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Furacilin: a description of the drug, indications, contraindications for use


How to use Furatsilin - perhaps the most famous drug, about which everyone has heard something?Furacilin is intended for external and topical application, it has a pronounced antimicrobial effect and slow development of resistance to it from pathogens causative agents.

Table of contents: Active substance, form of furacilin Indications / contraindications for the use of furacilin How to use furatsilin

The active substance, form of production and pharmacological action of furatsilina

The main active substance of furatsilina is nitrofural, which "gave" the drug a pronounced antimicrobialAction of .It is this substance that has a destructive effect on the membrane of pathogen-causing cells, and it is capable of affecting both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in this way.

Furacilin is used in almost all branches of medicine - both in surgery and in dentistry. Interestingly, the drug in question can withstand even a long-term use - the active substance nitrofural practically does not cause addiction from pathogens, but even if this happens, a high degree of resistance can not be achieved anyway.

The given medicinal preparation is issued in the most different pharmacological forms - tablets for solution preparation, aerosol, ointment, alcohol solution, but all for external use only.

Indications / contraindications for the use of furatsilina

In general, the drug in question is used in medical practice very often - it and the wounds are washed, and the burns are treated, and even the sore throat is treated. Therefore, it is not possible to designate a specific field of application of furatsilin, specialists only distinguish several directions:

  • Furacilin any purulent wounds - deep or superficial scratches;
  • eye diseases of different etiology - for example, furacilin washed eyes with blepharitis and / or conjunctivitis( inflammatory processes);
  • burns, wounds of 2-3 degrees of severity;
  • trophic ulcers, bedsores;
  • empyema of the pleura and / or nasal sinuses - the cavities are washed with furacilin;
  • diseases of the oral cavity( gingivitis / stomatitis), sore throat;
  • treatment of any injuries of the skin surface;
  • furunculosis - the cavities are rinsed after the furuncle rupture, if the purulent focus is in the auditory canal, the entire passage is washed with furacilin;
  • osteomyelitis.

Note: furacilin is applied only externally and locally - swallowing it, rinsing it with a stomach or clearing the intestine is absolutely impossible.

Some people have an increased sensitivity or an individual intolerance, and even a slight scrubbing with this drug can cause an allergic reaction - rashes, redness, itching of the skin of the .Therefore, with increased sensitivity to furatsilinu its use is prohibited, even if it is absolutely necessary - doctors will look for a replacement.In addition, furatsilin is contraindicated in allergic dermatoses and bleeding wounds - such damage is treated with hydrogen peroxide.

How to use furatsilin

Solutions( aqueous, alcohol) of the drug in question are used to irrigate the wound surface and apply bandages on it.

If there is a need to wash the cavity, only furatsilin in the form of an aqueous solution is used:

  • the nasal sinuses are washed with inflammation of them - for example, this procedure is often used in the treatment of sinusitis;
  • after surgery for osteomyelitis wash the cavity formed, in the case of a complicated course of the postoperative period - apply a moist bandage;
  • pleural empyema - the pleural cavity is washed, then about 50 ml of an aqueous solution of furacilin is injected into it, but these procedures are performed only after all pus has been removed.

Furacilin In case of treatment of burn wounds and foci of frostbite, ointment or furacilin gel is applied, which are applied to the lesion sites 2-3 times a day with a thin layer.Furacilin in this pharmacological form is successfully used for the treatment of any wounds of the skin and mucous, but only superficial.

If it is necessary to rinse the nasal cavity, or undergo treatment for an infection of the urethra or bladder, which involves the rinsing of these parts of the human urinary system, this is done by a solution for which sterile water and furacilin paste are used in equal proportions.Otitis means instillation into the diseased ear of an alcohol solution of the drug in question at a dose of 2 drops 3 times a day.

Inflammatory eye diseases( blepharitis and / or conjunctivitis) - the ointment of furacilin is prescribed for the treatment of eyelids, an aqueous solution of furacilin may also be used to rinse the eye and conjunctival sac.

In case of tonsillitis and soft tissue diseases of the oral cavity, regular rinses should be performed, using furacilin in the form of an aqueous solution.This solution is prepared not only pharmacies pharmacists and pharmacists, but also "in the kitchen" - needs only to dissolve 1 tablet of the drug in 100 ml of warm water .


Furacilin is well tolerated by patients, seldom there can be side effects - for example, on the skin can appear signs of dermatitis. And one more important point - this remedy can be used with other medications, and, with any, as there was no significant drug interaction.

Furacilin is a fairly common and very effective drug in the fight against pathogens.Its use may well be unauthorized, that is, without the appointment of a doctor, but you need to know for sure that a person does not have hypersensitivity or an individual intolerance to furacilin.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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