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Medicines for the treatment of external hemorrhoids

Itching-and-burning-with-hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - an unpleasant disease, causing a lot of pain and discomfort.In medicine, there are three types of the considered disease - internal, external and combined.With the development of internal hemorrhoids, there is practically no symptomatology, often the patient immediately does not resort to medical care.But if there is an external hemorrhoids, then it is necessary to apply medicines quickly and to the maximum, which can stop the inflammation process, smooth out the symptoms and get rid of the nodes.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids can be carried out with tablets, ointments and rectal suppositories.

Tablets from external hemorrhoids

In general, the treatment of hemorrhoids should be complex, but it is appropriate to take the pill in an acute period of external hemorrhoids - they will help relieve pain and general discomfort.Of course, it is unreasonable to use this type of drug without prescribing a doctor - there are clear indications and contraindications to such treatment.

Indications for use of tablets from external hemorrhoids

Tablets from external hemorrhoids can be used in the initial stage of development of the inflammatory process, and in the chronic course of the disease.Doctors say that it is effective to take pills during preparation for surgical treatment of external hemorrhoids and during the recovery period after an operation that will speed up rehabilitation.

Quite often doctors prescribe a course of tablets from external hemorrhoids after minimally invasive operations.

Advantages of tablets from external hemorrhoids

The reception of the given type of medicinal product is safe, the doctors distinguish several advantages of using tablets:

  1. Almost all types of tablets are made on the basis of medicinal plants, which means that the product is clean and ecologicallyRarely( isolated cases) causes side effects.
  2. Medications from external hemorrhoids are so safe that they can be prescribed to pregnant women and the elderly.
  3. Medicamentous-treatment It is believed that the therapeutic effect when using tablets is much faster.
  4. Tablets are very convenient to use - they can be taken anywhere( at work, in the cinema).For such treatment, there is no need for privacy and specific hygiene procedures, as for other forms of medication.
  5. Complex treatment of external hemorrhoids implies the appointment of tablets from constipation, which allows you to get rid of the factor that is provoking the progress of the disease in question.
  6. VENTONICS are often given in tableted form, which allows you to get rid of problems in venous outflow( one of the reasons for the development of external hemorrhoids).
  7. It is the tablets that can quickly remove the pain syndrome, stop bleeding, remove the swelling and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.

Types of tablets from external hemorrhoids

The doctor will select the tablets in a strictly individual order, as there are several types of the type of medications considered:


Most of these drugs are manufactured on the basis of medications.They regulate venous outflow, strengthen the walls of veins and have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Phlebotonics are prescribed by courses, most often used in the preparatory period before surgery and after the operation.


Tablets of this group significantly reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, quickly relieve swelling, significantly improve blood circulation and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.


Tablets of this category take sublingually, they have only one action - they eliminate the spasm of the sphincter.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Reduces blood clotting, thereby improving blood flow, excellent puffiness.

Note: tablets from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are taken only under the supervision of a doctor, since they can cause intensive bleeding from the hemorrhoids.


The tablets of this group contain various enzymes of animal and plant origin.These drugs improve the metabolism and significantly reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.

To improve intestinal motility

The main cause of external hemorrhoids and the formation of nodes - constipation.Preparations that improve intestinal motility, normalize the process, relieve constipation, thereby reducing the inflammatory process and speeding up the cure.

Of course, pharmacies have an incredible amount of tablets from external hemorrhoids, a doctor-proctologist will be able to choose something specific.But there are a number of the most popular drugs that are used to treat the disease in question.

Most popular tablets


Refers to the group of phlebotrophic drugs, it is considered the most effective in the treatment of external hemorrhoids.It can be taken to treat both acute and chronic forms of the disease under consideration.

Active substances of tablets Detralex - diosmin and hypoperadin, which allow regulating venous outflow, positively affect the walls of the vessels( strengthen them) and maintain the tone of the veins.

In the chronic form of external hemorrhoids, the tablets taken take 1 tablet twice a day, during meals. But the acute form of this disease is treated according to another scheme:

  • four days take three tablets twice a day;
  • the next three days - two tablets twice a day.

The duration of treatment depends on several factors and is determined only by the attending physician, but, as a rule, it is 2-3 months.Contra-indications and side effects of Detralex tablets do not have, but it is undesirable to take them in the last months of pregnancy and during lactation.


