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Strabismus in children: causes, symptoms, treatment

Article_272_5 Strabismus in children is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a danger of developing visual impairment.At an older age, a person's vision is reduced, doubling / deep vision disorder develops, which leads to the impossibility to conduct labor activity.

Strabismus is a visual impairment in which one eye deviates from a fixation point.In medicine, there are two types of considered pathology: friendly and paralytic strabismus.

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Friendly strabismus


This kind of strabismus is usually diagnosed in childhood, a distinctive feature of the pathology is not only a violation of eye fixation, but also a violation of binocular vision. Ophthalmologists distinguish several forms of friendly strabismus:

  • Congruent strabismus and divergent strabismus - depends on the direction of the mowing eye;
  • strabismus on one or both eyes;
  • accommodative - vision can be normalized by wearing corrective glasses and the strabismus disappears;
  • partially-accommodative - glasses correct vision, but do not completely eliminate strabismus;
  • non-accommodation - wearing glasses does not help, surgery is required.

Symptoms of friendly strabismus

The manifestations of this type of strabismus are:

  • deviation towards one of the eyes while fixing a fixed object - the eye can mow right / left, up / down, to the nose / temple;
  • deviation can be either in one or in the other eye;
  • after vision, the mobility of the eye with the deviations remains within the normal range;
  • is never double vision before the eyes;
  • in the mowing eye is reduced visual acuity.

Against a background of friendly strabismus, hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism can develop.

Causes of strabismus friendly

Most often, friendly strabismus is inherent in nature and the reasons for this must be sought either in heredity or in the genetic characteristics of the parents. But the observed visual impairment can be provoked by other factors:

  • different level of visual acuity between the eyes;
  • myopia and astigmatism occurring without treatment or corrective therapy;
  • diseases of the retina or optic nerve of an inflammatory / infectious nature;
  • disorders in the central nervous system;
  • congenital abnormalities in the anatomical structure of the eye.

Treatment of friendly strabismus

For the diagnosis of the disease in question, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist - only a specialist will be able to establish the causes of the pathology and prescribe an effective treatment.

199410-consequence-stroke-on-health-man-appeared-on-sick-hand-ulcer First of all, it is necessary to restore vision or slow down developing astigmatism or myopia( if they are diagnosed).This can be achieved by wearing corrective glasses, lenses or by conducting an operation.Points are selected for a wide pupil, designed for permanent wearing and the patient must always visit an ophthalmologist to control the dynamics of development of the level of vision.

Please note: is advisable to wear contact lenses - they will help to cope with both strabismus and with attendant problems( astigmatism).The only problem is that lenses can be worn for children from 3 years old, so friendly strabismus in early childhood is treated with glasses.

7079_html_m4599a34a For the treatment of visual acuity reduction on the healthy eye, the method of direct occlusion is prescribed.The essence of the method: the plastic overlay closes the mowing eye, while the healthy increases the load, which stimulates the restoration of the level of vision.

Important: if the direct occlusion method has been assigned by a specialist on time, and the parents monitor the procedure, it is possible not only to restore / preserve the vision in a healthy eye, but also to reduce the level of squint.

From modern methods of treatment of friendly strabismus, it is possible to distinguish laser effect on the retina of the eye, which is recommended 2-3 times a year, the course duration is 10 days.


If all the above mentioned strabismus treatment / correction methods are applied for 2 years, all prescriptions and recommendations of ophthalmologists are observed, but there is no effect, then surgical intervention is indicated.Correction of strabismus in the operative way is prescribed to children aged 5-6 years, but if the pathology is congenital, then the surgeon can start to work at the age of 3 years of the child.

How can a child's strabismus be detected in a timely manner and what are the abnormalities that are not considered a pathology?The ophthalmologist tells:

Paralytic strabismus


This kind of the considered disease can be diagnosed both in adults and in children, but it is less common for strabismus.Paralytic strabismus can be associated with the development of benign / malignant tumors, eye traumas, neuroinfections, paresis and paralysis of the facial nerves.

Symptoms of paralytic strabismus

Important: always has only one eye in paralytic strabismus.

The main symptom is the lack of mobility of the diseased eye, which is caused by spasm, muscle paralysis.Patients note a double image when viewed with a mowing eye on the subject / image.

The patient tries to compensate for such a violation, so he turns his head to the side - this is called in medicine a torticollis.This action avoids doubling, and the patient does not suffer from the lack of binocular vision.

