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Useful properties of mint and contraindications for men

Benefits and harms of mint leaves

It is difficult to imagine the bounty of nature, to give people the diverse world of plants. Each plant has specific qualities - a pleasant aroma, therapeutic effect, colorful appearance.

The combination of these features can be found in the mint, useful properties and contraindications which are well aware of each herbalist.

In cosmetology and cooking, too, appreciated the quality of valued plants and are widely used for cooking and products for skin care, hair, nails.

Peculiarities of chemical composition

The value of the plant - in useful for the organism substances, the effects of which can be directed to the treatment of various diseases. The mint leaves contain chemical compounds and useful elements:

  • Menthol (soothes, relieves irritation, normalizes the blood vessels, heart);
  • essential oil (beneficial effect on the skin tissue, and improves the digestive system);
  • acid (contribute to cleaning bodies from harmful substances, enrich cells useful elements);
  • saponins (rejuvenate the body, reduce the pressure reinforce vessel walls);
  • phytosterols (saturated with vitamins fabric hold moisture).

This is only a small fraction of useful substances contained in the plant material.

The use of conventional and peppermint

Before you begin treatment, using aromatic plant, it is necessary to understand the beneficial properties of herbs and find out against what diseases is recommended to use cooked funds. Plain and peppermint have the following advantages:

  • improve the nervous system, digestive tract, blood vessels, heart;
  • relieve pain;
  • facilitate state respiratory diseases;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • have an antiseptic effect;
  • eliminate flatulence, promote exchange processes;
  • have anti-inflammatory effects in diseases of the internal organs;
  • output mucus from bronchial catarrhal diseases;
  • strengthen the immune system, fight infection.

Despite the effectiveness of products based on mint, grass brings not only benefits but also is able to do much harm. should not be limited to the study of preparation and application of recipes - medicinal properties and contraindications have to remember no less carefully.

Benefits for women

Decoctions of mint - a useful tool, which is recommended for use in the care of skin and hair. Domestic compositions based on field wild mint enrich dermal tissue nutrients, strengthen and rejuvenate cells.

Useful properties of herbs do not end there - often gynecologists recommend that women use a home remedy against inflammations, thrush. Decoctions are used externally, should add them to sit baths. Due to the large amount of menthol it is recommended to use the compositions pregnant - fragrant funds relieves attacks toxicity and relieves nausea.

As a sedative receiving infusions or decoctions of mint nervous disorders or stress.

Benefits for Men

The properties of essential oil of the plant is recommended to send to fight the problems of potency. Active ingredients regulate blood flow in the pelvic organs, improving sexual performance and eliminating the inflammatory processes in the prostate.

For men, we recommend the use of mint broth in the case of strong sweating. Foot wash with fragrant composition having useful properties, eliminate the unpleasant odor. Regularity manipulation - daily until complete recovery from the problem.

Contraindications to the use of

Despite the numerous beneficial properties of mint, pre-need to consult a doctor and find out whether home treatment will backfire. The use of medicinal herbs prohibited under these health problems:

  • hypotension (active ingredients capable of lowering blood pressure);
  • individual negative reaction to certain substances contained in the mint;
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • age (up to 6 years in the treatment of the child is better to use other plants).

Side effects after treatment agents based on mint are rare among them common drowsiness, and nausea, but it happens only in overdose or careless attitude toward contraindications.

Fields of application

Use fragrant leaves of plants is possible in the preparation of dishes, drinks or preservation, in cosmetics, home medicines. Useful properties is not only fresh raw materials, but also harvested for future use dry grass. Mint freeze is not recommended - a part of the healing qualities disappear and the leaves lose their particular flavor.

Mint leaves stock up better with the spring - after flowering, they acquire a rather unpleasant smell and losing the beneficial properties. Before drying plant material is recommended to wash and chop.

Prepared mass to spread a thin layer on a wide baking and send the shed - in partial shade persist all the properties of herbs. Store in airtight containers with a lid.

Regularly check the quality of raw materials, re-dry if necessary.


Use spice can in soups, sauces, salads. Mint goes well with meat, fish, fruits (berries, fruits) and vegetables. On the basis of mint prepare refreshments. Especially prized tea from the leaves, has beneficial properties - in the cold season, it improves the immune system and protects against colds.


