Skin Toughness: Treatment

Fracture is the inflammatory process on the skin surface in places in contact with one another, such as those that are friction( for example, between two gluteal folds and in the anus, between the toes, in full women - between the body and the mammary glands, in the foldsGroin, on the neck and in other similar places).There are diaper rash due to excessive sweating, incontinence of urine, leucorrhoea, salo, hemorrhoids, poor drying of the skin after washing and bathing, the appearance of discharge from the fistula.

Diarrhea occurs most often in the summer, in the heat, especially in infants, in overweight people, due to non-compliance with hygiene principles. The areas of the skin start to blush, become wet, swell, there is an itch, burning sensation, often pain.

Skin arthritis. Onset of the disease

At the first stage, there are erythema( reddening of the skin associated with the expansion of the vessels in places of diaper rash), behind them in the depths of the folds is the formation of superficial necrotic fissures. Erythemas of inflammatory properties appear under the influence of a chemical, any physical factor( for example, heat, friction, cold, ultraviolet radiation), an infectious disease( scarlet fever, measles, erythema infectious), skin disease, for example, dermatitis, intoxication, circulatory disorders and others. If the disease is started, the horny layer of the skin is rejected and erosion is formed. In the wound can get an infection, which slows down in case of diaper rash her treatment.

How to avoid diaper rash in critically ill people?

Since bedridden patients are difficult to wash every day under the shower, they should be washed with a sponge soaked in comfortable temperature water. You should also wipe the skin of a bed-patient with cotton swabs, the ends of a towel soaked in baby cleansing lotion or in a weak solution of vinegar( a tablespoon in a glass of warm water) or a fifty-percent solution of water in ethyl alcohol. Carefully and carefully should drain the patient, wipe it dry with a towel, carefully treating all creases with powder or talcum powder. Neck, hands and face wash the patient at least two times a day. Once a week, you should wash your patient's head. Two or three times - wash your feet.

If patients suffer from incontinence of urine and feces, they should be washed away after each process of urination and defecation. First, the diaper should be placed under the back of the patient, and then put a pelvis or a vessel. Ask the patient to bend his knees and spread his legs, then pour an antiseptic solution of body temperature( weak solution of furacilin or potassium permanganate) into the genital area, then wipe the skin with a cotton swab. Movement with a swab should be directed to the anus from the perineum so that the infection does not get caught. Similarly, work and dry tampon. After procedures for washing for ten minutes, ventilate the pelvic area. If there are diaper rash, treat with lotion, then with vaseline, powder or a special cream.

Skin aches: treatment and prevention

To prevent diaper rash, wash skin folds with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate or a weak solution( a glass of water a tablespoon) of boric acid. After the procedure, dry the skin thoroughly.

People with excess weight at the end of washing should wipe each skin fold with boiled sunflower oil and powder with a fat powder or talcum powder.

Recipe for a bath for the prevention of diaper rash: take a kilogram of yarrow, pour it with three liters of hot water, we insist for ten minutes, boil for five minutes, we insist another ten minutes, filter. Add the resulting infusion into the water, prepared for the bath or wipe the body using a sponge pre-moistened in this infusion. Such baths are used to relieve fatigue, fatigue, they are also good for softening dry, cracked or prone to diaper rash.