" remedy is in the form of suspensions( for patients aged 2 years), dispersible tablets( prescribed for children aged 3 years and older, and regular tablets of 100 mg( for children and adolescents from 12 years old.)

For single use orWith increased sensitivity to the above drugs can be used Analgin( metamizol sodium). His prolonged use leads to the inhibition of hemopoiesis( hematopoietic function.) Children under 12 years of age are injected intramuscularly in the form of a solution, and children from 6 months - rectally in the form

Individual drugs with antipyretic effect, often used in diseases in adults, are categorically contraindicated in children, such as Acetylsalicylic acid( Aspirin), which leads to severe liver damage

Recipes of traditional medicine from temperature

We recommend to read:

Tea with raspberries If you need to quickly knock down the baby's temperature, and there was not one of the mentioned drugs at hand, you can resort to folk remedies.

You can reduce the temperature in children with apple cider vinegar.It should be diluted 1: 1 with water, and the resulting solution to grind the entire body of the baby( except the face) to improve heat emission.Give the child a good sweat, then change it to dry and cover with a blanket.Do not let vinegar get into the eyes and mucous membranes - even low concentrations can cause serious irritation.

Tea with cranberries will help with the increased temperature.The drink intensifies sweating.Children of younger age should not be given it, since the likelihood of developing allergic reactions is relatively high.Care should also be taken if a child is diagnosed with stomach disease.

Note: is very important in time to give an antipyretic if the temperature increases shortness of breath, as well as leading to rapid dehydration diarrhea or vomiting.

An excellent antipyretic and antimicrobial agent are dried raspberries and raspberry jam.Before giving this tasty and useful natural medicine to the baby, you need to make sure that he does not have any allergy to raspberries.

Vladimir Plisov, medical reviewer

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