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Cardio workout at home

Kardio doma

Many people think that it's only possible to exercise effectively in a gym under the supervision of a coach.Nevertheless, another category of people proves by their example that you can go in for sports at home.There are a large number of options for physical activities from dancing to strength exercises, which can be carried out at home.If your goal is not only to make your body fit and slim, but also to strengthen your health - pay attention to cardio training.

Table of contents: Aerobic exercise Useful effects of cardio Contraindications Fundamentals of full cardio training

cardiovascular exercises complex Aerobic exercise


All physical exercises are divided into two types: aerobic and anaerobic. The aerobic exercise of involves the exercise of muscle movements due to the energy released by the oxidation of glucose molecules with oxygen.When anaerobic exercises , energy is produced by the decay of "fuel" substances in skeletal muscles without the participation of oxygen.To aerobic loads carry cardio training .

By and large cardio is a long physical exercise of low and medium intensity with a rhythmic repetition of certain physical exercises. Cardiovascular work includes such kinds of physical activities:

  1. Running;
  2. Walking;
  3. Step aerobics;
  4. Dancing;
  5. Cycling;
  6. Swimming.

Which cardio is better

Useful effects of cardio training

Cardio training is not without reason that has become so popular.Regular exercise of such training has a beneficial effect on the body. Among the useful effects of this type of exercise, it should be noted:

  • Increased endurance;
  • Kardio-trenerovka Strengthening of the cardiovascular system;
  • Increased vital capacity of the lungs;
  • Regulation of blood pressure;
  • Reducing stress levels;
  • Improving the performance of the immune system;
  • Strengthening of skeletal muscles;
  • Weight loss.


It is worthwhile to assess your health before carrying out any physical activity.If you seriously decided to do cardio training - it is worth to visit a doctor and go through the necessary research: from a clinical blood test to an electrocardiogram. Cardioversion is contraindicated in these conditions:

  1. Acute respiratory disease;
  2. As-a-long-not-practice-sport-after-operation-on-varicocele Recovery period after ARI;
  3. Other acute infectious diseases;
  4. Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  5. The first days of menstruation;
  6. Ischemic heart disease;
  7. Thrombophlebitis;
  8. Arterial hypertension;
  9. Spine diseases.

Basics of high-grade cardio training

One of the important indicators that will allow you to assess the intensity of cardio is the calculation of the heart rate( heart rate).Before starting the workout, you should calculate the maximum heart rate. And this is done with a simple formula:

HR max = 220 - age.

That is, if a person is thirty years old, his maximum heart rate is 190 beats per minute.Training, which is accompanied by a greater frequency of heartbeats will lead to a rapid depletion of forces and, in addition, will draw unnecessary additional burden on the heart muscle.


The optimal heart rate for performing cardio workouts is 60-70% of the maximum heart rate.That is, for a 30-year-old man, the optimal heart rate will be 132-154 beats per minute.Exercising with a lower heart rate for this man simply can not be called cardio.

During training, beginners should regularly monitor their pulse.This can be done with a special device - a heart rate monitor or put your fingers on the radial artery of the opposite arm in the wrist area and count the beats in fifteen seconds, and then multiply the resulting figure by four.And now, starting from the available heart rate, increase or, on the contrary, reduce the intensity of the load.In the future, with regular sports, when you get used to the sensations during training, you yourself can understand when it is necessary to change the intensity of the load without a constant pulse measurement.

Polza kardio

There is another benchmark test that allows you to assess the adequacy of the load.If a person during the exercise is not able to speak, answer questions without difficulty, this means that the intensity of the load must be reduced.

Complex of cardio training exercises

You can not practice sports on a full stomach.Therefore, perform physical exercises better two hours after eating. The exercise program should look like this :

  • Warm up;
  • Actually cardio;
  • The final part.

The warm-up is a performance of moderate intensity exercises.This allows you to prepare the body for more serious stresses.For the warm-up, running on the spot, torso of the trunk, legs with legs, shallow squats will do.The duration of the workout is five to seven minutes.


After warming up the muscles, it's time to proceed directly to the cardio load.The complex of exercises can be very diverse.

The first set of exercises

Plyometric push-ups .Take the horizontal position on the floor, as in the usual push-up, leaning on the straightened arms and foot socks.Keep the body and legs on a straight line, not bending in the lower back.Press, and then push the body upward with maximum force.In this case, the palms should come off the floor.The main thing is to gently land.

Plyometric push-ups

Bouncing .Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, strongly sit down, setting the pelvis back.It is important not to tear off the heels from the floor and do not tilt the case forward.Now push your legs and jump out as much as possible.Gently lower your bent knees, going into a deep squat.


Exit to the recumbent lay .Sit down, press your heels to the floor, rest your hands on the floor.Now transfer the weight to your hands and, straightening your legs back, gently jump out.From the stop lying down, repeat the exercise in the reverse order, returning first to the sitting position, and then standing up.


The second set of exercises

Exercise climber .Accept the lying position, press.Now alternately, press the right knee to the right hand, and then the left knee to the left hand.Return to the starting position.


Running at low start .Accept the pose, as with a low start before running.Now select one leg for yourself, and pull the other back.At the same time, change the position of the legs, while pushing away from the floor, it is important at the same time to carry the weight on your hands.The same exercise can be performed symmetrically and with both legs.

Niskii beg

Fish-saw .Go down to the point of lying down, just lean not on the palm of your hand, but on the bent elbows.Weight transfer to the forearm.Do not bend in the lumbar region, shoulders push the body back, while sliding feet on the floor.Leaning on your hands, pull your legs in the same way in the same way.


Important: begin the training with the first set of exercises.Each exercise should be repeated approximately fifteen times at maximum speed, without taking breaks.After completing the complex, you need to rest for forty seconds.Then proceed to perform the exercises of the second complex in the same way.

With regular training and good load tolerance, increase exercise by up to twenty to thirty times.When this is not enough, just increase the number of cycles.That is, after completing the first, and then the second complex, rest forty seconds and start again.Trained people are able to do three to four such cycles per training session.

This is an approximate set of exercises.For the effectiveness of training it is important to make it more diverse, so it is periodically recommended to change the exercises.

Cardio exercises at home

In general, it is necessary to start with moderately intensive loads of no more than thirty minutes.With each week, you can extend the training for another ten minutes, until you reach the hour duration of cardio.

After performing the exercises, you can not abruptly stop in any case.Go to step, take a few deep breaths and exhale.You can also perform stretching exercises for muscles.

How often should I do cardio training?If your goal is to maintain the optimal performance of the cardiovascular system and strengthen the body as a whole, then it will be enough to have three trainings a week.If you are interested in losing weight - do cardio more often, five times a week, but remember that in aerobic exercise, fat splitting occurs only after half an hour from the start of training.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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