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Nocturnal emissions and the treatment of involuntary ejaculation

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How to get rid of pollutions: causes, consequences and treatment of

Young people and some adult males face this unpleasant pathology as involuntary ejaculation.

Many of them are wondering, how to get rid of wet dreams, and if they are not harmful to the male body? This form of ejaculation is considered perfectly normal and harmless phenomenon, and that is how the body reacts to the lack of male sexual intercourse. May appear pollutions in the army and the people, sexually active.

They can provoke an erotic dream or a long abstinence, so get rid of wet dreams is not necessarily and especially in adolescence. Learn all about the emissions, the reasons for their occurrence and their impact on the male body can be a doctor.

The causes of pollutions

Many young men, who in adolescence in the body begin the first change, pollutions considered shameful phenomenon. For many of them this phenomenon is becoming a real problem, and they are actively looking for the answer to the question of how to prevent pollutions.

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The main reason for nocturnal pollutions in adolescents is considered an active work of the sex glands and the lack of sex. During this period, increasing the vegetation on the body and tone of voice becomes quite low.

If nocturnal emissions reason lies in the active production of male germ cells, and at the same time there is an ability to fertilize the egg. Gradually enhanced sexual desire and the consequence is the appearance of nocturnal pollutions.

There are nocturnal emissions in men of mature age, who do not satisfy their sexual needs. This phenomenon may occur during an erotic bedtime or during prolonged sexual abstinence.

In the event that involuntary ejaculation occurs in adult male, not more than 3 times a week, especially not to worry about anything. The appearance of wet dreams every night may indicate the presence of a person any problems in psychological terms, and in this situation should seek the advice of a specialist.

He will tell you that such emissions, how to get rid of this phenomenon and whether special treatment is necessary.

possible diseases

Sometimes diseases of the central nervous system or reproductive organs can become a cause of frequent ejaculations in men and women, leading a normal sex life. In addition, involuntary erection can occur in adolescence.

Patients complain of these additional symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, decreased performance, and libido. Involuntary ejaculation can occur both day and night, it becomes a major stress for men. Patients trying to learn how to remove pollutions and to normalize its state.

In some cases frequent nocturnal emission in men may indicate the following pathological states:

  1. Inflammation of the genital system. With this pathological condition of the body is necessary to conduct timely and effective treatment of the root cause, and after the relief of the inflammatory process pollutions usually stop themselves a.
  2. Neoplasms of different nature. When tumors of different etiology blood ingress occurs in the seminal fluid and lesion male organs may develop such complications as pollutions. To distinguish physiological from abnormal involuntary ejaculation can precisely by the presence of the blood of impurities and pain in groin area. In this situation, you need to consult an oncologist and undergo the necessary treatment.
  3. Problems with the operation of the brainThat control the process of erection and ejaculation. To resolve this problem, install the root cause and struggle with it.
  4. Stressful situations. Young men in their teens are afraid of each new attack ejaculation. Pollution, when it ends, require full restoration of equilibrium and self-control, that is shown physiotherapy, proper rest and fresh air.

Elimination of pollutions in young men

Many men are interested in the question of how to remove wet dreams? There are several methods by which manages to get rid of the night involuntary ejaculation. At the same time, these treatments are not fully guarantee that the pathology will disappear forever. Experts advise to observe the following rules:

