Hair restoration after chemotherapy

In the treatment of cancer almost always use the procedure of chemotherapy, which affects the entire body, including hair. Almost all patients lose their hair. Someone's hair does not fall out, someone has a partial loss, and someone loses hair not only on the head, but also the eyebrows, eyelashes and even hair in the nose. It all depends on the drugs that are used to conduct the procedure. Of course, this strikes a blow to the moral condition of a person. But it should be noted that hair restoration will occur after chemistry. It is the matter of time. Most often, full hair restoration occurs in six months, but sometimes the process of recovery begins when the next course of chemistry.

Chemotherapy and hair

In order to be mentally prepared for your future appearance, many doctors recommend in advance to make yourself a stylish short haircut or even shave bald. And believe. Believe that everything will pass, the hair will certainly grow back and you will be even more beautiful. It should be noted that after the course of chemotherapy patients may encounter the fact that their hair will change its structure, for example, will be wavy or even curly, which was not before the procedure.

Also, doctors can recommend you when applying chemistry to apply ice or cooling gel on your hair, which are designed to reduce hair loss. It works this way. The applied gel cools the scalp and, consequently, the hair follicles, resulting in blood supply in them decreasing and they less absorb chemotherapeutic agents. As a result, hair will fall to a lesser extent. This method of preventing hair loss during chemotherapy is very uncomfortable, but nevertheless, it is quite effective.

If you can not get used to your new look, then for a while you can use wigs. The beauty of them is that you can experiment with your image and acquire even the most extravagant wig.

Hair care during chemotherapy

Hair care during the period of illness is simple:

  1. When combing hair, it is not recommended to use ironing, curling iron, hairdryer, in a word those styling items that heat hair.
  2. Use a comb or brush with a soft pile to avoid damaging your already fragile hair.
  3. Wash your hair only if necessary and at the same time use a very mild shampoo.
  4. During chemotherapy, do not use a chemical peroxide hair, as well as their dyeing. They make hair brittle, lifeless and weakened. And this further depresses the hair.
  5. Put on your head hats that will protect your head in the summer from overheating. By the way. It will be very good to use such an accessory as a shawl - very fashionable and stylish, besides there are a lot of options for tying a handkerchief.

Hair restoration

Recovery after chemotherapy of the scalp usually begins 6 weeks after the end of chemotherapy and requires long-term care.

  1. Just like during chemotherapy, refuse to use hot hair styling, coloring and all procedures that can harm the hair.
  2. Before washing your head, massage your scalp, adding olive, nettle or burdock oil. After this, make a greenhouse for hair, wrapped hair cellophane or putting on a rubber cap and wrapped it all with a towel. After two hours, remove and wash the hair with shampoo with the addition of essential oils.
  3. Wash your hair with warm water only( not hot!).It is desirable to use a baby shampoo. In an extreme case, one that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
  4. Be sure to use for hair nourishing masks and rinsers based on plant material.
  5. Do not wring out the hair when wiping, but simply soak with a towel.
  6. Conduct a permanent head massage, starting to massage the skin in the direction from the forehead to the temples and the occiput. In this case, the pressure of the fingers on the skin should be strong, in order to achieve a flow of blood to the hair follicles.
  7. Drink decoctions of flaxseed, rose hips, oats, barley.