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Compatibility of medicines with food

Compatibility of medicines with food

It is known to everyone that any medication should be taken strictly according to the doctor's prescription.But here not many know, that many medicines are absolutely incompatible with the certain products.Meanwhile, you need to own this information - this will help keep the level of exposure to medications on the body, prevent the development of unwanted complications.

Table of contents: Why drugs can not be combined Effect of drinks on the effects of medicines Products that improve the effect of medications

Why drugs can not be combined

This section contains information on what to not categorically combine the most commonMedicines.


Antibiotic drugs

Antibiotics are generally considered to be the most "whimsical" drugs, most often when mentioning the compatibility of antibacterial drugs with food and beverages, there are means of tetracycline series.They are strongly discouraged from combining with milk and dairy products - they can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the type of medication in question.It is necessary to refuse and from sour food and drinks - to exclude the aerated sweet-sour drinks, natural juices, fruit, dry wine, dishes with use of vinegar and a lemon juice.Be sure to discard any alcoholic beverages.

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Drugs that promote blood thinning can not be combined with Brussels and cauliflower, walnuts, zucchini, soy products, poultry and animals, cranberry juice, any fatty foods.The fact is that these products have the opposite effect on the blood composition, due to the high content of potassium in them.A side effect when these recommendations are violated will be sudden bleeding.


Pyramidone, amidopyrine and other medications with analgesic effect doctors do not recommend combining with smoked products.The action of these medicines will be completely reduced to nothing, there will be no getting rid of the pain syndrome.


These drugs contain a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, so you can not combine them with cheeses, sauerkraut, soy sauce, beef and poultry liver, yogurt, jerky fish, figs, sour cream and raisins.In all listed products, tiramin is contained in a large amount - this substance in combination with an inhibitor of monoamine oxidase negatively affects the level of arterial pressure, dramatically increasing it.

Iron-based medicines

If iron deficiency anemia therapy is used or if these drugs are used as prevention, it is better to stop using coffee, tea, any nuts, all dairy products, flour and sweet products.These products will complicate the absorption of iron in the body and the patient will not receive the desired therapeutic effect.


Many people drink it with milk, hoping that in this way the negative effect on the gastric mucosa will be reduced.But when you combine milk with aspirin, the latter loses all its properties - there will be no effect from its reception.

Do not eat acidic foods and drinks when taking aspirin - this will have a stronger negative effect on the gastric mucosa, may lead to the development of gastritis and gastric ulcer.


You should never combine the use of diuretics and licorice-based products( eg expectorants) - this can lead to increased elimination of liquid and potassium from the body, which will result in dehydration and muscle destruction.

But consider one feature of the presented medications - under their influence, potassium is excreted from the body, its reserves need to be replenished.Suitable for this are dried apricots, beets, spinach, apples, onions, potatoes, sorrel and green peas.



These are drugs that help remove harmful cholesterol from the blood, and they should not be combined with citrus fruits.Substances contained in such products block the production of liver enzymes, which can lead to an increased concentration of statins in the body.And this is fraught with the destruction of muscles and a violation of the functionality of the liver.


All medicines from this group of drugs have very aggressive effects on the stomach and intestinal mucosa.That is why during the period of using antirheumatoid drugs, one must strictly adhere to a diet that implies the exclusion from the diet of fried mushrooms and in general any dishes cooked by roasting, raw vegetables, fruits, fish and meat broths.


These are drugs that have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects and can not be combined with animals and avian by-products, sugar and any sweets in general, cranberries, any greens, fatty foods.Sulfonamides cause suppression of the functionality of the kidneys - the urinary process is disrupted, so it is necessary to drink a lot of clean water( not coffee, not tea!) Against the background of using the group of medicines in question.Fats and sugar disrupt the digestive process, which automatically reduces the effectiveness of sulfonamides.

ACE inhibitors

These drugs are prescribed at high blood pressure and as vasodilators.If these drugs are contained in the body in large quantities, then this can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest.Chocolate http: //okeydoc.ru/ shokolad-polza-i-vred /, dried apricots, potatoes, bananas and greens should be excluded from the diet at the time of taking the medicines under consideration.