  • sleep should be comfortable and complete;
  • go to bed to be tired;
  • before going to bed should be avoided bright emotions and strong impressions.
  1. First of all, you should normalize your sleep. In the evening before going to sleep you need to ventilate the room, and the optimum temperature is considered to be 20-22 degrees. Many men say that the cold air in the room frequency pollutions markedly reduced. However, this way of getting rid of involuntary ejaculation, you can make other diseases due to hypothermia.
  2. Supper recommended for 4-6 hours before bedtime, With should avoid oily and heavy food. Should not be used before going to sleep too much liquid as filled bladder and stomach are able to stimulate the wet dreams at night.
  3. How to avoid pollutions and whether it can be done without any special treatment? It is important to practice good hygiene and keep clean their genitals. The cause of involuntary ejaculation may even become a little itchy, triggered inflammation or accumulation of smegma under the foreskin. It is necessary to avoid stimulating the glans penis, so it is advisable to sleep without underwear or wide pants.
  4. Active exercise the body's ability to reduce the risk of involuntary ejaculation, but not at a young age. At puberty, the body is hardy enough, and energy stocks in it are high, so after some time manages to fully recuperate. However, experts recommend that young men still try to engage in any active sports. With their help it is possible not only to reduce the probability of occurrence of wet dreams, but also to normalize the production of testosterone in the youthful body.
  5. Before going to bed is not recommended to read erotic literature and watch movies with sex scenes. Cause wet dreams at night, the boys are exciting and transmission, as well as horror and action films. In the evening, avoid any stimulation and emotional tension.

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Ejaculation in a dream: the causes and physiology

Most of the strong half of humanity, no doubt, faced with the phenomenon of involuntary night ejaculation or ejaculation. In medicine, this term is called - pollutions.

Someone refers to the appearance of the first wet dreams quietly, without attaching any importance to it, and someone to pester doctor's offices, "rounding" of fear eyes, demanding all kinds of tests and examinations, and often completely in vain.

Male reproductive system is arranged in such a way that the production of sperm, prostatic secretions and sex hormones does not stop for a second. Needless to say, that the accumulated "stuff" you need to do something with.

If a man lives a regular sex life, then this is no problem. But the man is a social creature, and such things as sexual intercourse, just not always on time and regularly possible.

Here in the evolution of nature and "invented" a kind of protective "valve."

Causes of nocturnal pollutions in men:

  • The first wet dreams begin to take place directly in adolescence, namely, with the onset of puberty the boy.
  • All of the start of puberty is strictly individual, but if the adolescent development is normal, then it just falls on the age of 12-16 years.
  • In addition, the occurrence of nocturnal emissions may already be in a more mature age.
  • The only reason they appear OK - it's a long abstinence. If regular sexual life begins, the wet dreams disappear.
  • Pollutions may be missing, and as a teenager, but in most cases this is due to the fact that the teenager masturbating.

The incidence of pollutions from all different, as in a dream the process of ejaculation is a purely individual. Their appearance can range from 1-2 times per week to 1 time in 2-3 months. In addition, they may be absent altogether. This happens, for example, excessive physical exertion, you feel unwell or if there are any diseases of the genitourinary system.


Ejaculation in men is absolutely normal physiological process and requires the intervention of it only in the most extreme cases.

Normally, wet dreams arise directly and exclusively at night during sleep. The very process of involuntary nocturnal emissions. At the time it happens and erection. Although sometimes pollutions may occur in the daytime, but preceded by the appearance of a strong sexual arousal. Also during this process is characterized by dreams of a sexual nature.

  • Easy to detect the presence of pollutions.
  • Upon awakening, found the typical wet or a little dried up stains whitish-yellowish color on the bottom or bedding. This is involuntarily released sperm.
  • Normally, the amount of these precipitates is 2 to 6 ml. If this happens, it's all right and no reason to appeal to specialists.

If the process of ejaculation during sleep in men occurs in the above amounts and terms, then any special examination and treatment is not required. With the normalization of sexual activity, these phenomena disappear by themselves.

But it is possible to reduce the amount of pollutions or completely get rid of them. This is facilitated by regular exercise, dousing with cold water, proper nutrition and a clear schedule. In some cases, it helps to sleep on a hard mattress or bed.

Specifically to take any or drugs.

Nocturnal emissions, are worth paying attention to

Sometimes the normal physiological process this phenomenon can become pathological and symptoms are very serious diseases.

The alert and immediately contact the appropriate specialist stands when:

  • Erection persists for a long time.
  • Painful ejaculation, contributing to a restless sleep.
  • Purulent character.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Blood.
  • Daytime pollutions without sexual stimulation.

