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Consequences of drug addiction: the effect of drugs on the human body

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Addiction is a plague of the 21st century.At the moment in Russia, according to the estimates of the Federal Service for the Control of Drug Trafficking, more than 7 million people use drugs, while 3 million use actively.Every month about 5 thousand people die from drug addiction in the Russian Federation.At the same time, the incidence rate is increasing steadily every year.People who are on this slippery path, in pursuit of euphoria rarely think about the consequences.But one thing is known reliably: drugs are poison and it is impossible to avoid its poisoning effect on the body.


The impact of drugs on orginism

The danger of drugs is that they exert a destructive effect on the body after a time when the dependence is formed and it's impossible to get involved with drugs alone.Absolutely, it can be said that psychoactive substances affect all, without exception, body systems.

Effect on the cardiac system

The cardiovascular system suffers from the use of any drugs.Admission

opiates leads to the depression of the cardiovascular center, located in the medulla oblongata.As a result, the vessels dilate, blood pressure drops sharply, and the heart rate decreases.The heart can barely pump blood, because of this internal organs do not get oxygen to the fullest, oxygen starvation develops.In the conditions of hypoxia, the metabolism of the heart muscle is broken, ischemia develops.For a short period of time, the heart of a young addict becomes like the heart of an elderly, sick person.

Drug effect The pacemakers act somewhat differently, they on the contrary stimulate the work of the cardiovascular center.As a result, the pressure rises, the heart rate increases.There is a spasm of blood vessels, because of which the processes of thermoregulation are broken and the person throws into fever, the temperature rises.With such extreme stress, stroke and infarction often occur.

Drug use inevitably leads to "wear out" of the heart muscle.And if the addict does not die from an overdose or an infection, then after three or four years it will most likely result from heart failure.

Influence on the respiratory system

Drug effect Opiate drugs depress respiratory and cough centers, which are also found in the medulla oblongata.This provokes a violation of the cough reflex, which causes various microorganisms to linger in the airways, which in the future will lead to the development of pneumonia.Violation of the breathing process entails an oxygen starvation of the body.In the conditions of hypoxia, the brain and the heart muscle primarily suffer.An overdose of opiate drugs does lead to paralysis of the respiratory center, which causes the addict to die from stopping breathing.

The use of marijuana and smoking mixtures also has a deleterious effect.Chronic bronchitis in these people develops several times more often than people who smoke tobacco.Against the backdrop of a chronic inflammatory process in the lungs, it is easy to develop infectious processes - pneumonia, which is one of the common causes of death among drug addicts.

Influence on the digestive system

Drug addiction inevitably deteriorates.Under the influence of narcotic substances there is a deterioration in the production of digestive enzymes, which is why the digestion of food deteriorates.In fact, despite eating, the addict experiences chronic starvation.Such people lose weight, look exhausted and sick.They endlessly suffer from constipation.Fecal masses, delayed for several days in the body, simply begin to decompose, releasing toxins.Toxins are absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the body.Because of this, an unpleasant smell emanates from the addicts, and the skin acquires a gray, unhealthy color.

Acute_pancreatitis_thorhynchus_and__13 The liver also suffers, because this organ is heavily loaded - to free the body of the poison.Fast enough cirrhosis of the liver.No less formidable condition is acute pancreanecrosis.This is a violation in the pancreas, when its enzymes begin to erode pancreatic tissue.The pancreas dies, the toxins in the blood go off and the person dies from endogenous intoxication.

Effect on the bone system

Drug effect Synthetic drugs, for example, desomorphine cause purulent destruction of bone tissue.Against the background of deterioration of the blood supply to bone tissue, as well as a decrease in the immune status, osteomyelitis develops.Osteomyelitis often affects the jawbones.The affected bone is gradually destroyed.Thus, in such patients asymmetry of the face due to the edema of the affected area is observed.Fistulas are found at the base of the jaw, through which pus flows.In the oral cavity, a bare bone is seen in gray, because the mucous membrane is atrophied.An unpleasant, putrid smell comes from the mouth.A purulent infection can spread with the formation of phlegmon and abscesses in the face.Bones are destroyed irreversibly and the face remains deformed and disfigured for life.Against the background of drug use, the bones become brittle and the teeth fall out.

Influence on the nervous system

The nervous system causes serious damage to the nervous system.Against the background of drug use, as well as abstinence drug addicts overtake epileptic seizures when they fall and get a lot of injuries.The use of psychoactive substances leads to tremors, gait disturbance and coordination.

Inevitably the human psyche suffers.Drug addicts use psychoactive substances for the sake of short-term euphoria, but the truth is that each time this euphoria is weaker and weaker.But after its termination, the person is overtaken by depressing feelings: anxiety, fear, anguish, depression, anger.Among drug addicts, a high percentage of suicides.

Schizophrenia2 Drug use is accompanied by hallucinations, which can be frightening.In this state, a person is able to do harm not only to himself, but also to others.Addiction leads to deep disorders in the nervous system.Often, these people develop psychosis, serious mental illness.

Inevitably, encephalopathy develops, the personality degrades.A person has lost interest in healthy activity, memory, concentration, efficiency are deteriorating.

Drug addiction and infections

Traditional infections of injecting drug users are HIV and parenteral hepatitis.And if there are government programs for HIV patients providing medications, then there are no such programs for hepatitis.Hepatitis is an infection that affects the liver.The course of treatment is very expensive, and several courses are required.And even passed treatment does not guarantee a cure.HIV infection leads to the development of immunodeficiency.In this state, any microorganism can cause a severe infection.In particular, one of the most common causes of death among drug users is pneumonia.Also, with intravenous drug use, a person can enter into the body strepto- and staphylococci, which leads to severe sepsis.

AIDS and drugs

Influence on the social sphere

It is fair to say that the addict with his own hands destroys his own life.Addicts fall out of social life.They spoil relations with family and friends, conflicts are constantly occurring.Parents worry about their sick child-drug addict, get out of trouble and do not notice how quickly they grow old, earn disease.Addicts, as addiction develops, lose their jobs, cease to bring any benefit to society.

Drug addiction is broken.Many people become impotent at a young age.It turns out that they deprive themselves of sexual pleasure.Women who use narcotic substances give birth to children with serious developmental defects and doom them to life-long anguish.Drug addicts will never be able to feel the joy of family, parental life, because all this is already becoming impossible for them.

Being in drug intoxication, a person runs the risk of getting into unforeseen situations, which can end tragically.In the altered state of the psyche, a person does not report to his actions.Therefore, drug addicts often fall under the wheels of the car, freeze in the streets or even leave the windows, breaking to death.Addicts flirt with death.There is such a thing as "change of tolerance" , when the drug addict significantly increases the dose of substance to achieve addiction, after all the usual dose no longer causes the expected effect.But the insidiousness lies in the fact that such a dose is not commensurate with life and a person dies.

Drug addiction and crime always go hand in hand.On the one hand, drug addicts who have lost their jobs, try to get money in all possible ways.They steal, substitute, and sometimes go to more serious crimes.The only goal is to get money for a drug, nothing will stop them.

The impact of drugs

On the other hand, there is a criminal responsibility for the distribution of the drug.In this case, the person is threatened with arrest and stay in places of detention.

Every now and again in the media there are news about how a person in drug intoxication knocked a pedestrian by car.The pursuit of euphoria ends with a tragedy - the death of a person.

Drug addiction inevitably affects all aspects of a person's life: his health, his mental sphere, his social activity.Drug use entails dangerous consequences, from which not only the addict himself suffers, but also his relatives, and sometimes random people.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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