Tablets from the category "herbal medicine", which includes extracts from medicinal plants. Hemoroidin tablets have the following effects:

  • relieve discomfort;
  • relieve itching and burning;
  • reduce the intensity of pain syndrome;
  • stops bleeding;
  • strengthens the walls of the vessels.

Take pill data from external hemorrhoids daily for 3 weeks, for a complete cure it is necessary to drink several courses with a break of 3 weeks.Contraindications to the use of tablets Hemeroidin not, but you should take into account the individual intolerance of certain herbs and make sure that there are no such in the composition of the drug.

Cyclo 3 Fort

These tablets contain mint, acicular and ascorbic acid.The drug has a positive effect on the vessels - strengthens their walls, reduces their porosity, stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Issued Cyclos 3 fort in capsules, used to treat the acute form of external hemorrhoids.The daily dose of taking capsules - 4-5 pieces during meals, the course of treatment - at least a week.

Capsules have a contraindication - Cyclos 3 fort is forbidden to be taken during pregnancy, and side effects include abdominal pain and digestive system disorders.


This combined drug, which is able to reduce swelling, stop the development of the inflammatory process, has antibacterial and analgesic effects.The foundation of Pilex is components of plant origin that positively influence the condition of the walls of the vessels, thereby preventing the development of bleeding.

The course of treatment of external hemorrhoids with these tablets is 2 weeks, during which you need to take 2 pieces after eating twice a day.Contraindicated drug with previously diagnosed diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ginkor fort

This preparation, which belongs to the group of venotonic, is made on the basis of medicinal plants.Ginkor fort strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation in them, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.Used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, which proceeds in acute form.

The course of treatment is 1 week, every day you need to take 2 capsules of Ginkor Fort.Virtually no contraindications and no side effects.

Note: if external hemorrhoids are worried about a woman during pregnancy, then there is no question of an independent choice of tablets!Only a specialist will be able to prescribe effective and at the same time safe for the fetus and the woman herself.The most commonly used preparations on a plant basis - give a quick result and have a minimum set of contraindications and side effects.

Ointments and suppositories from external hemorrhoids


There are a lot of them, only the most popular ones will be highlighted here.

Important!All without exception, the ointments and suppositories described in the section have certain contraindications to the use - before using them, you should consult a doctor and study the annotation!

Posterizan( ointment and suppositories)

This drug is combined, it contains an E. coli, which increases local immunity, increases the skin's resistance around the anus to the pathogenic microflora.Candles and ointments Posterizan stimulate cellular immunity, tone and permeability of blood vessels, has the ability to repair damaged tissue.

Gepatrombin G

Produced in the form of an ointment or gel, consists of heparin, dexpanthenol and allantoin. The drug is combined and has the following actions:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • stimulating( improves blood flow);
  • is decongestant;
  • is regenerative.


Ointment, which contains antibacterial substances, glucocorticosteroids, sodium salt of heparin.It has pronounced antithrombotic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects.

Relief Ultra / Advance( ointment and suppository)

This preparation contains shark liver oil, which has active healing, haemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects.In the composition of these preparations there is also phenylephrine hydrochloride, which has a vasoconstrictor ability, and this causes the rendering of an anti-edematous effect, rapid relief from itching in the anus.

Heparin ointment

Used for external hemorrhoids in the acute period of its development - the ligature tissue is lubricated with heparin ointment and applied directly to the nodes, or they make a swab and insert into the anus.Heparin, which is the main component of the drug in question, has an antithrombotic effect, reduces the inflammatory process.


Prednisolone is a part of this ointment - a hormonal drug that implies the use of a medicine solely for the purpose of a specialist.Aurobin quickly relieves pain and burning, promotes rapid healing of damaged tissues, and also destroys fungi and microbes.

Use the above candles and ointments from external hemorrhoids followed by short courses - no more than 10 consecutive days.Then the course of treatment can be repeated, but the doctor should declare the expediency of such a decision.

Please note: with extreme caution should use ointments and suppositories with hormones and antibiotics in the composition, as violations in treatment can lead to a significant deterioration in health.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids should be complex, solely with suppositories / ointments / tablets to get rid of pain, inflammation and itching / burning will not work.The most reasonable thing is to visit a doctor, take a survey and get appointments.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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