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Narine: instructions for use, benefits and harm


The leaven "Narine" has recently acquired an incredible popularity.It is not known exactly what is connected with this - whether with active propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, or with an increased number of diagnoses of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but if there is a demand for this product, then it must be carefully studied and understood what it is andIs it worth it to use absolutely everyone.

Short description Narine

The product in question is produced in three different forms - tablets( used as a regular medicinal product), powder( for preparation of the drink at home) and ready-to-use product.It is believed that preference should be given to the powdered ferment, since the preparation of the product is easy and simple, the maximum concentration of nutrients in the drink is detected after 24 hours, and the finished product can be consumed for 7 days.

The composition of the ferment "Narine" includes living lactobacilli( acidophilic), if we consider the composition of the tablet form of the drug, then the components are also present - magnesium stearate, corn starch and sucrose.

Important! The product in question is not a category of medicinal product and is a biologically active additive, but it is also actively used in the treatment of certain diseases.It should be borne in mind that Narine is only one of the components of complex therapy, so medications should be taken in any case( if there are such appointments from the attending physician).

Useful properties Narine

The product in question is a child / diet food, and adults who constantly take the starter "Narine" confidently declare that it solves most problems in the work of the intestines, stomach and the entire digestive system. In particular, regular use of the product under consideration provides: normal operation of the pancreas;

  • ;
  • rapid recovery from intestinal infections( starter stops the spread of the pathological process);
  • active functionality of the immune system;
  • stabilization of intestinal microflora;
  • normal liver function.

In addition, the yeast "Narine" is recommended to be used during the recovery period after surgical interventions on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, poisoning( it speeds up the elimination of toxins), against chronic stressful situations, with prolonged use of antibiotics.


Narine can also be used for face care procedures - the starter is simply applied to the previously cleansed face skin of .Such masks help to fight small / shallow facial wrinkles, make the skin less greasy and reduce the intensity of inflammation and eruptions.

Due to the fact that the product in question normalizes the digestive system as a whole, it should also be used for obesity.

How to consume the sourdough "Narine"

This product is consumed inside half an hour before meals or during meals.If there is a need to take leaven for medicinal purposes, the dosage will be 200-300 mg per meal, per day should be consumed 3 times, the duration of the intake is 20-30 days.When taking the ferment "Narine" for prophylactic purposes, the dosage will be slightly different: 200-300 mg once a day for 20 days.

To prepare a mass for home use, you just need to add warm boiled water to the bottle with dry powder.

The tablet form Narine implies very different dosages:

  • for children aged 1-3 years - 1 tablet per day;
  • for children aged 3 years and older, as well as for all adults - 2 tablets per day( divided into two doses) 15 minutes before meals.

The duration of the course of taking tablets is 2 weeks, you can repeat the course only after a break of 10 days and if necessary.

Note: in the presented material gives general recommendations on the use of the sourdough "Narine", before use it is extremely advisable to consult with specialists( therapist, pediatrician).

Disadvantages of Narine

Zakvaska There are practically no contraindications to the use of the product in question, the only one who should give it up is people with hypersensitivity to lactobacilli.

To the lack of Narine is a problematic preparation of a drink - someone gets it too sour, someone is dissatisfied with the insufficient density of the product.Intensively sour taste can be corrected by the addition of fruit puree or honey, you can already dilute the ready-made drink with warm boiled water.Usually too sour taste of the drink is provoked by the "old" ferment, so it should be bought only in pharmacies.And, it is worth paying attention to how the leaven was stored - for example, if the pharmacist serves sachets of leaven from the display, then it is better to refuse such a purchase - lactobacilli retain their vitality and benefit only when stored in the refrigerator.Moreover, some pharmacies, when the goods are delivered to the buyer, put a cube of ice into the package, so that before the purchase is brought to the refrigerator, the leaven does not lose its properties.

How to cook Narine

You can cook a delicious and healthy drink in a thermos or yogurt. If you want to prepare Narine in a thermos, then you need to follow the following algorithm:

  • one sachet of starter is dissolved in a small amount of heated milk( 40 degrees);
  • the resulting solution is added to a half liter of warm milk;
  • boil 200 ml of milk and cool to room temperature;
  • mix milk with leaven and boiled / cooled milk;
  • all pour in the thermos and close it for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, the leaven itself will be ready - it can not be consumed yet, you need to prepare a drink in a yogurt, or again in a thermos.To do this, it will be necessary to heat 1 liter of milk to 40 degrees and add 2 tablespoons of the resulting leaven to it.We leave this milk with leaven for 12 hours in a thermos, or we load it into a yogurt for 8 hours.

Note: when cooking Narine at home is very important to observe sterility.All the utensils used in the process must be sterilized or steamed with boiling water.

Narine is a very useful product that has a pleasant taste( provided that the rules for its preparation are met).If there are any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the anamnesis, then before using the product in question it is worth consulting with the attending physician, but, as a rule, it is allowed to accept it without exception.

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