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The first signs of alcoholism in women


Women have a unique power and inner balance.They can withstand a lot, ladies even live longer than men, they are strong with regard to physical endurance and morally ready for much.But there is one terrible thing that can destroy not only the health of women, but also its moral principles - female alcoholism.

Contents: Causes of female alcoholism The first signs of female alcoholism

Causes of female alcoholism

The causes of this terrible, extremely unpleasant phenomenon can become a variety of factors, but the doctors narcologists singled out a few basic ones:

  • alcoholism difficulty at work, Material problems, lack of support from friends - social unsettledness;
  • a certain circle of communication in which lovers of drink are present;
  • problems with work colleagues and relatives, the death of a loved one or a child, leaving a husband's family - stress and emotional turmoil;
  • diseases of the nervous system.

Of course, all these reasons are too arbitrary, and they can not be classified as unambiguous.For example, narcologists say that female alcoholism is developed among representatives of the "most ancient" profession - prostitutes, often ladies begin to actively consume alcohol, if they work in a company to produce it.

The first signs of female alcoholism

Female alcoholism doctors call a real tragedy, because a woman changes literally "before our eyes," and ends up with a steady affection.According to the observations of narcologists, a man only after 10 years of drinking alcoholic beverages( in constant mode or with regularity) gets addiction to them, but a woman will develop alcohol dependence under such conditions of drinking alcohol drinks after 5 years.The biggest problem is the treatment of female alcoholism - it is always difficult, long and not always successful.Know the first signs of female alcoholism is necessary for everyone, because if this problem is noticed in time, then it will be easier to solve it.

Permanent craving for alcohol

Drug-for-treatment-alcoholism( 1) This is, so to speak, the "foundation" of alcoholism, the "starting point", which you can still step back and return to normal life.Not all drinkers frankly declare that they want or need to drink - at first it all happens as if by chance, but they always find a reason to drink.First it happens only for significant festive dates, then even ordinary days( Telegraph Day, Day of the Worker of Culture, etc.) begin to be considered holidays, then they find even the most banal occasion, and then comes the "for something" stage.

As a result, such a woman sharply narrows the circle of communication - it remains only those who themselves do not mind drinking about or without.

Changing the behavior before drinking

Note how a person who drinks a drink changes immediately before a feast, when the liquor is already there, and the snack is available:

  • a woman is noticeably cheerful;
  • , she starts to fuss and tries to finish all her business quickly;
  • if there are children nearby, then they are allowed absolutely everything, if only they do not interfere.

Changing priorities

alcoholism A drinking woman always becomes protective of what is connected with the feast - for example, she will zealously justify her "drinking companions" and convince everyone around that they are the dearest people of the .Inadequate( with aggression, rejection) is perceived by any criticism from relatives, neighbors and friends, even the usual conversation about the harm of alcoholic beverages becomes impossible - a woman begins to be excited, scream and find excuses.Alcoholics always find an excuse for another feast or usual, "quiet" intake of alcohol - for relaxation, for mood, doctors advise and so on.

Family, children and responsibilities are becoming a burden, as they interfere with drinking alcohol.Children begin to frankly irritate, relatives become disagreeable( they are no longer invited to visit).

Note: is the most terrible in this whole situation, that a woman alcoholic, however, this is typical for men with alcohol dependence, never recognizes the existing problem, she can not critically evaluate herself, her behavior.

Loss of control over the amount of alcohol

This problem appears at the very beginning of the formation of female alcoholism and remains vital throughout the time. A woman simply is not able to evaluate her norm, and quite often usual gatherings with friends end in a binge, up to a loss of consciousness.

A woman addicted to alcohol, tries not to sober up, because it is comfortable only in the stage of easy( or strong) intoxication.Along with this, the norm of alcohol also increases - a habit has developed and the body requires all large doses of alcoholic beverages.

Absence of gag reflex

Immediately warn that this sign does not always indicate female alcoholism - there are people who do not have it at all, or very rarely .If you really understand the female alcoholism, then the absence of a vomiting reflex can be considered its sign only if it exists against the background of the above conditions.

By vomiting, the body cleans itself, removes toxins.And while this mechanism of self-cleaning works, the body struggles with toxins and constant poisoning, but as soon as a woman begins to increase the doses of alcohol consumed, the gag reflex disappears.

Vomiting is a border that indicates that you can not continue drinking alcohol, the body works at the limit of its capabilities and it is poisoned.

Immunity to alcohol

Women who have already begun to get used to alcohol, each time need to consume a large dose of alcohol in order to enter feel comfortable.It's like addiction, when more and more drugs are needed to satisfy the body. If the dose that leads to intoxication already exceeds 3-5 times the usual amount( for example, previously the woman was slightly drunk after 100-150 grams of vodka, and now after half a liter feels quite normal), then we are talking aboutA fait accompli - the initial stage of alcoholism.

Regular use of alcohol

Alcoholic drink If binge from a woman has become a system, then this indicates that the body begins to get used to alcoholic beverages.When the attachment to alcohol-containing beverages in women only begins to develop, alcohol consumption can be once a week, but it is stable.Then the situation worsens and the woman begins to drink alcohol twice a week, soon such libations begin to occur every evening( "fatigue relieves", "I'll better sleep").

The first signs of female alcoholism - this is also a change in the behavior of the lady.Disorderly, and sometimes uncontrolled, sexual relations are becoming commonplace, there is no need to talk about any hygiene - alcohol liberates, what kind of hygiene is .That's why women with alcohol dependence often diagnosed with various inflammatory diseases, infections of the reproductive system and HIV, AIDS. By the way, many are frightened by the fact that such women will give birth to children and leave them in the maternity homes( at best), but in fact, nature took care of it - the genital function of alcoholics often disappears, as the structure of the ovaries changes, degenerates into fatty, And they cease to function normally.

The psyche of the drinking woman changes very much - it becomes cunning and deceitful, quirky and aggressive, overly emotional and selfish.If we compare women with the problem under consideration and men, in the first case, the degradation processes proceed much faster. A very big problem in the treatment of female alcoholism is just this mental status - an alcoholic woman is very hard to convince that she needs qualified medical care, she will need to change her psyche, and she will not be able to do it herself even by the most caring relatives.

External signs of female alcoholism

alcoholism A woman who is in the initial stage of alcohol dependence, can still keep herself "within the bounds of decency", but the use of a large amount of alcohol leads to the fact that she changes outwardly - looks untidy, she has dark circles and puffiness under the eyes,The voice acquires rough notes, the face and limbs can be constantly swollen.

Desire to drink, when a woman literally shakes after each glass, strongly visible to others and it repels.Naturally, the alcoholic is looking for a replacement for friends and joins the company, where she is understood and accepted - the same alcoholics.

It is very important to notice the first signs of female alcoholism at the very beginning of the problem development.If a woman meets her friends every Saturday, and they drink alcohol "before losing a pulse," then this is already a bad sign.If a woman drinks 2-3 glasses every evening, then one should already turn to specialists - soon the dose of alcohol will increase and then the process of degradation will stop much more difficult.

Female alcoholism is practically incurable, so you need to contact a doctor for narcologists, as soon as there were suspicions that a girlfriend / mother / wife / sister and any close person began consuming alcohol too often and in large quantities.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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