The reasons for these phenomena may include the following main factors:

  1. Hormonal dysfunction. The presence of too high levels of sex hormones.
  2. The presence of diseases of the genitourinary system.
  3. Receiving anabolic steroids or hormonal drugs.

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There are several ways to restrain ejaculation during sleep in men. Using special ointments and creams prolonging nature will deter increased ejaculation. From physiological procedures to deter nocturnal pollutions include strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle due to Kegel exercises.

If a sufficiently rapid ejaculation occurs during sexual contact, it is recommended that a few minutes before ejaculation, stop it, and after some time to continue. Sensation of orgasm that a man that a woman has obtained several times brighter.

A source: https://impotencija.net/urologija/semjaizverzhenie-vo-sne/

The most common causes of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation - male relatively rare disease characterized by a substantial decrease in the duration of intercourse with ejaculation uncontrolled. As a rule, the sexual act is only a few frictions or ejaculation occurs at the stage of introduction of the penis into the vagina.

Premature ejaculation has always leads to the cessation of sexual intercourse as a result of orgasm in sexual partner does not occur. There is a disharmony of sexual partners, marital disharmony, and then the destruction of marriage and family.

Causes of premature ejaculation are several:

  • hypersexuality;
  • Kollikulit (inflammation of seed tubercle);
  • Syndrome paracentral lobules;
  • Hypersexuality - the lot of young men (youth hypersexuality) and men with hormone-active testicular tumor (a pathological hypersexuality). Hypersexuality limit of normal - the number of sexual acts per day.

If a man is able to perform up to 8 sexual acts (the upper limit of normal), indicates a strong sexual constitution, if more - on hormone-producing leydigome.

What does the medicine?

The young men (and in extremely rare cases of adult men with strong sexual constitution) treatment of premature ejaculation is performed as follows - just sedative (anxiolytic) agents. When testicular tumors prescribe drugs, anti-androgens.

Kollikulit - inflammation of seed tubercle, or seed mound is essentially an inflammation of the prostatic urethra.

Inflammation of seed tubercle is not an independent disease, kollikulit - a form of urethritis, ie continuation of the process of inflammation of the urethra. It is the primary and secondary, acute and chronic.

In most cases, it is the result of infections, sexually transmitted infections (ureaplasma, mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Trichomonas, gonorrhea).

For treat premature ejaculation at an early stage when kollikulit administered candles with belladonna and antispasmodics, instillation into the urethra (Drip into the urethra) preparations silver oily solutions (sea buckthorn oil and et al.).

Paracentral lobules syndrome - a congenital disease, which has at its core the defeat of higher cortical centers of urogenital regulation.

Early ejaculation is combined with urination disorders, sometimes with nocturnal enuresis, nocturnal emission. The treatment of premature ejaculation in this case involves (alkaloid Securinega) and ergotamine (ergot extract), clomipramine, imipramine (imipramine), antispasmodics.

In addition to the above-described treatment regimens for prophylaxis and treatment of premature ejaculation prescribed:

  • Local anesthetic effect of ointments applied to the glans of the penis;
  • selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (dapoxetine, duloxetine, fluoxetine).

That the power of man?

First of all, you should consider the factor that premature ejaculation can be caused by events such as fatigue, strong excitement, prolonged lack of intimacy, all kinds of diseases (common cold can cause violations). That is why many men seek to deal with the problem on their own, using, for example, the generic Viagra.

Such preparations will forget about the troubles and fully enjoy the intimacy. Action generics based on the normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs, as well as lowering the sensitivity of the penis. Therefore, man is able to make a long-term sexual acts, giving pleasure to yourself and your partner.

Treatment premature ejaculation through all possible generic shows excellent results, but it is not a panacea for this condition.