Diagnosis of paralytic strabismus is not difficult, the doctor can make a verdict on a primary examination of the patient.And instrumental methods of eye examination are needed to determine the degree of strabismus development, to identify existing pathologies in the fundus.

Treatment of paralytic strabismus

The main method of treating paralytic strabismus is surgical intervention.Points and lenses, of course, will slightly adjust the position of the eye, but it is not possible to relieve the patient of the problem.

Earlier operative intervention was carried out by a classical method - with the help of a scalpel.But modern medicine suggests using a laser - this excludes the development of complications during the rehabilitation period, shortens the duration of the recovery period.Laser vision correction is performed without the use of general anesthesia and in general any anesthesia - the procedure does not bring the patient any discomfort.

Image 390

Traditional medicine in the treatment of strabismus

You can be skeptical about folk medicine, you can not see any results even with prolonged intake of medicinal compounds, but categorically deny the benefits of folk methods of treating strabismus.Simultaneously with folk methods, it is necessary to undergo treatment appointed by a specialist - such an integrated approach will be more effective.

Chocolate treatment

Chocolate_by_lizzy1e This is a very delicious way to get rid of strabismus in childhood, but it can be used only if the acquired type of the pathology is diagnosed.

Important: , make sure that the chocolate contains 60% cocoa and only 40% sugar.Eliminate the baby's allergies to cocoa and diabetes.

To get the healing effect, you need to eat 4 squares of chocolate after breakfast, lunch and dinner.And the essence of the treatment of chocolate acquired strabismus in childhood is the ability of this delicacy to strengthen the muscles and nerves of the eyes.

Herbal decoctions / infusions

The root of the aura strengthens muscles that hold the eyeball in the right position.With strabismus, you need to prepare a decoction of dried root aira( 15 g) and steep boiling water( 150 ml).The resulting mixture should be boiled for 2-3 minutes, then wrapped and left for 2-3 hours.Take a decoction of the root of the calamus once a day 30 minutes before meals in the amount of 50 ml( it should be drunk in small sips).


It is very useful in this disease to take, after each meal, a tablespoon of needle infusion, which is prepared by mixing 2 table spoons of needles and 300 ml of boiling water, then the mixture is infused for 4 hours.

To reduce the degree of development of strabismus, you can drink instead of regular tea infusion from the leaves of black currant( normal garden).To make it, you need to take a tablespoon of dry ingredient and pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist 10-15 minutes and take in any amount and any time in duration.

Gymnastics for the eyes

There are a number of exercises that, if performed regularly, can be considered an effective method of getting rid of strabismus:

  1. Stand with your back to the sun, close your hand with a healthy eye.Rotate the head slowly in the opposite direction from the direction of strabismus until the sun's ray touches the mowing eye.Such turns should be made in one approach at least 10, and, at a rhythmic pace.
  2. Stand up straight, tilt your head back and look for 15-20 seconds with both eyes on the tip of the nose.
  3. Stand up straight, stretch your arms forward and alternately bring your fingers to the tip of your nose.At the same time, you need to focus your eyes on your fingers - move them closer / closer in accordance with the movements of your hands.This exercise should be performed at a rapid pace and until either the eyes get sore or a strong lachrymation begins.
  4. Pick up a thin and long object - for example, a teacher's pointer or a cue for billiards.It is necessary to put it on a table / chair and throw it from hand to hand with quick movements - the view should be focused on the tip of the object.
  5. Tightly close your eyes - this can be done with your hands, so that the light does not penetrate into the eye gap.Mentally draw with your eyes any images of simple shapes - a square, a triangle, an apple, a pear.

These exercises should be performed regularly - each at least 2 times a day.Especially good effect is achieved when performing a full set of described exercises for a long time - at least a year.

Strabismus friendly and paralytic is considered the third most common among eye diseases.Due to the fact that this pathology is easily diagnosed, it can be said with certainty that timely application for help to ophthalmologists will help to solve not only the cosmetic problem, but also restore vision or stop the progress of its deterioration.When carrying out complex measures aimed at treating strabismus, one can almost completely restore vision and return a person the ability to lead a normal life, get education and do what he likes.Strabismus is not an obstacle to conceiving, bearing and giving birth to a child.

On modern methods of treating strabismus in children and adults in this video review tells an ophthalmologist:

Tsygankova Yana Alexandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category
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