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Pumpkin seeds with honey from prostatitis: a recipe and application

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  • Treatment of prostatitis pumpkin seeds and honey
  • Composition pumpkin seeds
  • Properties pumpkin seeds
  • honey composition
  • honey properties
  • Therapeutic effect
  • Recipes

Prostatitis is characterized as a disease which in aA different degree of severity manifests itself in the third part of the male population and is an inflammatory process that occurs in the prostate gland. Properly and timely treatment will help not only completely eliminate the main symptoms of the disease, but also completely restore the productive function, which is often lost in such cases.

Sunflower seeds with honey
Eating pumpkin seeds with honey helps to restore the productive function

Treatment of prostatitis pumpkin seeds and honey

addition to pharmacological treatments for prostatitis can also use the traditional methods of getting rid of the disease. Recipes potions are diverse, however, one of the best is the treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds with honey. Take this medication should only be combined with drugs prescribed by a doctor, or to prevent possible disorders of excretory and reproductive systems.

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Pumpkin seeds and honey - a unique product, containing in its composition a lot of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. They help not only to get rid of the troublesome symptoms of the disease, but also to heal the body as a whole, clearing it and strengthening immunity.

Pumpkin seeds composition

Pumpkin seeds are enriched with a huge amount of useful substances that help restore the productive function of the male body and prevent the formation of inflammatory processes and pathologies:

Pumpkin seeds from prostatitis
Pumpkin seeds, thanks to their rich composition, help to cure prostatitis
  • VitaminK. A similar substance is found in a small number of products. It promotes the absorption of calcium, thus contributing to the strengthening of bones.
  • Phosphorus, which is necessary for the normalization of the hormonal background.
  • Zinc, which provides the production of male hormones.
  • Linolenic acid - effectively cleans vessels of cholesterol, as well as fat.
  • Arginine - almost the main substance necessary for the full functioning of the male body. Promotes the buildup of muscle mass, and also prevents the development of inflammation.

Properties pumpkin seeds

Treatment of prostatitis pumpkin seeds based on the following useful properties of the product: high quantity of zinc contained therein. It is zinc that prevents the proliferation of prostatic gland pathological formations.

In addition to this, seeds contain a lot of protein, which is better assimilated than its analogue, having an animal origin. Thus, the product helps maintain immunity and prevents the onset and development of inflammatory processes in the body.

The benefits of pumpkin seeds
With the use of pumpkin seeds cleansing the body occurs

Pumpkin seeds from prostatitis good as the fact that this product, thanks to a mild laxative properties, helps cleanse the body and prevents the development of stasis processes in it. But it is pathologies of this kind in most cases that lead to the appearance of the main symptoms of prostatitis.

honey Ingredients

by itself, or in combination with seeds, honey - an amazing product has on the body extremely beneficial and therapeutic effects. It includes a number of useful substances, the main of which are the following:

  • Proline - strengthens bones, muscle growth.
  • Threonine is the main element that promotes the natural production of collagen, and is also necessary for the formation of the muscle framework.
  • Vitamin B6.It is this substance that is necessary for the male organism for the full functioning of the productive system.

Properties of honey

Thanks to its amazing properties, honey contributes not only to the elimination of many unpleasant problems and pathologies associated with the reproductive system, but also has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. There is an active saturation of cells with vitamins, the protective function of the body improves.

Benefits of honey with prostatitis
The use of honey in the treatment of prostatitis due to its beneficial properties

If you take honey regularly, you can clear the blood vessels, improve the performance of the entire circulatory system. And in fact thanks to it there is a food of all organs and tissues which is not high-grade at presence of any pathologies. Also, thanks to this quality, honey prevents the development of all possible processes of stagnation in the body.

Therapeutic effect

Pumpkin seeds from prostatitis, and honey, which is part of the recipe - just acting remedy, capable of providing rapid positive dynamics and to improve the overall health of the patient. Competent and timely, already in the early stages of the disease, taking the remedy will prevent the development of all sorts of complications.

Treatment of prostatitis pumpkin seeds and honey within the recipe involves providing the body the following beneficial effects:

  • improves metabolic processes, thereby eliminating the risk of stagnation. In addition, natural and soft cleansing of all organs and systems from accumulated toxins occurs.
    Sunflower seeds in honey
    seeds with honey have a large number of vitamins that is so necessary in the disease
  • there is an effective activation of the reproductive system, ie, normal hormonal balance in general.
  • Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis also contribute to the improvement of the quality of intimate life, which often deteriorates very much, especially when acquiring a chronic disease.
  • Due to the fact that seeds and honey contain a huge amount of useful substances, the body is saturated with vitamins and useful compounds, which is important in the presence of any diseases.
  • Recipes of a product based on seeds of pumpkin with honey, prevents the development of stagnation and inflammatory processes in the body. In addition, the agent prevents the proliferation of pathological formations.


Recipes that use pumpkin seeds with prostatitis are quite diverse and often supplemented with honey. However, there are several basic types, referred to which are the following:

Sunflower seeds with honey for the winter
From seeds and honey can be blank for the winter and to prevent prostatitis
  • Balls - means whose popularity due to the ease and simplicity of administration, in addition, it has a veryPleasant taste. To prepare such a drug should be crushed thoroughly, preferably with an ordinary coffee grinder, half a kilogram of pumpkin seed. Next to the resulting powder add two hundred grams of natural thick honey, after which the sweet mixture is placed in the refrigerator. After thickening, small balls are prepared from this mass, approximately one and a half centimeter in diameter. Take them must be as follows: one piece a day, on an empty stomach, until the first meal. It is necessary to dissolve the ball as thoroughly as possible, without chewing it.
  • The following recipe is a little less pleasant to the taste, however, it has a higher efficiency: Pumpkin seeds should be thoroughly dried in the oven, then grind in a blender or coffee grinder. Ready powder is taken orally in the amount of two tablespoons, no more than twice a day, that is, in the morning and evening, respectively. Wash down the preparation with warm, purified water and honey beforehand. To do this, in one medium glass should carefully dissolve two tablespoons of honey, it must be remembered that it should be natural and fresh.

The reception of honey and pumpkin seeds is an excellent tool that can relieve not only the main symptoms of prostatitis, but also contributes to the improvement of the quality of intimate life. In addition, this home preparation preparation can be used as preventive measures to prevent the development of diseases of the productive system of the male body.

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