Also, you can use the following guidelines:

  • In the diet of men must be present fruits and vegetables, and special attention should be paid to proteins. On fatty, unhealthy foods is to give;
  • Observe the daily routine. You should have enough time to rest. Discard the excessive exercise, avoid stress and depression, as they are the most common causes of early semyaispuskaniya;
  • The treatment of premature ejaculation It requires putting in order, and the nervous system. This does not necessarily use serious drugs, enough drink soothing infusions of herbs, which can be purchased at any pharmacy;
  • For the treatment of premature ejaculation are also doing the exercises, for example, do yoga, gymnastics, make the usual charge. Should not give up and from procedures such as massage, sauna, hardening;
  • The body should be cleaned of toxins that have been accumulating over the years in it. Not more than a run of the parasites, if this procedure there are prerequisites.

A source: https://doctordik.com/blog/samye-chastye-prichiny-prezhdevremennogo-semyaizverzheniya.html

Why ejaculate in a dream - All about the potency

Almost all the boys in adulthood faced with the phenomenon of pollution. Nocturnal emissions may be perceived very negatively and as a rule, boys are embarrassed of this phenomenon and hide it. But they are embarrassed him for nothing.

A similar phenomenon - the result of a child growing up, when the body has been formed to sexuality and sexual contacts yet.

Moreover, in this age, all sexual experiences, until the erotic dreams are perceived particularly bright and strong.

But pollution - is not only a teenage problem.

Many men like embarrassments happen when there is an involuntary ejaculation during vivid erotic dream or after too much sexual experience.

Ejaculation occurs in addition to the will of the male and often at the wrong time, and because many men We would like to get rid of it, even if they understand that the pollution - it is not a disease and treat it should not be.

Night ejaculation and its causes

As mentioned above, involuntary ejaculation is most often in young men who have reached their puberty, but it does not have the opportunity to satisfy his sexual desire. During this period, the body undergoes changes in boys, a large number of hormones strongly change its structure and behavior.

Developing a male figure, changing the skeleton and muscle mass in the body begin to grow hair, changes the metabolism, voice breaking. All these signs indicate that the body is ripe and ready for adult life, and pollutions body shows its willingness to have sexual relations.

Gonads are located on the operating mode and start producing sperm, which periodically inadvertently splash outwards.

Thus, the pollution - is not a disease or an anomaly, a signal that the boy develops quite normally.

Besides ejaculation end, not all night teen, and, as a rule, only those when he was excited by erotic dreams or thoughts.

They start in the men's life in 14 years, and do not end in a period, and when the sex life of men is part of normal, and he satisfies his sexual needs. That intensity of sexual life is a major factor in the emergence of the phenomenon.

Even an adult male may experience similar problems if it is forced for a long time to abstain from sexual intercourse. Fully formed men who have chosen a profession that requires a long abstinence due to lack of women (mariners, geologists working rotational manner in the North et al.), can wake up with wet sheet.

So it is not entirely unusual.

Do not have any specific rules in the frequency of wet dreams, doctors believe that if they disturb the peace of men, nothing to worry about not more than 3 times a week. But if pollutions occur almost every day, you should consult your doctor.

Treatment associated with the use of drugs or therapy, need not everyone who applied for using, as often a similar frequency of involuntary ejaculations associated with psychological rather than physical reasons.

But if ejaculation takes place during the day and without any excitement, then you need to see a doctor, as these symptoms may be a cause of serious illness to be treated.

How to deal with involuntary ejaculation?

As already revealed, in most cases nocturnal emissions does not need treatment, but nevertheless, many men would like to get rid of the wet sheets in the morning. There are certain techniques that can help in this fight, they will not give an absolute guarantee, but will be able to improve the situation. For this you need:

  1. Sleep (sleep should be quiet and long).
  2. Tired (you need to go to bed exhausted physically).
  3. Be quiet (you do not have to worry, avoid bedtime any of vivid impressions, especially of a sexual nature).

