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Vishnevsky ointment: indications for use, rules of application

  1. Treatment of furuncles and other purulent localized formations on the skin.It is necessary to prepare a gauze napkin from 4 layers of material, apply Vishnevsky's ointment on it and attach the pathological process to the focus.On top of the gauze napkin put polyethylene( you can use a special compress paper) and fix it all with a bandage.Leave the compress for 8-12 hours( it is better to do it for the night), then everything is removed, and the dressing site is first cleaned with a paper towel( it will absorb the remnants of the drug as much as possible), then it is processed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.Vishnevskie ointment In the treatment of these pathological processes, compresses with Vishnevsky ointment can be applied 2 -3 times a day until the inflammatory process is completely stopped and the wound surface is healed. By the way, even if a boil / abscess / carbuncle burst and pus follows from it, then this is no excuse to refuse treatment.Just the same, Vishnevsky's ointment will contribute to the early removal of the purulent contents of .
  2. Bedsores.Almost all bed patients suffer from them and if attention is paid in time to the beginning of trophic changes in the skin, immediately apply the drug under consideration, it will be possible to prevent the formation of the wound surface.So, if hyperemia is found on the skin or in the folds of the skin( pronounced reddening), immediately start applying to this place bandages with a balsam lineage according to Vishnevsky.Such bandages should be done daily, changed at least 2 times and not more often 3 times a day and do not interrupt treatment until the skin condition is normalized.
    Note: can not start the skin condition in bedridden patients, because in case of blackening of certain foci of the skin, even Vishnevsky's ointment will not help.We will have to undergo a surgical procedure, which is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on the condition of the patient lying down.Frostbites and burns.
  3. Maz_vishnevsky Frostbites and burns.Such damage to the skin was successfully treated with Vishnevsky's ointment even during the Second World War.On the burnt or frosted surface, a gauze dressing( not a compress!) Is applied with a Balsamic liniment for Vishnevsky for 3 days.This approach to treatment provides an early recovery and prevents the formation of keloid scars.
  4. Ulcers.Once the abscess has been opened, bandages with ointments made on the basis of antibiotics are applied to it, as soon as the purulent contents decrease in quantity, you can change the antibacterial preparation for Vishnevsky ointment.Apply dressings to it on the wound surface formed every day, change every 6 hours and do not stop treatment until the pus disappears completely and the wound is tightened.
  5. Ulcers on the skin of the legs with varicose veins.We are talking about any trophic disorders of the skin - cracks, small bleeding wounds and well-formed ulcers.Vishnevsky ointment should be densely laid out on a gauze napkin( it should be done more), then it is applied to the wound and all bandaged with elastic bandage.Such a dressing should be changed twice a day, during each procedure it is necessary to treat the skin around the wound with medical alcohol.
    Ointment Vishnevsky, applied to trophic ulcers, has not only an antiseptic, but also a regenerating effect.In this case, castor oil, which is part of the drug under consideration, reliably protects the wound from the penetration of infection in them.
  6. Acne.If you see the specific place of formation of pimples on the skin, you can stop this process by treating this focus with Vishnevsky ointment.Apply this drug should not be in the form of a bandage, but simply a thin layer, like a cream.
  7. Gynecological diseases.It is about the treatment of inflammatory diseases of acute and / or chronic course, localized in the female's reproductive system.Help in the recovery can tampons, impregnated with liniment balsamic Vishnevsky, inserted into the vagina for 1-3 hours.
    Please note: if in all other cases the medicinal product under consideration can be used without prior appointment, treatment of gynecological diseases with Vishnevsky ointment should be carried out only after coordination with the gynecologist.
  8. Hemorrhoids.A gauze wipe with the means under consideration is applied directly to the location of the hemorrhoids.It should be understood that in this case it is only a question of treating external hemorrhoids, there is no need to introduce tampons into the rectum.The dressing with Vishnevsky ointment should be at the location of the hemorrhoidal nodes for at least 12 hours.


Ointment Vishnevsky - a drug that is known to everyone, at least, about him, "something heard."This tool is widely used in surgery, you can use it yourself at home.Doctors generally believe that Vishnevsky ointment should be present in the medicine cabinet of each house.

Composition, pharmacological action Why use Vishnevsky ointment How to apply Vishnevsky ointment

Composition, pharmacological action

The drug under consideration was invented in the years of World War II by the Soviet surgeon Vishnevsky, who also gave the name of ointment.In general, in medicine, this drug is called balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky. This preparation contains the following components:

  • birch tar - improves the nutrition of tissues, enhances blood circulation in the place of direct exposure;
  • xeroform( powder) - has antiseptic effect, is recognized as a good antimicrobial agent;
  • castor oil - creates a thin protective layer at the application site, which prevents dirt / dust from entering the wound, thus preventing infection( secondary or primary).

As can be seen from the composition, Vishnevsky ointment belongs to the category of natural remedies. This liniment has a structure that is quite liquid in comparison with ointment, and this ensures the ease of applying the product to the wound surface, its strong "adhesion" to the tissues.

Ointment of Vishnevskaya

Many people do not like the drug under consideration for too specific a flavor - it is provided by birch tar.But this smell quickly disappears, but the benefits of Vishnevsky's ointment are really huge.

What is used Vishnevsky Ointment

Most often, the drug in question is used in surgery. Yes, the modern pharmacological industry offers a lot of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs, but many doctors and patients themselves prefer Vishnevsky ointment - it is easily applied to the desired surface, practically does not harm, has very few contraindications and is always effective.

Ointment Vishnevsky can be used in the treatment:

  • wound surface burns;
  • carbuncles / boils / abscesses;
  • obliterating endarteritis / thrombophlebitis;
  • ulcers and trophic skin changes in varicose veins;
  • of lymphadenitis / lymphangitis;
  • psoriasis.

The above indications are available in the official instructions for the medication in question, but it can also be used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as sinusitis, orchitis, osteomyelitis.Ointment Vishnevsky will help cope with ulcers of postpartum etiology, pressure sores, pimples, hemorrhoids.

How to apply Vishnevsky ointment

Balsamic liniment in Vishnevsky is used only externally in the form of bandages, applications, compresses and tampons. Here are just a few options for using the drug:

Ointment Vishnevsky - almost universal drug that can be used to treat both adults and children .There are no contraindications to the use of the drug in question, the only one who should be extremely cautious - people with hypersensitivity to the components.It should also be taken into account that too long application of Balsamic linen for Vishnevsky can provoke excessive dryness of the skin and appearance of redness in places of contact.In this case, stop all procedures and seek medical advice.

Ointment Vishnevsky, despite the abundance of various ointments / gels with antiseptic / anti-inflammatory / antibacterial / regenerative effect, still remains the most popular drug in surgery.And this is not a "tribute to traditions", but the result of a competent combination of components by a simple Soviet surgeon.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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