One of the properties of mint - to influence the activity of the sebaceous glands. Such quality plants are not left unattended in cosmetology, herb often used in the manufacture of tools for face or hair. Regular use of the compositions can remove greasy skin luster, enlarged pores, dandruff.

Prepare a face mask:

  • connect yellow clay (25 g) in water (15 ml);
  • Add 10 ml of peppermint oil and almond;
  • stir until uniform composition.

Spread the mixture evenly on problem areas of the face and leave for fifteen minutes. After rinsing plenty not wet hot water remaining moisture and applied to the skin nutrient preparation.

Hair care is recommended to use an infusion of mint. For its preparation brew liter of boiling 100 g of fresh plant materials, or 50 g dry. Infuse for half an hour, covered with dense container lid. The filtered liquid used to rinse hair after each wash.

Recipes of traditional medicine

To get rid of diseases based mint prepared infusion, decoction, oil. The only requirement is that you need to remember - the daily use of herbs should not exceed '15

Digestive Diseases Treatment is based broth peppermint having remarkable properties. The composition is able to normalize the bowels and stomach, increase appetite, removes harmful elements.


  • chop 25g mint (leaves);
  • boil water (220 ml), brew prepared slurry;
  • infuse for half an hour, for a more concentrated flavor wrap container with a towel or use a thermos.

Accept infusion of peppermint 80 ml three times per day. The course of treatment - a month after a break of 2-3 weeks to continue treatment.

Thanks to the useful properties of plants and the presence of essential oils recommended to use the plant in the sinus, nasal congestion. Menthol contained in the mint, to help cope with hoarseness.

Preparation of folk remedies for sinusitis:

  • sharp knife chop fresh leaves (30 g);
  • boil water (250 ml), slurry brew herbal;
  • insist 1-3 hours;
  • after filtering poured into a glass container and store in a cool place.

Bury composition three times a day. Dosage - 2 drops in each nostril. Children reduce the number of home medication by half.

Against the pressure recommended to regularly use medicinal teas, in which the active ingredient acts mint. Of the additional ingredients is recommended motherwort, hawthorn, wild rose, motherwort.

Into two parts mint recommended to take one part of the plant components. To prepare the drink 100 g of the raw material to brew a half liters of water. Insist to drink during the day, replacing the usual broth of black or green tea.

Men to increase potency is recommended to use peppermint tincture - chop leaves (100 g) and pour vodka or home pervach (500 mL). Infuse in a dark place for about a month. Taken daily by 15 ml.

Mint - plant with many remarkable properties, but only the correct application of grass will benefit the health. Do not experiment with spice, exceed the recommended dosage, to use the funds with restrictions.

A source: https://doma-v-sadu.ru/ogorod/myata-poleznye-svojstva.html

Peppermint: therapeutic properties and contraindications for women and men

Each house owner can find all the herbs - mint.

Sometimes it seems that she lives only in the kitchen of my grandmother's old bag. But look in the bath, and she hid behind the jars with essential oils, and already tries to fill his spirit the whole house.

And in my mother's closet a bottle of peppermint tincture recalls that day will be calm. As you may have guessed, today is my story about the healing properties of peppermint and contraindications to its use.

Plants of the mint there are more than 40 species and hybrids. They all have a very strong flavor, because it contains menthol. Plant name flows from the depths of the Greek culture.

And there is in honor of the goddess of Alaska pollock (nymphs), which the wife of the underworld god Hades jealous and turned into a fragrant mint. No wonder the people called her female grass grass "Aphrodite".

Ancient inhabitants used the plant as a magic potion with the power of love spell.

The most popular kind - peppermint growing in every village, in almost every yard. In order for a plant to grow without having to know a lot of secrets. But how much power and medicinal properties is fraught with this herb!

The use of traditional medicine

Peppermint normalizes blood pressure due to vasodilatory action. Preferred combination oils: peppermint, ylang-ylang and lemon oil are effective under reduced pressure. 1 drop in aromamedalyon change of weather and clarity of thought is provided to you. Oil concentrate attention, rejuvenate and improve cerebral circulation;

Treats different gastric and intestinal diseases (eliminates constipation and flatulence, relieves spasms and cramps). People with high acidity can safely take peppermint treatment, it does not cause aggravation. Brewed peppermint tea and drink 2-3 times a day. Brewing - see below.