Useful activities before bedtime

First of all you need to ventilate the room, and if possible to achieve a temperature reduction of up to 20-22 degrees, there needs to be a little cool in the room. Do not overdo it in the cooling and do not catch cold.

Try not to eat before going to bed, it is better if the last meal will have an hour for 4 or 5 to sleep. Of course, also should not overeat and consume heavy and fatty foods. It is best to confine a light dinner with a minimum of fluid to any crowded stomach or bladder is not provoked night ejaculation.

Carefully watch your hygiene, since even a slight inflammation or remnants of smegma under the foreskin can cause itching or irritation, which, in turn, provoke pollution with.

It is best to sleep without underwear to avoid friction on the head of the penis tissue. And if you sleep naked is not comfortable, then put on "family" cowards, that will get you free.

Active exercise can reduce the likelihood of nocturnal emissions, but it is uniquely suited as a mature men, young men enough to sleep a couple of hours to fully relax and rejuvenate even after exhausting sports. But in any case, the sport will help you improve not only physical parameters but also adjust faster production of testosterone, which will help further normalize and pollution problems.

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Try to not be excited before going to bed. And it's not just about sexual arousal, but also about normal. TV, loud music, chat with a girl, and much more capable of causing excitement. Therefore, give preference to a relaxing pastime, read a good book, listen to relaxing music, etc.

Hopefully, these tips will help you!

A source: http://potenciy-med.ru/narodnye-sredstva/pochemu-proishodit-eyakulyatsiya-vo-sne/

Nocturnal emissions - what it is and how to fight it

Each representative of a strong half of mankind knows, heard or experienced, such a phenomenon as a wet-dream - involuntary ejaculationThat occurs due to the strong sexual arousal. For the most part this phenomenon occurs at night - pollyutsionny sleep, although not rare phenomena such and in the daytime.

If we consider the phenomenon from a medical point of view - it not considered a deviation from the norm, but it is on the contrary, a sign of normal development of the body, the work of hormones and gonads. Even with an increase in the daily and nocturnal pollutions, taking into account the normal activity of sexual activity - it is not considered a deviation, but it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Why is this happening

Doctors isolated as physiologicalAnd pathological pollutions. If we talk about the physiological -chasche pollutions of all, they are characterized by for adolescence.

Continue such events prior to the man regular sex life - in young and middle age they occur because of long-term abstinence. In this case - it is a defense mechanism of the body, when the latter naturally empties seminal ducts and the way in preventing the development of stagnant, negative phenomena.

standard considered in adolescents - 1-2 times a week in an adult and mature man - 1-2 times a month.

If we talk about pollutions pathological in nature - they are typical for mature men and It shows in their body during pathological processes, problems with the central nervous system and urinary system particular. In this case it is necessary, first of all, to eliminate the root cause of the breakdown and then raise the question of reducing uncontrolled ejaculation at night.

Often the cause is inflammationAffecting the genitourinary tract - prostate and seminal vesicles.

More rarely, this phenomenon may provoke neoplasms of the genitourinary systemBenign or malignant, when the blood clots can get into the semen.

Another serious cause of night or day pollutions can be trauma and pelvic organ systems, as well as brain and spinal cord, CNS disorders, responsible for erection and ejaculation.

Such events often accompanied by a feeling of fatigue and headaches, failure in sexual attraction and manifestations of sexual dysfunction in erection. Often they may be caused by stress or nervous yourself to provoke a breakdown and depression, the emergence of negative personality disorders in the form of fear and tension that occurs for no apparent reason.

Frequent, 2-3 times per night or day, emissions, even with regular sex life can be combined in its manifestation to the weakening or the complete absence of erection. The longer it takes such manifestations of wet dreams - the sooner the man can begin impotenceIn nature, having a central, nervous origin.

In the normal course pollutions can last up to 60 years and speak only of the excessive, hypersexuality men and are by no deviation.

