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False groats: symptoms and treatment

Spurious croup

When a virus enters the upper respiratory tract, a "barking" cough, hoarse voice, shortness of breath and noisy breathing occur in a person.With such symptoms, doctors diagnose a false croup.Most often the disease affects small children, although medicine also knows cases of development of false groats in adults. The danger of this condition is that in the absence of qualified care, the threat to the patient's life increases. Contents: General information Causes and consequences Symptoms of false groin First aid for false groin Treatment of false grouse What can not be done with false groin Prevention of false groats

General information

False groats, or stenosing laryngotracheitis is a disease in whichStenosis( constriction) of the larynx is observed.In view of the fact that the development of false croup provokes swelling and inflammation, the disease is considered to be infectious-allergic.It usually occurs as a complication of respiratory-viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract.In the risk group - children of younger preschool age, which is explained by the peculiarities of the structure of their trachea and larynx.

Important! According to statistics, boys are several times more likely to be diagnosed with false groats than girls.

In adults, the disease manifests itself in a single case, when an allergen enters the body and provokes a severe allergic reaction accompanied by swelling and stenosis of the larynx.At this point, narrowing the lumen of the respiratory tract, begins an attack of suffocation.


Please note! Along with the concept of false groats, in medical practice there is also the concept of true croup.The latter develops under the condition of diphtheria lesion of the larynx and is distinguished by the appearance of a film and a deposit on the mucous membranes.With false croup there is simply redness and swelling of soft tissues, which provokes squeezing of the respiratory tube.

The peak of the disease development occurs during the off-season.During this period, the immunity decreases in children, and the risk of developing a bacterial or viral infection increases.In most cases, the false groove passes by itself, if the patient is provided with optimal conditions of stay in the room, facilitating his condition.However, for 5-10% of children, such a disease is incredibly dangerous and requires immediate hospitalization.

Suddenly, a false cereal can be transferred by a child once in a lifetime.Meanwhile, in practice, it almost always repeats.Most of all, emotional, excitable children are exposed to him, who, moreover, have an allergic predisposition.In some of them, stenosis occurs literally with any runny nose or with any easy infection.However, by 6 to 8 years, cereals usually stop.It is believed that the child outgrows them, but in fact everything is explained by the expansion of the laryngeal lumen, in which swelling ceases to pose a serious danger to life.

Causes and consequences

Most often, a false cereal develops against a background of another disease.

In this case, the development of pathology can provoke:

  • False-croup-y-children influenza virus;
  • parainfluenza;
  • adenovirus;
  • herpes simplex;
  • measles;
  • varicella( rare);
  • pertussis;
  • as well as chlamydia and mycoplasma.

Laryngeal edema and stenosis can also be caused by bacterial infections, namely:

  • streptococci and staphylococci;
  • Hemophilus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa;Enterobacteria and Escherichia coli
  • ;
  • pneumococci.

Important! Bacteria cause very rarely a false cereal.However, if this happens, the patient's condition worsens, and the disease proceeds more severely.Sometimes a false cereal can develop as a result of chronic tonsillitis.

It is worth remembering that not every child of younger preschool age is affected by the disease.

Usually its appearance is facilitated by:

  • suffered ancestral injuries;
  • fetal hypoxia, which was diagnosed during childbirth;
  • frequent diathesis;
  • rickets;
  • no breastfeeding in the first months of the baby's life;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • low immunity, including during the period after vaccination;
  • obesity;
  • susceptibility to allergic reactions.

The mechanism of development of false groats is extremely simple: the larynx becomes inflamed, which leads to a strong puffiness in the area under the vocal cords and narrowing of the laryngeal lumen.The reflex spasm of the muscles-constrictors aggravates the situation.In response to inflammation of the gland of the mucous membrane, more secret secretion of sputum begins to be secreted, and a person's breathing becomes difficult.

Important! At the initial stages of the development of the disease, the lack of oxygen is compensated by intense breathing and increased work of the respiratory muscles.When the stenosis worsens, the intake of air becomes difficult.In the absence of qualified medical care in this case, possible onset of oxygen starvation, which entails the defeat of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, and after them - the defeat of organs and tissues.That is why false cereal is the main cause of death in children of the first year of life.

Symptoms of a false groin

Physicians distinguish several stages of a false croup, each of which is characterized by the symptomatology:

  1. False-croup Compensated.At this stage, breathing difficulties are observed when the child is overexcited, which can be indicated by single wheezing appearing on the inspiration.They add anxiety, dyspnea, a rare "barking" cough, but at the moment, the body lacks oxygen deficiency.
  2. Subcompensated.At this stage, there is noisy breathing.Shortness of breath and anxiety increase, and cough becomes more rough.At the moment of a fit of cough, the pallor of the skin is noted, there is a cold sweat and cyanosis in the area around the mouth.This sign indicates that the child is short of oxygen.
  3. Decompensated.Sluggishness and inhibition are noted.In place of the noisy breathing comes a quiet, bubbling.There are arrhythmia, hypoxemia, hypercapnia.The skin turns blue, the pressure drops sharply, the voice becomes husky.
  4. Terminal.At this stage, the child's condition becomes critical, he may develop coma, convulsions.At this point, blood circulation slows down, which entails asphyxia.The lack of medical assistance is fraught with a lethal outcome.

