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Wenents on the face: causes, types, treatment


A grease on the face is a small, benign neoplasm located under the upper layer of the epidermis.Most often they represent a separate kind of acne with a fairly solid content of whitish hue.

Widgets, as a rule, do not cause physical discomfort.Since they can not cause pain and affect the nerve endings under the skin, many patients who have turned to dermatologists feel unattractive and insecure because of the appearance of the white tubercle.

Table of Contents: Classification of WenMovci Reasons for the formation of WenWorld Diagnostics How to get rid of a grease fog on the face

Classification of WAITs

The main difference between a wen and a regular white subcutaneous eel is that it can not exit through the skin duct,It is difficult to get rid of the usual ways: by scrubbing or by mechanical extrusion.

A small point of adipose tissue adherence to the skin may appear in a single specimen, in rare cases, focal lesions of fatty acids appear on the face.

Depending on the form of origin, there are several types of ASW21 ASD:

  1. Milium - protruding above the upper layer of skin nodular tubercles of whitish color.Most often they consist of a mixture of dead skin cells and accumulated subcutaneous fat.Typically, the milium does not increase in size during the life of the patient.
  2. Xantelasms - in addition to the usual components of suppuration and dead cells of the epidermis contain a part of sebum.They have a more friable density, so their shape can arbitrarily vary.They can also grow in places of congestion, connecting into one large, yellow fatty deposit on the face.


Wearers are not hazardous to health.They can not provoke the appearance of a more complex pathological neoplasm or go on to oncology. However, despite its painlessness and safety for the physical condition, the fatties cause a lot of discomfort to those who care about their appearance and are upset when they see noticeable imperfections on the face skin.

Reasons for the formation of WenWars

Doctors-dermatologists can not give an exact answer, why under the skin sometimes accumulate particles of fat and fat, clogging the pores and leading to the formation of adipocytes.They can meet on the face of a person of any age and social status.

It is suggested that the formation of a tubercle with a fat layer can be affected by the following negative factors:

  • increased congenital fatiness of the skin on the face.The type of skin largely determines the problems that can subsequently appear with it;
  • hereditary predisposition to the formation of adipose, acne and comedones.In some cases, a gene that influences the intensity of sebum secretion by the body is inherited;
  • various stages of atherosclerosis, elevated blood cholesterol level, a metabolic disorder that is responsible for lipid metabolism;
  • pathology of the liver and kidney;
  • disorders of blood and lymph circulation often lead to inadequate nutrition of the skin and the removal of harmful, polluting substances.This leads to clogging of pores, follicles and the formation of lipid deposits under the skin;
  • dysfunction of the endocrine system, diseases and processes that change the hormonal background in the body;
  • neglect of the rules of personal hygiene, insufficient purity of the skin, the use of aggressive decorative cosmetics, irritating the skin and provoking epidermis on the excessive protective separation of sebum;
  • inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, violations of digestion, absorption, elimination of harmful, toxic substances from the body, food poisoning;
  • use of tobacco and alcohol.

Regardless of the reason for the formation of a wen-healer, only a dermatologist can treat.Since it is impossible to squeeze out because of the lack of an exit point, many are trying to pierce the adipose, which can result in the infection being infected under the skin and another, more serious pathology will be acquired.



Diagnosis of fat deposits under the skin of a person called lipoma specialists is performed by a dermatologist or a cosmetologist.In cases of large widening of the wen, the surgeon's consultation is sometimes required, for the most successful removal.

In rare clinical cases, doctors prescribe an additional ultrasound or magnetic resonance study to exclude suspicion of the formation of adipocytes on internal organs, tissues and muscles.

How to get rid of the grease on the face

Getting rid of the linden on the face is carried out by the following methods.

  1. wen Medicated.In light cases, doctors prescribe creams and ointments that promote softening of the tissues, disinfecting the skin and comfortable resorption of the fatty gland( Vital, Vishnevsky ointment, in cases of large growth of the wen, an ichthyol ointment is used, known for its ability to pull acne from the skin).It is important to remember that any drug should be used point-wise, directly on the area of ​​the wen.
  2. In cases where the diameter of a single wen or focal formation exceeds a diameter of 3 cm, surgical removal of the fat deposits from under the upper layer of the epidermis with the capsule is recommended.A standard surgical method is used to remove the lipoma under local anesthesia, endoscopic intervention, local liposuction, or removal of the wart with a laser.The first method is the oldest and the most traumatic for the skin, after it there may be a scar, so doctors-specialists use it only in extremely difficult cases.The rest of the methods have long proven themselves in the cosmetology market as painless and safe, after them the upper layer of the patient's skin is easy to recover.
  3. Cosmetic tricks.For those who for some reason can not decide on surgical intervention to get rid of zhirovik, modern beauty salons can offer a choice of several procedures that efficiently cope with the problem of the formation of Wen: mechanical or ultrasonic face cleansing, various types of peeling, phototherapy or useGrinding the skin with a laser.The advantage of these methods is that besides getting rid of the unpleasant problem of fat formation under the skin, the patient also receives an additional cosmetic and healing effect for the upper layers of the epidermis.The skin becomes renewed and supple.

Regardless of the chosen method of treatment, the skin in this period will require additional care.We must give up fatty foods, bad habits, the use of decorative cosmetics and aggressive means to cleanse the face.

The skin on the face should be clean, for additional disinfection it will be necessary to add to the daily washing the antiseptic treatment of the surface: hydrogen peroxide, Chlorhexidine solution, weak salicylic acid solution.

Adherence to the rules of personal hygiene and attentiveness to the purity of the skin can well contribute to getting rid of the linden and become an excellent prevention of their re-education.

Saponenko Marina, dermatologist

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