A positive effect on the liver, makes it easy to drain bile.

Aligns the rhythm of the heart, dilates blood vessels.

headache. Mint tea or broth relieves tension, psycho-emotional anxiety. Aligns composure, thereby positively affects the suppression of migraine attacks.

It is indispensable in the fight against colds. Cost sniff a jar of oil, and the nose is released, and easy breathing. Drip two drops in a dish with hot water and put in a room where sleeping. On this night, you will not need nasal drops.

Use grass toothache. It is widely used in traditional medicine.

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The main contraindications to the use of mint:

  1. gipotonikam can not be used because of the ability to reduce blood pressure to a critical point;
  2. pregnant and lactating women must be careful to treat this plant;
  3. not to consume large quantities of men, because of the possible reduction in the hormone testosterone;
  4. children under three years of undesirable mint infusions and teas, and up to 6 years can not mint oil;
  5. gently apply with reduced acidity, so as peppermint has the property of lowering the production of hydrochloric acid;
  6. contraindicated mint allergies.

Yet, peppermint is widely used in cooking, especially extracts. Gourmets will love feeding the meat mint sauce in baking fragrant grass special aroma. Irreplaceable plant and in the preparation of various beverages. And mints! These sweets loved not only children but also adults.

How to dry the mint tea at home

In July, in hot weather, when there is no rain, you need to gather up a few mint leaves, preferably top - tender and fragrant.

Next start properly dried peppermint tea at home: dims in the attic, veranda or on the top shelf of the cupboard clean natural fabric, leaves decompose into one layer.

Leave for 2-3 days, then shaken cloth and turn over raw materials. Dry them for 1-2 days, then add up the dry leaves in a glass jar and store no more than 2 years.

How to brew mint tea

Simple mint tea brew as usual - take a mint to taste, or simply add 1-2 mint leaves in the tea brew.

How to brew mint for medicinal tea: collected and dried leaves 50 grams of grass. Quenched with water (1 liter). Boil is not more than 15-20 minutes. Get away from fire brew. And then taken before a meal (soaking interval 40 minutes) at 20-40 ml. Positive effect on the bile duct, and in the nervous excitability.

Medicinal properties and contraindications peppermint for women

In today's pace of life that sets fast pace, we need moments of calm and relaxation. Today, a woman carries a great burden of responsibility.

And to fill up the harmony with the outer and inner world, we must turn to nature. Part of the women's issues decides to mint.

At work, a cup of mint tea relieve emotional stress, and at home - a relaxing bath will give a deep sleep.

  • Mint affects the hormones, increases the amount of female hormones (phytoestrogens) and suppresses male hormone (testosterone). Do not forget to prepare a decoction of mint, if you increased pilosity (through the increase of male hormones). Mint tea has the ability to cope with this female problem, reducing hair growth;
  • Mint will play an important role in the treatment of pre-menopausal state. And during menopause hormonal help calm the waves;
  • grass is indispensable for those who have problems with the menstrual cycle;
  • when mastitis plant provides an auxiliary effect in the combined treatment;

Despite the fact that peppermint has undisputed therapeutic properties, have important contraindications for women:

Caution should be those with vascular dystonia hypotonic type. Herb lowers blood pressure. If excessive use of plants can feel discomfort and weakness.

The use of herbs in large quantities is contraindicated for pregnant women due to the high composition of essential oils, which may affect the fetus. Many advised mint tea at a toxicosis, but the risks outweigh the effect. You can pamper yourself a cup of green tea, adding a couple of mint leaves. But let it be as an exception rather than the rule.

Nursing mothers should be remembered that mint "dries" milk. But those plans have to suppress lactation, may safely use the recipe: 1 drop of peppermint oil in a spoonful of honey and drink all the yogurt once a day.

Do not forget about allergic intolerance. If you have no problem with that, then go ahead and eat what is this useful product.

Peppermint Men: useful properties and contraindications

In most homes, mint settled as a family drink. Grass loved not only women, but also appreciated by men. Peppermint has healing properties for men and about contraindications due to effects on potency, blows rather "word of mouth".