As a phenomenon - pollutions are not treatedBut somewhat lower their quantitative expression may be some charges of medicinal herbs that have a positive effect on the central nervous system. Such charges are best to agree with the doctor, but in any case - peppermint and balm, valerian tincture in moderation will not hurt.

It is also necessary to change and own daily routine - get up early and take a contrast shower, eat at a certain time, and, of course, An adequate motor activity, visiting a gym or swimming pool, or simply to walk more foot.

In relation to diet - primarily introduced into it foods rich in bromine and iron, they act on the central nervous system sedative.

In particular they are in large numbers contained in cod liver oil and beef liver, pomegranate, if such products in the diet is not enough - they can be replaced by vitamin complexes.

In more serious pathologies - solution treatment and selects only a doctor prescribing a course of medical treatment or as required surgery.

The main thing that a man has to remember - about the nocturnal pollutions no worriesSince such a phenomenon doctors call rate and statistics, it meets every third man after 30 years.

Sometimes this phenomenon occurs even in men aged 70-75 years.

If all the measures do not help and pollutions and further disturb a man at night often enough - is to see a doctor and get tested.

A source: http://4bro.club/potenciya/libido/nochnye-pollyucii.html

What is a wet dream, and when it appears?

Almost all healthy men in adolescence and adulthood faced with such a physiological phenomenon as pollution.

This process is out of control and has nothing to do with masturbation.

The phenomenon can cause discomfort, but reasons for concern in this case is absent, it is well within the norm.

In adult men pollutions may occur as a result of prolonged sexual abstinence.

Get rid of them is not necessary, but there are some ways to reduce the frequency of their manifestations.

What is pollution?

Pollution - is uncontrolled ejaculation that occurs spontaneously, without physical stimuli. Thus the body gets rid of excess semen. This physiological phenomenon is quite natural, it avoids overfilling of the testicles, accompanied by swelling and pain.

All the processes are the same as the conventional ejaculation.

Normal or deviation

Phenomenon It considered absolutely normal at any age, in its processes are used by the natural mechanisms of purification and self-regulation. The normal frequency of wet dreams in adolescence is considered to be the frequency 4-5 times in 10 days.

In adults, the rate should not exceed 3 times in 7 daysA lot depends on the regularity of sexual intercourse, lifestyle.

Guard should be in the following cases:

  • erection occurs during the night and did not cease;
  • painful night orgasm is accompanied by discomfort and awakenings;
  • purulent strange color and odor with inclusions of blood;
  • hyperthermia.

Under these pollutions is required to seek medical help, a specialist prescribe the correct treatment. Manifestations may occur against the background of hormonal failure, accompanied by an excess of testosterone, diseases of the genitourinary system, treatment with certain drugs (anabolic steroids, hormones, steroids).

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pathological pollutions

Frequent pollutions, and pollutions in adult males indicate the presence of the genital organs or the central nervous system diseases.

Pathological processes can also occur as a result of inflammatory processes semyaobrazuyuschih bodies and ejaculatory tract.

Pathological pollutions are accompanied by a feeling of fatigue, lethargy, fatigue, sexual dysfunction. Such phenomena may be caused by neurosis or provoke them. The patient in waiting for them nervous, which also contributes to exacerbate the problem.

Frequent (several times a night, if you have a regular sex life) pollutions combined with the complete absence or weakening of erection / orgasm. If violations persist for a long time, there has been increasing symptoms of neurotic disorders, there is a risk of impotence.

The causes of wet dreams

One of the most common causes of wet dreams is prolonged sexual abstinence, A phenomenon common in the army, in such circumstances, the physical development of the social advances.

An important role is played by a man's age, in adolescents there activation of functioning of the gonadsThat leads to a sharp increase in the level of hormones. Adult men are faced with a problem in long-term isolation from the sorority.

