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Candid urethritis in men

Uretrit Candida urethritis is localized in men directly in the urethra, simultaneously with the development of this disease, the immunity of the canal walls is weakened.The result of this combination is a constant infection of the urethra.Infection into the urethra can come from the intestine, through the skin, but most often there is a sexual way of transmission of the disease.

The considered pathology is manifested only in the case when the immunity of the walls of the urethra is reduced - the inflammatory process begins to progress, the expressed symptoms appear.

Candid urethritis can be primary and secondary.In the first case, the disease under consideration is an inflammatory process that begins directly at the site of its localization - the urethra.Secondary urethritis of candida type is characterized by the penetration of infection from another organ - for example, from the prostate, pelvic organs or bladder.

Table of contents: Symptoms of candidal urethritis in men How is the disease diagnosed Complications of candidal urethritis General principles of treatment of candidal urethritis Prevention of candidal urethritis

Symptoms of candidal urethritis in men

The peculiarity of the disease under consideration lies in the fact that it can for a long time be absolutely asymptomatic.It should be understood that candidal urethritis has an incubation period - Candida fungus is activated after 3-7 days, in some cases it may take 2-3 weeks. Only after activating the pathological process does a man develop symptoms:

  • itching and burning, intensifying at the time of urination;
  • pain is cutting and permanent;
  • discharge from the urethra - abundant, mucopurulent, characterized by a greenish tinge and an extremely unpleasant odor.

Note : progression of candidal urethritis is never accompanied by fever or weakness - a man, in general, feels fine.But if treatment is not started, then the disease as it develops provokes the appearance of these symptoms.


How the disease is diagnosed

The doctor necessarily conducts a series of diagnostic measures - they allow not only to clarify the diagnosis, but also to identify the true causative agent of the disease.As a causative agent can act and sexual infection, and opportunistic microorganisms, so the man will take tests for infections of both types.

Simultaneously with the detection of a true pathogen, the doctor also receives the results of its sensitivity to antibacterial drugs - this is the basis of therapeutic prescriptions.

Complications of candida urethritis

The disease under consideration is usually very treatable, but this is only possible with timely diagnosis and proper treatment. Otherwise, candidal urethritis can lead to the development of the following complications:

  • Urethritis-y-men prostate inflammation - prostatitis;
  • testicular inflammation - orchitis;
  • narrowing of the urethra - stricture of the urethra;
  • Inflammation of seminal vesicles - vesicles;
  • balanitis and / or balanoposthitis.

General principles for the treatment of candidal urethritis

Male-doctor-in-hospital A physician appointing an effective treatment tries to achieve two goals: elimination of infection from the urethra and restoration of its wall.Most often, antibiotic drugs are used to get rid of infection( antibiotics) - specific drugs are selected individually, taking into account the results of the diagnostic study.

In addition to antibacterial drugs, a man can be prescribed medicines that can prevent the development of side effects from antimicrobial treatment, immunomodulators and vitamins.

It is quite difficult and long to treat this disease, which takes place in a chronic form - besides the classical antibacterial therapy, the man is prescribed the administration of medications directly to the urethra, and also the course of immunotherapy.

Prophylaxis of Candida urethritis

Doctors believe that men can prevent the development of the disease in question - you just have to follow certain preventive rules:

  • any pathology of the chronic nature of pelvic organs should be treated qualitatively under the supervision of specialists;
  • it is necessary to avoid overcooling, even short;
  • should not lead a promiscuous sex life, often change sexual partners;
  • should protect the penis from injury.

In addition, a man must fully eat, exercise( at least daily exercise), lead an active lifestyle and not abuse alcoholic beverages - this will help strengthen / enhance immunity.

Candid urethritis, as a rule, is diagnosed at the initial stages of manifestation of symptoms - they are too intense and unpleasant.Only the patient himself depends on the success of the treatment - if it is conducted under the supervision of a doctor, all prescriptions and recommendations are followed, then the predictions will be very favorable.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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