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Intestinal flu: symptoms and treatment

Intestinal flu

The disease of infectious etiology, which is characterized by viral damage to the intestinal mucosa, in medicine is classified as intestinal flu( rotavirus infection).This virus is very dangerous, because it has a high contaginosis.

Intestinal flu can be infected in various ways: through personal hygiene items, the patient's saliva, vomit and airborne droplets.According to statistics, almost every person was ill with the pathology in question, but over time the body adapts to the virus and the manifestations of its activity become less intense.The danger is that even in the absence of symptoms( or their weak expression), the carrier is able to infect others.

Intestinal flu is a common disease that most often provokes epidemics in the autumn and spring periods.

Table of contents: Symptoms of intestinal flu How to help children with intestinal flu Main methods of treating intestinal flu Prevention of intestinal flu

Symptoms of intestinal flu

As a rule, the signs of development of the disease under consideration are pronounced - it is easy to diagnose.

The main manifestations of intestinal influenza are:

  1. Acute onset of .Never considered the disease has a gradual development - a short incubation period pours out into high fever, fever, vomiting and diarrhea.Cal in a patient can change color, be dark or light, and a characteristic sign of intestinal flu is the presence of feces of blood in the stool.
  2. Rotavirusnaya1 Pain syndrome .If a person develops intestinal flu, he will be disturbed by sharp pains in the abdominal region - they can be spastic, but always characterized by sharpness and high intensity.
  3. Symptoms of classical viral infection .Often, doctors notice the appearance of intestinal flu before the outbreak of traditional influenza, so sneezing, coughing, headache, nasal congestion and other classic flu symptoms will be present.General weakness and refusal of food .
  4. .If the disease lasts for 5-7 days, then the patient's body is depleted - against a background of abdominal pain and diarrhea with vomiting, the patient refuses food, signs of dehydration may appear.Such restrictions in food lead to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood - anemia gives general weakness and dizziness.

Intestinal flu can affect a person at any age, but according to statistics, most often this disease is diagnosed in childhood.This has its own reasons - the baby's immune system is not developed enough, the child pulls objects and things( often not very clean) in his mouth, while in childhood the acidity of the stomach is still low.Many believe that the disease in question can be cured by antiviral drugs - this is not the case, the selection of a set of therapeutic measures on an individual basis is required.

How to help children with intestinal flu

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If your baby has weakness, vomiting and diarrhea, he is naughty and refuses to eat, then you should always seek professional medical help and never give the patient any medicationPreparations. Before the arrival of the doctor, parents can provide first aid:

  • Vakcinaciya_ot_rotavirusa the child should be given a warm drink( tea, compotes, fruit drinks) without restriction;
  • it is necessary to be always near to the kid - there is a high probability of that the child will be choked with vomit masses;
  • if the child falls asleep, then he needs to raise his head slightly and turn it on his side;
  • it is necessary to control the body temperature and if necessary( if it is above 38 degrees) give the usual antipyretic agents;
  • in case of a desire to eat a child you can give only warm, wiped food from natural products.

Note: , when there are signs of intestinal flu in a child, one must always seek medical help - often under the indicated symptoms, another infectious disease "hides", which in the absence of treatment can lead to serious complications, up to a lethal outcome.Usually treatment of intestinal influenza in childhood is carried out in a hospital.

The main methods of treatment of intestinal flu

The doctors developed the basic principles of treatment of the disease in question, which is applied after confirmation of the diagnosis. These include:

  1. Replenishment of fluid and nutrients that are lost due to diarrhea and vomiting.Rehydration therapy is carried out by means of specific drugs and isotonic fluids.
  2. Selection of probiotics and the purpose of activated charcoal - they will relieve bloating and improve the intestinal microflora.The purpose of the diet.
  3. .When intestinal influenza, the patient is recommended to limit the consumption of fried, smoked, fatty, spicy food.It is desirable to include in the menu liquid cereals, soups, purees, kissels, compotes from dried fruits.All food should be warm and wiped, and meat and vegetables - cooked for a couple.
  4. Patient should be isolated from healthy people - with intestinal flu the patient is placed in the infectious disease department of a hospital, he is in a separate box.
  5. If vomiting is severe, the doctor may prescribe medications that have an antiemetic effect.

Prevention of intestinal flu

If the intestinal flu occurs in the form of epidemics, then the infection can be prevented by the following preventive methods:

  • 395d503bbdfafd909ff0eb1ac4b3 You can drink only purified and boiled water;
  • after each visit to the toilet and public places it is necessary to wash hands with soap or wipe with disinfecting napkins;
  • use vegetables and fruits only after washing;
  • when swimming in open water and indoor swimming pools, avoid ingesting water.

There is a specific prevention of the disease in question - it's about vaccination.

Intestinal flu is a dangerous disease that, in the absence of competent treatment, can lead to serious complications.Do not engage in self-treatment, even if the symptoms of the pathology in question are of a non-intensive nature.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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