Quite often, nocturnal emissions occur after the well-fed meal shortly before bedtime, filled the stomach and intestines are putting pressure on the prostate gland, which contributes to their emergence. Night watching movies with erotic content also contribute to the creation of increased arousal that affects the quality of sleep.

other causes:

  • central nervous system diseases;
  • inflammation of the reproductive system organs, wet dreams stopped after the cause of the disease;
  • tumors having contact with the reproductive system, pollution occurs as a complication;
  • breach of the functioning of the brain responsible for erection and ejaculation;
  • stress, fear before each bout of uncontrolled ejaculation. Frequent pollutions may occur when diagnosed diabetes, dysfunction of the genitourinary system, inflammation of the pelvic organs.

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In such cases it is advisable to apply to the profile the doctor, endocrinologist, neuropsychiatrist, urologist, nephrologist. When hormone replacement therapy failures assigned strictly contraindicated self.

At what age appears pollution

Pollution is one of the characteristic features of pubertyThe first time they occur in the aged 13-15 years. The duration of the process depends on the individual and can last from 1 to 5 years.

Hormonal surge has an impact on all systems and organs: there is rapid growth of bones, accelerated muscle growth, coarsens his voice, begin to grow facial hair. Parallel run process of spermatogenesis, starts reproductive function.

Changes occurring in the body are often the problem until the occurrence of adolescent depression. In adult men, such manifestations are observed against the background of a prolonged sexual abstinence. The norm is the frequency of 1-2 times per week 1-2 times per monthSometimes wet dreams can occur in 50-60 years.

Too frequent pollutions indicate heightened sexuality men, some male representatives in connection with the physiological characteristics they are completely absent.

Most often wet dreams occur at night, Due to increased levels of sex hormones and lack of sexual partner.

During the day they can occur under the influence of erotic arousal and orgasm is sometimes accompanied by such phenomena are considered to be adequate.

Guard follows if the pollution occurs as a result of non-sexual stimuli phenomenon may be caused by physical exertion or strong emotion.

In such cases it is advisable to talk with your child, discuss the features of puberty, to explain the physiological mechanisms. In the presence of any abnormalities is recommended to consult a specialist, undergo appropriate examination, as the pathology is always easier to prevent than to treat.

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Treatment of pathological processes

In the treatment of excessive nocturnal pollutions can be used conservative methods and traditional recipes. The first to be eliminated the main causes of nocturnal emissions. recommended normalize sex life, The number of sexual contacts per week should not be less than 3.

Should stop wearing tight underwear that will avoid physical stimulation of the genitals. The important role played by adherence to sleep and rest should be excluded night overeating, help to correct the situation as adequate physical exercise. In the absence of the possibility of conducting sexual life should be sminimizirovany stimulating factors.

If the pathological processes associated with taking drugs, their use must be abandoned.

Recommended sleep well, sleep on a convenient place, to avoid stress and other strong emotions. To sleep in a well ventilated area, the temperature should not be too high. Please be aware that eating fatty foods and increase the risk of pollutions.

Particular attention should be paid to hygiene of genitalsEven a small itch caused by inflammation may also cause involuntary ejaculation. In adulthood, before going to bed is recommended to make short walks.

It should also be borne in mind that the constant surge can trigger brain dysfunction. During sleep, his activity is maintained, signaling occurs uncontrollably, in order to avoid various problems your doctor may prescribe medications for stress.

Uncontrolled ejaculation during the day is considered to be a serious problem, a diagnosis can only be a doctor.

First, we should refer to a neurologist, since disorders caused primarily by increased excitability of the nervous system. If no violations physician redirects the patient to another specialist. If the pathological processes are caused by diseases of the urogenital area, the doctor prescribes medication on the basis of survey data.

Traditional methods

Show high efficiency as folk recipes main treatment in this case is the normalization of sexual activity regularity. In the absence of such a possibility can help masturbation.

Effective popular recipes:

  • 1 tsp hop cones pour 200 g of boiling water, insist 10 min., take 1 tbsp. l. overnight.
  • Dried mint leaves pour boiling water, drink instead of tea infusion.
  • Dry vodokras pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, leave for a few hours in a dark place, drink 1 tbsp. l. 4 times a day.


