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Remantadine and alcohol


Remantadin( both doctors and patients often call this drug rimantadine - this is also true) is perhaps the most well known antiviral drug that people actively take in the period of flu and cold epidemics.Indeed, this drug perfectly helps to cope with severe symptoms of viral infections, and as prevention it will be the best choice.The problem is that people often take Remantadin in the winter, and this period is the season of holidays!The question of whether it is possible to use Remantadin with alcohol, is of interest to many - New Year holidays are long, but the taking of this medication should last 5 days.Let's try to understand.

Table of contents: Official Remantadine instructions Consequences of concomitant use of Remantadine and alcohol

Official Remantadine instruction

If you carefully study the annotation for the drug in question, then it will not be possible to find any warning that Remantadine and alcohol are incompatible, By the way, and becomes the main argument in favor of drinking alcohol on the background of taking an antiviral agent.And what do experts say?

Remantadine is contraindicated in individuals with high sensitivity, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and patients who have a history of diagnosed kidney and liver pathology, thyrotoxicosis, should be excluded from this medication - these data are contained in the official instructions.This means that Remantadin negatively affects the work of these organs, but after all, alcohol acts destructively just on the liver and kidneys!From this it can be concluded that taking the drug and alcohol drinks at the same time a toxic effect on the body will increase significantly.

Vodka-diphenhydramine Fans like to drink argue that they have repeatedly combined the intake of alcohol with Remantadin and did not feel any consequences, which means that nothing terrible is happening.But doctors "look" at it in a different way: external manifestations of the negative effects of the combination in question may not be, but the toxic effect will take place without fail, perhaps a little later.

Please note: in the Ukrainian version of the annotation to Remantadine clearly states that the drug should not be taken with alcohol, as this can provoke unwanted side effects in the form of negative effects on the central nervous system.

Consequences of simultaneous use of Remantadine and alcohol

Both the drug and ethanol contained in all alcoholic beverages will inevitably "meet" in the stomach.Ethanol, which is a poison for the human body, in the process of destruction passes through the liver - an organ that is able to neutralize its negative actions.And with the Remantadine tablets, the same thing happens, which means that any of these two substances will be rendered harmless by the liver.

The combination of the antiviral and alcohol in question significantly increases the likelihood of 's side effects.These include increased nervousness and decreased attention.Man, taking such a "cocktail" after a while may begin to experience not passing sense of nausea, it can develop disorders of the digestive system, which manifests itself as diarrhea and vomiting.Such a disorder often leads to intoxication of the body, which means that the above symptoms will be accompanied by headaches, general weakness.

Remantadine Separately, it is worth mentioning the influence of a combination of the use of Remantadine and alcohol on the central nervous system .But such a toxic effect can manifest unmotivated irritability, dizziness.In some cases, a person can enter into a state of depression.

In addition, do not forget that alcohol reduces immunity, and in fact Remantadin's method implies fighting with viruses - the combination in question is fraught with neutralization of the therapeutic effect.And here the consequences of a complete lack of therapeutic effect can be very different - for example, a common cold will provoke complications in the form of an inflammatory process in the airways, otitis.

Note: if alcohol was taken, then the antiviral drug in question will not be used until after 6 hours.If, on the contrary, the Remantadine tablet was first drunk, then alcohol intake is allowed only after 12 hours - the maximum period of withdrawal of the active substance from the body.

Despite the holidays and a great desire to celebrate them with drinking alcoholic beverages, it is worthwhile to act reasonably.Even a commonplace cold can lead to severe complications, let alone flu!It is necessary to treat viral infections, but only outside the combination of drugs and alcohol.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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