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Thymus: medicinal properties and contraindications

thyme Thyme( thyme, Bogorodskaya grass) is a long, low half-shrub, whose medicinal properties have been known to mankind since ancient times.The range of its distribution in our country is the entire European part, Transbaikalia and Western Siberia.Thyme prefers sandy soils.The thickets are found on spacious meadows, slopes of ravines and gullies.

Contents: Short description Active substances Useful properties of thyme Thyme: contraindications

Short description

Thin stems( up to 40 cm), growing, spread along the ground and intertwine.Leaves of thyme are small, oval.Small flowers have a pleasant violet-pink color;At the ends of the stems they are collected in bundles.Thyme is a very fragrant plant.Its smell during the flowering period( from the end of June to the end of July) attracts many insects.Fruits-nuts are ripening from late summer to early autumn.

Active substances

The following biologically active compounds are present in the aerial parts and roots of Thyme:

  • Chabrec bitterness;
  • resins;
  • tanning agents;
  • gums;
  • vegetable fats;
  • organic acids( predominantly oleic and ursolic);
  • B vitamins;
  • ascorbic acid.

It is advisable to prepare raw materials for use in the very beginning of summer. In this period in all parts of the plant the concentration of essential oils and other useful compounds is particularly high.Drying of the plant substrate( cut only the aerial parts) is carried out under canopies that protect from precipitation or in attics with good air circulation.Beetles of Thymus are hung head down and shielded from direct sunlight.

Useful properties of thyme

Kulinar-timian Thyme is characterized by pronounced antimicrobial properties.Infusions and decoctions of this herb are used in folk medicine as disinfectants of .It is noted that creeping thyme also promotes regeneration, i.e., restoration of damaged tissues.

Bogorodskaya grass is recognized as official medicine.Extract of Thyme, in particular, is included in the well-known pharmacological drug for cough for children "Pertusin".In diseases of the respiratory system, Thymus is a good help, since, in addition to disinfectants, it also has pronounced expectorant properties.

External lotions with decoctions and infusions are used for stings of bees to stop the pain syndrome and reduce puffiness.

Diseases and pathological conditions in which the thymus is assisted:

  • asthma;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • bronchitis;
  • whooping cough;
  • spastic pain in the organs of the digestive tract;
  • rheumatism;
  • depression;
  • neurasthenia;
  • flatulence;
  • impairment of bowel motility( hypotension or atony);
  • skin rashes( with diseases of non-infectious genesis);
  • Inflammation of soft tissues after blunt injuries( bruises).

The thyme infusion allows you to cope with an unpleasant odor from the mouth.Tea with Thyme possesses tonic properties, due to what can literally in a couple of minutes as a hand to relieve physical and mental fatigue.The plant is included in the composition of herbal prescriptions prescribed for chronic fatigue.

thyme Thyme contributes to the prevention of diseases of the male reproductive system( prostatitis and prostate adenoma).Broths and tinctures from it help restore or improve potency, and prevent early ejaculation.

Please note: plant not only improves the taste of dishes, but also makes them more useful.Grass improves the process of assimilation in the body of fatty meat, sausages, legumes and potatoes.

If a young child has a sleep disorder, it is useful to prepare a bath with the decoction of the Bogorodskaya grass for the night.Such procedures not only make sleep calm and healthy, but also an additional remedy for complex treatment of rickets( hypovitaminosis D).The infusion of Thymus is often prescribed to babies who are diagnosed with anemia( anemia).

Essential oils of thyme, which are obtained from freshly picked flowers, are useful for dermatoses and joint diseases.Aromatherapy with their use saves from insomnia, headaches( including migraine) and depression.There are reports that oils help with infections and inflammations of the urogenital system.

Thymus can reduce cravings for alcohol.The presence of thymol in combination with ethanol causes severe nausea and vomiting of .Thanks to this, after 1-2 weeks of treatment with a decoction, a reflex aversion to alcohol develops.

To whom is Thymus contraindicated?

For some diseases phytopreparations based on this plant are contraindicated.

You should not take funds with Thymus people with the following pathologies:

  • gastritis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • diabetes.

Special care must be taken when pregnant - some active substances of grass are capable of provoking spontaneous termination of pregnancy .For women who are preparing to become mothers, it is advisable generally to refuse from Thymus or use it only as an external remedy( for back pain and arthralgia) after preliminary consultation with the attending physician.

Please note: during the birth of essential oil of plant flowers can stimulate contractions!

Recipes for medicinal cold drinks


  1. Put 2 teaspoons into the teapot.Dried chopped Thyme and 3 tsp.Ordinary black tea.Pour boiling water and let it brew for 10-15 minutes.Drink 4-5 times a day, adding natural honey.
  2. Take dry leaves of cranberries, Chaboyets and St. John's wort perforated in equal proportions.1 tbsp.L.Herbal collection pour 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes, cool and strain.Drink 2 times a day for 200 ml after a meal.

Tincture for the prevention of colds, flu, etc. SARS

  1. Take 50 g of dry grass and fill it with 200 ml of medical alcohol( 70% solution).Insist in glassware in a place protected from light for 10 days.Shake the liquid every 2 days.The optimum cooking and storage temperature is 20-25 ° C.Strain the tincture and take it in a season of increased incidence of 20-40 drops 3 times a day after meals.
  2. The tincture can be prepared on the basis of the collection of the flowers of Thyme and violets, as well as crushed leaves of peppermint, taken in equal amounts.

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