Known Carpathian healer Magda advises wives so take care of their men (this information struck me as interesting to read):

On a hot day, nonalcoholic mojito (prepared on the basis of mint) cools the male body. In the evening, after painful working day, a warm bath with droplets of flavor oil relieve fatigue and defuse tension.

Add some essential oil in the butter, then coat after a bath your feet men. And in the morning they will myagonkimi, chapped skin rejuvenated. For a restful sleep and the perfect end to the day, put your family under the pillow bag with dried mint leaves. Light sleep and tranquility oveet your home.

Why can not men drink tea with mint and if this is so?

The people there is a perception that men should not drink tea with mint, why? There is no scientifically proven information that the mint reduces virility. Even healers disagree, helpful or more harmful for men mint.

Negative impact on the potency of herbs cause a calming effect, but the official medicine is not confirmed.

But listen to the prompts generations still stands: do not get carried away with excessive consumption, and the thought of poor libido, you will not be disturbed.

Tincture peppermint - instruction manual

Instructions for use of peppermint tincture is simple, it can be like inside 25 drops, and use for rubbing. Inside the well it acts as a spasmolytic. Migraine rubbed into the whiskey, and neuralgia - a painful area.

In every pharmacy there is a mint liqueur, but also to cook it yourself is not difficult. And the effect of self-dried mint grows significantly. For tinctures need leaves, a collection of summer flowering period. You can make alcohol tincture and water.

Tincture alcohol-based: take 0.5 liters of alcohol (75%) or grandmother brew (above 60%) in about 100 grams of leaves. Insist in a dark place for more than two weeks.

To prepare an aqueous infusion, you need 5 grams of herb to prepare and pour one cup of boiling water. Endure 15 minutes of boiling and squeeze. This tincture is relevant when the therapeutic properties and actions need to have without the presence of alcohol.


Tincture of peppermint is fraught not only benefit, but harm. Especially children. Remember that alcohol tinctures contraindicated in children and mint teas and broths should not be given up to three years. Gentle Children's bodies can react unpredictably concentrated mint drinks, so the dosage should be minimal. A few leaves for flavor perfectly remove kids anxiety.

Tinctures and decoctions are harmful if taken continuously and without interruption. The plant has medicinal properties, so you need to maintain control over the dosage and duration of admission. There is a simple rule: the three-week course of treatment + a week of rest. And you do not hurt yourself.

Peppermint oil: properties and applications for personal care

Despite the huge variety of different means of body care, face and hair, modern women are increasingly turning to products of natural origin. Peppermint oil has a number of useful properties for applications in cosmetic procedures.

  • Menthol tones and refreshes the skin;
  • Oil-based perfectly nourishes and hydrates the epidermis;
  • Light irritating effect contributes to the body's regeneration of the skin.

It is easy to organize a beauty salon at home. You will need to peppermint oil and fragrant mint tea which will relax while you prepare masks, creams and shampoos.

Greasy hair shiny and dandruff with mint leave care. Sprinkle in 4 drops of oil a shampoo and wash your hair, enjoying the aroma of menthol.

Rinse hair mint decoction (boil mint leaves and infuse the broth, add two drops of oil). This tool works no worse than the expensive air conditioning.

Even ease of combing will give peppermint oil. Two drops on a comb and - voila! You do not need shoplifting sprays.

Dim face, "crow's feet" wrinkles - all traces of the daily routine and the responsibility that rests on fragile female shoulders. 4 mineral oil droplets in the water, poured into molds and freeze to ice. In the morning, the skin wakes up, cheer up, go "bags", and in the summer you still feel the light touch of the cool forest, wiping daily face these cubes.

Smooth complexion will give the scrub on the basis of oat flakes and mint. Dried leaves chop with 0.25 cups of cereal. Dilute with water. Massage your skin with light flowing movements, always avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm pleasant water. Apply your favorite moisturizer.

Peppermint oil lip

Your lips appear pale and over dried from the local smog and saws. Yes! Beautiful lips have always attracted men. Use peppermint oil for lip care, and you get a great bonus - they will be fresher with sensual volume. Drip oil in your lip balm and apply with a brush as a daily care. Give yourself this pleasure!

