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Allergy in children up to the year: symptoms and treatment

Allergia deti

Allergies in a nursing child most often enter into the stupor of parents, they begin to panic, look for the cause of this state of the baby, ask advice from girlfriends and grandmothers-neighbors.In fact, an allergy in children up to a year is considered a frequent occurrence, doctors perfectly know the possible causes of its appearance and options for alleviating the condition of the baby.

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Allergy types in children under one year, symptoms

Allergy can provoke absolutely any object or any substances that surround the child - this opinion is expressed by most experts.But most often allergens are house dust, food and pollen of plants.It is through these stimuli that the differentiation of the condition under consideration takes place - food, contact and household allergy.

Food allergy in children up to the year

A woman during pregnancy closely monitors her health, clearly follows the recommendations of a gynecologist and excludes from her diet most of the products that can lead to the development of an allergy in a unborn child.But as soon as the baby comes into the world, all these forbidden foods appear in the house again - Mommy eats with pleasure, especially since the motto "you need to eat for two - you feed the baby" has not been canceled yet, unfortunately.The result of such disorder is the child's allergy-first the organism receives aggressive products along with the mother's milk, and then they come along with the improperly prepared lure.

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Symptoms of food allergy in children up to the year:

  1. Hypoallergenic diet On the skin of the baby appear rashes - they have a pink tint, differ small pimples without liquid contents.Such rashes are very similar to banal urticaria.
  2. The itch appears in the mouth or throat of the child.If the child is too small, he will "signal" about discomfort by shouting, moods, eagerness to the nipple, aggressive sucking of toys, his own pen.Older children( from 6 months old) will put their fingers in the mouth, and, very deeply, provoking this vomiting.
  3. Dysfunction of the digestive system.Speech in this case is about constipation or diarrhea of ​​a chronic nature, intestinal colic - the baby becomes restless, he is capricious, during feeding actively moves his legs, there is no normal feces.

Household allergy in children up to the year

Home dust is a multicomponent substance and it is impossible to say exactly what causes an allergic reaction in a child, as it may be the products of the life of insects, spores of fungal colonies, and animal wool.To find out which particular allergen is the cause of the development of an inadequate response of the child's organism to a year, it is necessary to visit a doctor and undergo a specific examination.

Symptoms of household allergies in the child up to the year:

  1. Diet_for_allergies_in_children_1-400x300 Extreme runny nose .Parents may note that in the absence of other symptoms of colds, the common cold always has a place to be.In this case, absolutely transparent mucus flows from the nose, which does not have yellow and / or green impurities.
  2. Sneezing .The child will repeatedly sneeze during the day and even in a dream.Moreover, sneezing is accompanied by the release of a large amount of transparent mucus from the nose.
  3. Cough .With a household allergy( on home dust), the child will be tormented by a dry, paroxysmal cough.Even if parents start giving mucolytic drugs, sputum formation does not occur, the child does not get a qualitative cough.At night, attacks of dry coughing intensify and become more frequent.
  4. Lachrymation and burning sensation in the eyes of .Young children are unlikely to be able to talk about this problem, so parents should be alerted by abundant lacrimation and regular combing of the eyes - even the little one will try to pull his hands to his eyes and rub them.

Contact allergies in children up to the year

This kind of the considered disease occurs only in the event that there was a direct contact of the skin with the stimulus.Most often, a contact allergy in a child arises because of the use of aggressive washing powders, detergents and cleaning agents when washing dishes of the child, poor-quality cosmetics and synthetic fabrics.

Symptoms of contact allergies in the child up to the year:

  1. Treatment-allergy-in-nursing-children-640x302 Redness of the skin .With contact allergies, skin reddening always has a clear localization - as a rule, you can immediately understand what could become a provoker of an allergic reaction.In this case, the redness of the skin is never accompanied by its swelling( only in the most severe cases).
  2. Skin peeling .This symptom usually appears 1-2 days after the appearance of clear redness.The skin becomes dry, the red spots slightly "tighten", the peeling is a small whitish scales easily separable from the skin.
  3. Eruptions of .They are small red dots, pimples are never filled with liquid contents, can be accompanied by itching.
  4. Cracks and sores .They appear in places of redness and scaling, but only if the allergy is severe, there is no medical care, or no contact with the allergen is limited.