Bronchodilator preparations

These are only those that are made on the basis of theophylline.If they were appointed by the attending physician, then from the menu you should immediately exclude any food that is rich in carbohydrates.

Drugs that lower blood pressure

It is not recommended to enter salted fish, sausage and ham in the menu when taking this group of medicines.These products contribute to reducing the effect of drugs - it is unlikely to reduce blood pressure.


15070402r_2 This medication is prescribed by doctors for the prevention of thrombosis.In no case can not you use at the same time with warfarin cranberry juice and generally it is desirable to give up acidic drinks and foods - this combination increases the risk of developing gastric and intestinal bleeding at times.

Semisynthetic penicillins

They belong to the group of antibacterial drugs, but specifically semi-synthetic penicillins can not be combined with orange juice, tomatoes and black coffee - these foods and beverages significantly reduce the effectiveness of the medicines under consideration.

Antifungal preparations

Here everything is simple - under the ban are milk and all its derivatives, including cheese and cottage cheese.It is these products that promote the growth of fungal colonies, and the effectiveness of the drugs in question is coming to naught.

The influence of drinks on the effect of medications

Than usually patients take off tablets, capsules and elixirs with syrups?Someone prefers juices, someone - tea, and someone and milk.But you need to understand that there are contraindications to the simultaneous use of drinks with certain medicines.


This drink contains a lot of tannin - a substance that forms insoluble compounds with many medicines, and the result is ineffectiveness of therapeutic measures.It is especially dangerous to drink tea with spasmolytic drugs and cardiac glycosides.


First, it is strictly forbidden to use it concurrently with taking antibacterial drugs( antibiotics).Secondly, if you use vasoconstrictive drops in your nose, then simultaneous with this treatment the use of alcohol can lead to a stroke.Thirdly, alcoholic beverages are able to disrupt the heart rhythm, if used against the background of taking diuretics and cardiac glycosides.


In general, alcohol and any medications are absolutely incompatible!Even regular paracetamol, safe and effective at different ages, under a glass of alcohol can lead to acute kidney failure.


This drink acts on medicines differently.For example, coffee should not be used simultaneously with sedatives and antidepressants - there may be anxiety, feelings of anxiety and fear, insomnia.Coffee can enhance the action of psycho-regulators, but in general it is worth knowing that if coffee is used simultaneously with antibacterial drugs and birth control pills, you can expect a large accumulation of caffeine in the body, which ultimately leads to disruption of the central nervous system.

Grapefruit juice

This is generally a very harmful "thing" when conducting therapy of any level.In general, grapefruit( although in its entirety, even in the form of juice) is combined with individual representatives of medicines.It is this product that can increase the toxicity of antibacterial drugs, provoke a sharp decrease in blood pressure when taking antihypertensive medications.

Please note: doctors insist that any medications need to be washed down with clean water.


Products that improve the effect of medications

Do not think that with the use of certain medicines, the diet should be adjusted only to the exclusion of certain foods.Experts argue that there are those dishes, products that must necessarily be introduced into the diet when carrying out therapy with these or other medications. It is worth remembering the following nuances:

  1. The effect of taking antibacterial drugs( antibiotics) will be significantly increased if you enter into the diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and fresh juices.But after finishing the course of antibiotic treatment, you need to drink every evening a glass of kefir - this will help quickly and fully restore the intestinal microflora.
  2. If you are forced to take antitumor drugs, then the menu must necessarily be liver of birds and animals, black currants, strawberries, fish, pomegranate, carrots, dill.By the way, it is in case of passing the therapy with such medicines that you can consume dry red wine, but only after consulting with the attending physician and in small quantities.
  3. Take laxatives - combine them with beets, spinach, zucchini, whole grains, fresh cucumbers and sweet plums.Of all the above, spinach is the most useful - together with laxatives, it quickly and effectively improves, stabilizes the intestinal peristalsis.
  4. Preparations of vitamins A, B, E and D can be safely supplemented with fatty foods - it will promote the rapid and full absorption of medications.
  5. Nicotinic acid will be more effective if, during its use, enter into the diet of fish lean varieties, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken and quail, meat.

In general, there are about 200 medications, the effectiveness of which directly depends on what diet the patient adheres to.If the attending physician makes any medication appointments, then it is necessary to consult with him about the correction of the diet.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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