Beautiful female figure with those in whom the eyes shine. But give the body elasticity, diminished tubercles, will help our oil. Wraps based on mint and increase blood circulation, at the same time, provide a cooling effect. Add a couple of drops of peppermint oil in any mixture of wraps and enjoy the effect.

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Peppermint essential oil: Properties and Applications

Due to slight irritant and toning properties, peppermint essential oil is used in cosmetics, treatment of colds and for recuperation (aromatherapy).

  • Essential peppermint oil is added to creams and lotions for skin laxity age - 2-3 drops to a tablespoon of cream spoon. With daily care the skin becomes more elastic tightened disappears flabby and sagging.
  • Add it and shampoos, masks and balms for the hair. It promotes hair growth, dandruff disappearance, strengthening the power of hair follicles.
  • From colds, insomnia, stress and nervousness use the achievements of modern aromatherapy: drop a few drops of essential oils of peppermint on a special plate on or just aromalampe hot lamp incandescent. Minty flavor relieve nasal congestion, headaches, colds, as well as help with nerve problems.

How to prepare your own essential oil of mint

Prepare base oil (almond, sesame or wheatgerm). Mint leaves to dry and to recapture, pre-folded in a package. To repel the first juice droplets. Take a jar and fill with oil leaves.

Leave overnight. In the morning, filter the mixture. Cooking battered again and again mint fill the filtered oil. Repeat three times. Harvesting in the refrigerator.

Our mint essential oil of a magical properties ready for use.

As much as we might wish, but home Nyack essential oil can not be compared with this industry and make all the rules.

Obtaining high-quality hoods - a laborious process, and in the home make it difficult. The present essential oil differs high efficiency and does not contain harmful synthetic components.

Such a product can be used safely (if you follow the rules) and take care effectively for their appearance.

The best essential oil of peppermint, I know - it is a product from your favorite store iherb.com. You can buy it hereVery inexpensive, but very effective.

Peppermint in pregnancy

The use of mint peppermint during pregnancy is certainly the case. When toxemia, especially in the first trimester, mint condition easier, removing bouts of nausea.

In drugstores mint tablets, and in the store to buy peppermints. Well add to the salad a few fresh mint leaves, to avoid episodes of vomiting during meal time. Grass eliminates anxiety before birth.

At the first sign of colds it will ease the pain in the throat and relieve flowed mucous.

A large number of expectant mothers faced with the problem of pregnancy miscarriage. Therefore, we must be careful in the use of plants. Extracts and oils in large quantities leads to hypertonus uterus, threatening preterm labor. Muscles are toned due to the large amount of estrogen in the grass, and bleeding may occur.

For someone peppermint - it's just grass with curative properties and contraindications; but for someone - it's remembering the warm and flavor of childhood. Close your eyes, and you're guests in my grandmother's house.

On the street worth a mint scent with fresh notes of menthol. Grandma makes tea and serve freshly baked cakes. And you know, how do you lack here of five minutes from the tranquility of mint drink and relatives embrace.

Cherish these moments of love mint in your mind.

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Very detailed article! Thanks! Very fond of tea with mint. And sometimes I add milk and fresh leaves.

Interesting and useful article!

Without doubt mint is very useful, but I like the taste of melissa, so I brew tea with Melissa. For therapeutic purposes, the best fit mint.

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Peppermint - medicinal properties and contraindications for men

Peppermint - the most popular medicinal plant used for the preparation of beverages, sweets, aromatherapy. In addition, it is made an essential oil that is readily available for little money.

If mint is good, it is yellowish or light green color, and aroma of it will invigorate and refresh. The aroma of mint removes tension, negative emotions, fights stress, increases self-confidence, is concentration, increases vitality.

Energy indicators mint flavor embodies renewal, and restoration. Traditionally considered feminine, but also recommended the guys.

Peppermint Men: therapeutic properties and contraindications

For medicinal purposes peppermint is used frequently. It perfectly soothes and facilitates many kinds of men's and women's pain: headache and dizziness, nausea, heartburn, stomach cramps, pain in joints, muscles and teeth. In addition, the cold makes it easier and eliminates nasal congestion.

In cosmetology, mint is used to improve blood circulation, it helps in removing the capillaries and dries the acne and pimples.

