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Péponent: instructions for use, analogues

Penopen PEPHONE is a preparation for the treatment of prostatic diseases, which includes natural components.

The plant component of the drug allows to achieve results without the use of synthetic agents that have a negative effect on other organs.

The drug is dispensed without a prescription, but it is not recommended to use it alone.It is necessary to undergo examination at the urologist and determine the degree of manifestation of prostate adenoma.

Indications for use The principle of the drug's use Instruction for use Composition and form of formulation Contra-indications Pheponone: analogues of the preparation

Indications for use

The drug is mainly used for the treatment of pathologies in the field of urology, but there are several diseases,Which are also prescribed Pepon:

  • removal of pain in the prostate;
  • need to remove symptoms of prostate adenoma;
  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • removal of inflammation and normalization of metabolism;

Important! Even using the drug solely for therapy of prostatic diseases, there is an improvement in blood circulation and improvement of the whole organism.

Principle of action of the preparation

Pumpkin seed oil is the active substance of the preparation .Excipients: distilled water, gelatin, sorbitol and glycerin.

Pumpkin oil contains many unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E .These substances form in the enterocytes chylomicrons with apoproteins, cholesterol and phospholipids.Chylomicrons, falling into the general bloodstream, simulate the absorption of fatty acids.

Peptone helps:

  • to remove inflammation;
  • accelerate the process of restoring damaged prostate tissue;
  • eliminates pain and rezi when urinating;
  • get rid of imperative urges.

Important! The agent normalizes blood flow in the area of ​​the inflamed male organ, which positively affects the genitourinary system.

Instruction for use

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of prostate adenoma, chronic and congestive prostatitis.

To obtain the best therapeutic result, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules for taking Peponen:

  • for prostate diseases take three to one capsules a day for three times a day;
  • for the suppression of symptoms and the treatment of atherosclerosis take one capsule twice a day.With this diagnosis, treatment is long enough;
  • after the main course of therapy for prostate adenoma necessarily carry out maintenance treatment, in which one capsule per day is taken.The duration of maintenance therapy is individual;
  • treatment of cardiovascular problems is carried out according to the same scheme.

Take Pepoin 20 minutes after eating.Chew and crush capsules is strictly prohibited!

Composition and form of release

Penopen The preparation is manufactured in the form of capsules that have a gelatinous shell with vegetable oil inside. In the preparation Peponon 300 mg of the active substance, in the preparation Pepon Active 600 mg.Pumpkin oil is the main component of the drug.

In its composition a large amount of zinc, selenium, useful fats and other minerals beneficial to the body.Pumpkin oil perfectly relieves pain, which worries the patient.


Despite the herbal base of the drug, it has a number of contraindications:

  • negative individual reactions of the patient's body;
  • minors if the drug is prescribed for the treatment of prostate diseases;
  • is allergic to any component of the drug;

IMPORTANT! Categorically do not recommend taking Pepon Active with anticoagulants.With pathologies of the gastric mucosa, the remedy can be used only during the period of remission.

ASEP4ASD Urological plaster manufacturing China.An innovative tool for the therapy of prostatitis, which includes herbs that have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.The plaster must be glued to the area below the navel.The procedure is carried out once every three days.The course of treatment is 15 days.The plaster has practically no contraindications and side effects.
  • Prostagut Forte. An effective drug in the treatment of prostate adenoma, urination disorders and chronic prostatitis.Produced in the form of tablets.Take 320 mg of funds for a month.The course of treatment can be repeated two months later.
  • Unoprost. The preparation is released in the form of capsules having a thin gelatinous shell, inside which the active substance is contained.The capsule is immediately swallowed, washed down with plenty of water.The patient takes one capsule per day.The course of treatment is at least three months.The patient is recommended to visit the urologist once a month to monitor the condition of the prostate gland.Unoprost
  • Holenol. The drug is used to treat prostate diseases.The composition of the drug is a large number of vitamins and minerals.To achieve a meaningful therapeutic result, take 1-2 capsules three times a day.Dosage is determined individually taking into account the stage of prostate adenoma.
  • Tykveol. The drug is a complex of herbal supplements, the bulk of which is extracted from pumpkin seeds.Issued in the form of tablets, rectal suppositories and vegetable oil.Apply from one to three doses per day, depending on the pharmacological form.Pumpveol
  • The peptide is a natural preparation with a lot of advantages and is prescribed for the treatment of heart diseases, and also prevents the transition of prostatic adenoma from benign to malignant.The drug is used only after examination and accurately diagnosed.

    Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, doctor of sexopathologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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