Please note! Usually, the disease manifests itself at night, after 2 to 3 days from the date of the disease, which triggered the appearance of stenosis of the larynx.Symptoms can last from several hours to several days.

In case of timely assistance, the forecast is favorable.

In order not to lose time, doctors advise you to seek medical help already when an occurs:

  • hoarseness;
  • of restlessness and irritability;
  • sharp "barking" cough;
  • shortness of breath and rapid breathing;
  • of a kind of squeak on inspiration.

First aid for a false rind

The success and speed of treatment of a false cereal directly depends on the timeliness of first aid.Any delay can trigger the progression of the disease and serious complications.

Therefore, in case of dyspnea on the background of an acute viral infection, it is necessary: ​​to call an ambulance:

  • Croup-y-children;
  • to take the child in his arms or put on the bed, providing an elevated position;
  • try to calm him down, because anxiety and emotional overexcitation only aggravate the situation;
  • ventilate the room, taking care of the constant inflow of fresh moist air;
  • provide a warm plentiful drink;
  • it is possible to make a foot hot bath or simply to lower hands of the kid in water with temperature 37 - 40С degrees;
  • switch on the humidifier.

Usually, such procedures facilitate the child's condition, but if this did not happen, and the team of doctors has not yet arrived, you can additionally give the patient:

  • antiallergic in the age-related dosage;
  • antispasmodic, for example, No-shpu;
  • is a drug with salbutamol in the composition( Bronchoril syrup or Ventolin inhalation).

Important! If there is no drug with salbutamol, inhalation of the respiratory tract with saline solution can be made.The main thing is that the child at this moment is not capricious and not nervous, since unnecessary anxiety provokes new attacks.It is also important to replace clothing that constricts breathing, to the maximum extent possible.

Treatment of a false croup

The younger a child, the more likely that he will be treated in a hospital under the supervision of an experienced specialist to treat a false cereal.

To facilitate the condition, small patients are prescribed:

  • various anti-edema drugs, including inhalation with saline or naphthyzine;
  • injection of hormones, as they quickly remove edema and prevent the development of complications;
  • antiviral or antibacterial drugs, depending on the nature of the disease that provoked stenosis of the larynx;
  • sedative to relieve stress;
  • antitussive drugs if the condition is accompanied by a severe cough.

Croup If all of the above described drugs do not help, doctors prescribe intubation of the trachea or tracheostomy with the installation of a respiratory tube, which remains in place until the moment the edema subsides.

Additionally, at this stage, the daily airing and moisturizing of the room, observance of bed rest, the refusal of hot, cold or excessively spicy food can alleviate the condition.

Do not smoke near a patient, or spray aerosols, as this smell can cause complications.

Important! During an attack of false cereal a person can develop a reflex spasm of the larynx, which can be prevented by pressing him on the root of the tongue and, thereby, provoking vomiting.Also it is worth tickling in the nose of the patient and making sneeze, than to further ease the condition.

What can not be done with a false croup

The desire to help a child in any way at the time of an exacerbation of the disease can force parents to take different measures to prevent the most terrible.In the usual situation, they, of course, can help, but in the case of a false cereal they will only harm.

It is a question of:

  • rubbing, especially with essential oils, which can intensify edema in a small allergy sufferer;
  • using mustard plasters;
  • the use of honey, raspberry jam, citrus, which accelerate stenosis;
  • use of drugs with codeine, which suppress cough - the protective function of the body, thanks to which he tries to help himself.

Prevention of a false rump

It is impossible to protect a child from a sudden appearance of a false cereal, however, it is quite possible to prevent its development.

For this purpose it is enough to take advantage of the recommendations of doctors and:

  • Proceed to hardening of the throat.It is carried out as follows: the child is given a glass with water to rinse the throat.First, this water should be at room temperature, but gradually it gets colder.Only after a few months of daily procedures you can gradually switch to rinsing with cold water.Nevertheless, haste in this case is the true cause of the child's illness.
  • Revise the diet.Most often citrus fruits, bright fruits, chocolate, spices provoke the development of allergic reactions, which cause the development of false croup.
  • Dressing a child strictly according to the weather, without overwriting, especially in the off-season.

False groats are a disease that persecutes many children and adults, but it successfully recedes, provided that simple medical advice is followed.The main thing is to remember them and always have several medications in the medicine cabinet for first aid.

Chumachenko Olga, medical reviewer

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