Mint can not be used for children up to 6 years before the application is necessary to use an allergy test.

Contraindications for men:

No specific contraindications, it has the approval of the American scientists that the peppermint effect on male potency, the research is in mice.

Medicinal properties and applications of mint for men:

  • Aroma. 4-6 drops of mint, add the aroma lamp and put on a candle. This will give the vivacity aromatherapy, increase efficiency, and also disinfects the space.
  • medicinal inhalation. In hot water Dissolve 2-4 drops of peppermint and breathe over the steam, this procedure avoids the stuffy nose and improves health.
  • Massage. For massage dissolve in the base oil either (1 tbsp. spoon), 3-4 drops of peppermint oil. Used to eliminate itching, and in the presence of irritation during prolonged cold applied to the chest, with muscle tension or joint disease.
  • Toothache. Couple drops of peppermint put on a tooth with acute pain
  • Headache. Rub a drop of whiskey.
  • Tea. For flavored and scented tea, put 2-3 drops into the packaging of tea.
  • Aromabaths. Add the water droplets in the 3-4 mint water or better dissolve in the bath salts.
  • Repels insects.

For use inside

Peppermint oil into use for the following symptoms:

  • fatigue;
  • decreased libido;
  • Meager or painful menstruation;
  • A tremor of hands and feet;
  • Nausea;
  • Mental exhaustion;
  • Asthma;
  • Bad breath;
  • Gaza, diarrhea.

Now that you know what peppermint may be useful for men, but before use in any way, do not forget to check the oil of mint on an allergic reaction.

A source: http://sekretkray.ru/travy-i-masla/myata-perechnaya-lechebnye-svojstva-i-protivopokazaniya-dlya-muzhchin/

Mint - useful and medicinal properties, benefits and harms for men, women + video

In various parts of the world sometimes called mint unlike each other's culture, which belongs to the family ties yasnotkovyh and amazing spicy taste, which is no longer no other garden or wild plants.

Today, widespread a little more than 20 kinds of mint used in cooking, as well as in folk and official medicine.

Experience in the application of this vegetable raw materials had also healers and scientists of antiquity.

The benefits of mint to the body in his writings mentioned Hippocrates and Avicenna, calling luchit drugs based on mint headaches and indigestion, fever and mental ailments.

In Russia, the mint has long been considered one of the most popular kinds of spicy greens.

Even in the XIX century, in addition to local wild species in gardens and apothecary gardens you can see the cultural planting this plant, and have lots of useful properties and minimum contraindications mint leaves, as in the photo, had already gathered and went to the production of peppermint lozenges, scented water, and soothing herbal tinctures teas.

What are the benefits of mint and whether the harm from receiving funds on this basis? Right there were doctors of the past, and they say the latest studies of the composition of herbs?

How useful mint for the body?

Modern possibilities of biotechnology and medicine stepped far forward in comparison with the times of Avicenna and even real prototype of Dr. Watson, which is probably more than once recommended to his patients mint in a dank London tea.

Useful properties depend on the composition of mint plant material, which gets the most value at the time of reaching high concentration of peppermint essential oil - menthol, at the time of acquisition of from 2.5 to 6% by weight of leaf or inflorescences. It is this substance determines the flavor, the aroma of grass, and is the basis of the beneficial properties of mint, for example, excellent bactericidal ability.

At the same caloric herb is very low and is 70 kcal. Of the 100 grams of peppermint 3.75 grams collected accounts for proteins, carbohydrates, 6.89 grams and 0.94 grams per fats. In addition, the herbal raw materials a lot of fiber and organic acids, vitamins and mineral salts.

  • Vitamin composition comprises the essential compounds for the human body: A, B1 and B2, B3, B6 and B9, Ci PP.
  • Macronutrients are calcium, phosphorus and sodium, potassium and magnesium.
  • Microcells in grass mint - is manganese, zinc, iron and copper.

mint benefit to the organism in folk and traditional medicine

Mint participates in therapy and preventive measures aimed at combating many diseases.

Preparations containing menthol or peppermint grass have sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasodilator.

Mint prescribed as diaphoretic safely, bactericidal and anesthetic in diseases accompanied with fever, local pain and irritation of mucous and nasal cavity mouth.

