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How to preserve your eyesight: interesting facts about the eyes

How to keep your eyesight

The eyes not only allow a lot to learn about a person, to anticipate his emotions - this organ of vision "stores" information about a person's health.There are many interesting facts that are associated with the eyes and in this material the most important of them will be examined.

Table of contents: Wearing glasses does not impair vision. The risk of developing myopia decreases in the sun. The computer does not spoil the eyes. Eyes in all people of the same color. Sleeping in lenses is forbidden. Very harmful to the eyes. Smoking Causing an age inevitability can damage your eyes.Development of eye diseases

Wearing glasses does not impair vision

Wearing glasses does not impair vision Everyone who is forced to wear glasses for corrective vision is constantly asking about this - the myth that because ofTheir eyesight will only deteriorate firmly "sits" in the mind.In fact, glasses only allow a person to see the world better - as the ophthalmologist from New York Mark Fromer says.

But the question of updating glasses is really important!According to Dr. Frommer, the frequency of changing glasses depends primarily on the age of a person - for example, in an older age it is very rare to have a substitute, but for adolescents and at a young age, people should undergo an examination with an ophthalmologist and change lenses at least once every 12 months.The only reason for an unplanned visit to a specialist and changing lenses can serve only as problems in reading and the periodically appearing headaches of unexplained etiology.

The risk of developing myopia decreases in sunlight

Paradoxically, if a person who is fond of reading spends enough time in the open air, the chances of earning a nearsightedness are drastically reduced.Dr. Douglas Rea, who chairs the Ophthalmology Center in Cleveland, strongly recommends reading books and walking outdoors.

The risk of developing myopia decreases in sunlight

Scientists still can not explain such a phenomenon as the relationship between outdoor walks and the level of vision, but there is a suggestion that it is "to blame" for the positive effect of the dopamine - it enters the retina of the eye underThe effect of just sunlight.Do not ignore the fact that to maintain normal vision, vitamin D is required, which also enters the body with sunlight.

The computer does not spoil the sight

The computer does not spoil the sight Despite the frequent statements of various specialists that the long time being behind a computer monitor causes irreparable harm to the eyes, this is easily refuted by the same Dr. Rea.But the expert emphasizes that too long sitting in front of the monitor can lead to fatigue in the eyes and a temporary decrease in visual acuity.We emphasize - to the temporary!

What should I do to make my eyes feel great when working behind a monitor?All elementary - every 2 hours you need to break away from work, and every 20 minutes you should turn away from the monitor and several times close / open your eyes, look left / right.

The eyes of all people of the same color

Eyes of all people of the same color Dr. Douglas Ri says that the back of the iris is in all people of the brown shade - this is a scientifically confirmed fact.But the color of the eyes that are used to see others, depends on the thickness of the iris.Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that with age, the color of the eyes of people varies.

Each person should be guarded against the following: only one eye begins to change color with age, and according to Dr. Ree this may be evidence of the development of a dangerous disease.It is noteworthy that in people of the Caucasian race with light eyes, changing the color of one eye can be a sign of the development of a pathological lesion of the retina.But for people with brown eyes, discoloration will be evidence of the development of glaucoma.

Sleeping in lenses is forbidden

Sleeping in lenses is prohibited. Many manufacturers of contact lenses assure their customers that with their products you can even sleep - never do it!Dr. Douglas Ri says that contact lenses in the eyes that are not removable during sleep can provoke the development of complications that will cause a significant deterioration in vision.

Doctor Frohmer warns everyone who uses contact lenses - hygiene should be at the highest level: before using lenses you need to wash your hands thoroughly with detergent, the lenses must be lowered into a special solution for the night, and the lens storage container must be sterile.

Smoking very bad for the eyes

The habit of smoking increases the risk of developing makulodystrophy - this is the main cause of blindness in people of the Caucasian race.The habit of smoking leads to damage to the small blood nerves in the cornea, and the optic nerve is subjected to harmful effects, which ultimately leads to a deterioration in vision.

Dr. Former notes that many patients with eye injuries caused by brushes for carcasses come to see him at the reception.

Damage to the eyes can even banal makeupIn addition, often in the upper layer of the eyeball, particles of decorative cosmetics are found, moreover, they "overgrow" with the cells of the upper layer of the eye.

It is extremely rare to remedy the situation, the use of medicines is required - as a rule, doctors prescribe drops with an antibiotic.But it is much easier to prevent both trauma and the ingress of foreign particles into the eyeball - when applying makeup you just need to be extremely accurate.

Cataract is an age-related inevitability

Initially, the lens of the eye in every person is transparent( we do not take into account congenital pathologies), but with time, with age, it begins to change and acquires a yellow, whitish hue.It is this process and is called cataracts - loss of transparency of the lens.It is believed that it is possible to prevent the early development of cataracts - for this purpose it is necessary to constantly wear protective goggles in the sunlight.

With regard to the inevitability of deterioration of eyesight with age, to prevent this phenomenon is extremely difficult, almost unrealistic.However, ophthalmologists note a genetic dependence on the visual acuity - if the sight lost with age, the tendency will be traced further.

You can learn about the development of various diseases in the eyes

Ophthalmologist An ophthalmologist can presume the development of diseases of the body with a standard vision test.For example, heart failure will be manifested by the unusual formation of blood vessels in the eyes or by their increase, and cancer or benign tumors can be suspected in the sagging of the eyelids or with different pupil sizes.

In some cases it is possible to detect even AIDS and other autoimmune diseases - if they are neglected, the swelling and / or bleeding of the retina will be revealed.

The only advice for preserving visual acuity for a long time, which all ophthalmologists give - spend more time in the open air and do not forget to protect your eyes with glasses in the sun.All the rest is so individual that it is simply inappropriate to give any general recommendations.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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