Note: in some cases, the child immediately has all the symptoms from different types of allergies - he suffers from the respiratory system, skin and digestive system.This means that the body has experienced a serious failure and requires immediate medical attention.

Allergy in a child up to a year - than can be helped at home

Of course, each mother will look for options to alleviate the child's condition for allergies.The most reasonable solution will be to seek help from specialists - they diagnose allergies and formulate necessary examinations, and if necessary, prescribe antihistamine medications.But there are some activities that parents can perform at home, than they will help their child, and in most cases will also warn about the use of medicines.

Actions of parents with contact allergies in a child up to the year

If it was found that the child's allergy is indeed of a contact type, then the experts recommend the following activities:

  1. All household chemicals should be removed as far as possible, carefully sealed - curiosityThe child will not be satisfied, and therefore the contact will be avoided.
  2. When cleaning the premises, you can not use aggressive means - refuse cleaning and cleaning substances, whiteness( chlorine), various flavors.
  3. Do not wash the child's clothes with the usual detergents - in some cases, even thoroughly rinsing the cups / plates / spoons / forks / bottles does not prevent the development of allergies.It is much more reasonable to use mustard, lemon juice, baking soda for cleaning dishes - more specific recommendations on the use of natural remedies can be obtained from your doctor.
  4. To erase the baby's things you need either special hypoallergenic detergent powders or ordinary household soap.No air conditioners can be used!
  5. Bathing a baby with contact allergy is necessary only in pure water, it can add decoctions of chamomile or thyme - they will calm the inflamed skin, get rid of intense itching, reduce peeling.
  6. To apply baby oil, powders, creams and any other cosmetic products is necessary only for the purpose of the attending physician - even the most famous brands in the production process add various chemical components that can trigger an allergic reaction.

In addition, with contact allergies, you must completely abandon the synthetic tissues - all the clothes baby and his bedding should be made of natural fibers.

What to do with a food allergy in a child under one year

Food allergy in a child under one year is the most common type of the disease under consideration.There are a number of preventive measures that will help to avoid the progression of food allergy, even if there were already symptoms of its appearance.

Specialists give the following recommendations:

  1. Advice-against-allergy-y-child-in-a-year It is advisable to breastfeed a child up to six months of age, unless the child is allergic to lactose( this will be determined by a doctor's examination).In general, the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding a child up to 2 years.
  2. If breastfeeding is not possible( the mother does not have milk, or the baby refuses the breast itself and other reasons), then you need to use special mixtures for the baby - not about any semolina or cow / goat milk( "children used to grow up and everything is normalWas ") can not be a speech.At least until the authorization for such feeding is received from the attending physician.
  3. Earlier 4 months to introduce complementary foods for children with food allergy is not worth it.Each new product should be entered into the menu in minimum doses - start with ¼ teaspoon of vegetable / fruit / meat puree or a few drops of juice, gradually increasing the amount in the absence of symptoms of food allergies.
  4. Up to 12 months of the baby should not be fed chocolate, citrus, strawberry, tomato - all products that are considered potentially allergenic.
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What to do with household allergies in children 1 year of life

Of course, it's impossible to get rid of house dust - even the most clean parents can not limit their baby from this allergen.But some measures can and should be taken.

Specialists recommend:

  1. 1390491864_allergy-on-face-with-children Reduce the number of places that are dust collectors.These include fur coats / sheepskin coats / coats - they must be taken out of the apartment or removed from the room of the baby, "sealed" in polyethylene covers.
  2. If a child likes to sleep with soft toys, then they should be washed as often as possible - at least 1 time in 3-5 days.Ideally - remove all soft toys from the baby's room.
  3. From the house you need to remove the animals, and if this is not possible, you should not allow them to enter the child's room.
  4. Blankets, pillows and blankets should be washed at high temperatures( this will kill bed mites, which are often the cause of household allergies), it is necessary to iron everything after washing with a hot iron.If the child does not have allergies to synthetic fibers, then feather / feather pillows, cotton blankets and woolen blankets should be replaced with items made from modern materials( for example, polyester).
  5. The apartment / house must be cleaned and humidified.
  6. Every day in the baby's room and in the entire apartment it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning, and vacuuming up garbage and dust preferably twice a day.

Any type of allergy in a child under one year is a serious disease.If you do not take any measures to eliminate symptoms and normalize the immune system of the child's body, the treatment will be long and difficult.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification

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