  • pollution - a normal phenomenon, which is an involuntary ejaculation at night.
  • The phenomenon is common among adolescents during puberty, males pollution may occur in patients without sexual activity.
  • Pathological pollutions may occur as a result of various brain dysfunctions of the CNS, against urogenital diseases.
  • In the presence of abnormalities is recommended to normalize the way of life, to give up overeating, if there is no effect, seek medical attention.

A source: https://kakbyk.com/bolezni/seksualnye-rasstrojstva/erektilnaya-funktsiya/chto-takoe-pollyutsiya-i-kogda-ona-poyavlyaetsya.html

Nocturnal emissions: the disease or the norm? Pollution - involuntary eruption of semen in men

Pollution - involuntary eruption of semen in men. This usually happens during sleep due to erotic dreams, but the dream is not terminated.

Pollutions may occur not only at night but also during the day, in the waking state. Typically, daytime wet-dream come under the natural sexual-erotic excitement in lack of sexual approach (often with hugs and kisses, but sometimes at the sight of a naked body).

In adults, nocturnal emissions usually occur due to sexual abstinence. This phenomenon provides a regular sperm and facilitate the evacuation of portable hard manifestation of continence as mental concentration on sexual themes, spontaneous erection (penile arousal) and the like.

For adult men, a long time not sexually active, wet dreams at night are the adaptive mechanism to remove excess accumulation of semen in the genitals. Moderate nocturnal emissions are not harmful to health.

They are in a sense compensate sex life, and when it comes, they are self-terminated.

The age of the first wet dreams and their frequency depends on the individual innate characteristics person (body build, temperament, and other), the general state of health, lifestyle and orientation interests. Some of the sexual healthy men never happens pollutions.

On average pollution occurs in adolescents and young adults once a week, adults - once a month. However, during the abstinence wet dreams are more often, and their uniformity disappears.

Wet dreams - this is not abnormal, but rather a sign of a normal hormonal work gonads. But if the pollutions are becoming more frequent (daily or become even occur several times a day, despite the persistence of the normal rhythm of sexual activity), this indicates a disorder of the sexual sphere. In these cases, you should consult with a specialist.

Prevention and treatment of an increased pollutions promotes a strict daily routine: You should get up early, pour cold water, sleep on a hard bed, not be wrapped up for the night, do not drink liquor, after lunch and dinner be sure to go for a smaller dinner there is.
Until the termination of pollutions is useful to take iron and bromine products that are available in pharmacies as a finished product.

"Normal" wet dreams are not harmful to health and usually no unpleasant experiences they are not accompanied.

The fact that after pollutions some teenagers or young people feel discomfort, depression, weakness, caused by experienced by fears due to misconceptions about pollutions (it seems that wet dreams are a sign any disease). Teens fear for their health, but it will go away if adults honor with their respective explanations.

According to some studies, nocturnal emissions occur in 83% of men in this or that period of life, and most of it occurs in the transition to adulthood.
After 20 years, the frequency of nocturnal pollutions decreases, and after 30 years they are going only a few men. However, the well known cases of nocturnal pollutions and the 80-year-old men.

In the medical literature, the term "wet dreams" is sometimes used in relation to the female sexuality. This refers to cases in women is sexual intercourse discharge from the uterine glands and Bartholin's glands. Such "wet dreams" sometimes there are women who do not have the usual sex life.

Human sexuality is manifested at different ages in different ways. Weekly wet dreams in adolescence or in adult males with sexual abstinence are absolutely normal, but in the presence of a child of seven pollutions - a sign of disturbances in sexual area.

In the same period pubertal characteristic appearance of sexual desire (libido), which is shown at boys as the appearance of first ejaculation (usually in the form of nocturnal pollutions) and girls - like appearance menses.

In most cases, this period ends with the beginning of sexual activity (nocturnal emissions in boys become less frequent or even stop).

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