The essential oil of mint leaves almost no contraindications, but with a mass of useful properties, as in the photo, in conjunction with other herbal ingredients effectively treats rhinitis, stomatitis and pharyngitis, sore throat and other symptoms of seasonal colds diseases.

Also grass mint used to treat inflammations of the urogenital tract, digestive and liver.

Fresh mint in the composition of food and drinks not only improves the taste, but also actively stimulates the appetite, relieves unpleasant symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, and flatulence.

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How useful mint for the circulatory and nervous system, so it is challenging a tonic effect.

It is through such an extensive beneficial properties of mint are widely used traditional medicine and is included in the compositions are well known, proven and new drugs.

Such drugs with the use of vegetable raw materials possess analgesic, choleretic, and antimicrobial protivospazmaliticheskim action, they are actively soothe, stimulate digestion and the activity of the endocrine glands, have a beneficial effect on the smooth musculature.

Medicinal properties of mint and contraindications for women

Useful properties of mint can be used in such difficult times of a woman's life, such as pregnancy and lactation. At this time, the use of drugs is very limited, and even medicinal herbs should be treated very carefully.

The active ingredients in the composition of the plant:

  • neutralize the manifestations of toxicity;
  • remove nausea;
  • improve appetite and general health;
  • eliminate signs of causeless anxiety often accompanies pregnancy.

mint benefit to the organism is the expectant mother and in the removal of heartburn, mild laxative effect, facilitating flatus. Using the healing properties of mint women need to take into account the contraindications that exist with respect to this plant.

Do not get involved in the use of mint and young mothers. Herbal raw materials as active actions can reduce the amount of milk produced. What else mint useful to women? Decoction of mint or herbal tea relieve fatigue, help to cope with menstrual and headaches, normalize sleep.

Useful properties of mint and contraindications for men

Peppermint is well known as a plant with tonic, tonic, analgesic and antipyretic properties. And what useful mint men's health?

  • Undoubtedly, the mint can effectively eliminate the effects of stress, fatigue, mint tea or broth will soothe and set up in a positive way.
  • The regular inclusion in the diet of mint will reduce the risk of heart disease and nervous system.
  • External application of a decoction of mint refreshes the skin, reduces the sweating and the risk of contracting fungal infections.

With all the beneficial properties of mint, there are contraindications for men, which is worth considering. Overreliance on drinks and meals with fresh mint teas based on it, or drugs with menthol a man can cause a decrease in potency, a sense of relaxation, decreased attention, which is especially dangerous in the management of vehicles.

Contraindications to the use of mint

When there is a mass of useful properties, mint has contraindications relating to all who have decided to start a recovery using this plant.

It should be used carefully mint under reduced pressure. In this case, even a cup of seemingly harmless tea can cause additional pressure drop and deterioration of health.

Similarly mint acts on the blood vessels in thicker tissues, their tone is reduced, the blood flow is reduced. It is therefore not excluded exacerbation of varicose veins.

With respect to the digestive system is possible as the benefits of mint, and the damage from ill-considered receiving means on the basis of the plant.

For example, with care taken broths from mint and hyperacidity, acute exacerbations of gastritis or peptic ulcer.

Pediatricians are advised not to give a mint tea, broth and other herbal remedies to children under three years of age.

Video about the benefits of mint

A source: http://youtube-boss.ru/myata-poleznye-i-lechebnye-svoystva-pol-za-i-vred-dlya-muzhchin-zhenschin-video/

Mint: medicinal properties of plants. Benefits and harms for men and women

Of the more than 25 species of the most common used types of mint - peppermint, wading (pennyroyal), field, curly, water, apple, Japanese, Lemon (bergamot) and others.

But in everyday life it is mainly used - peppermint.

Medicinal properties of mint and contraindications

This fragrant plant belongs to the drug. Medicinal properties of mint and contraindications for its use due to its chemical composition, wherein found a large number of bioactive substances, which are associated with its beneficial properties: volatile, minerals, vitamins, essential oil. In folk medicine uses all parts of the plant: sprouts, mint and petals of flowers.

Also therapeutic properties associated with high mint content in a plant essential oil menthol: up to 4% of mint leaves and up to 6% in the inflorescences.

main beneficial features mint:

  • in inflammation of the upper respiratory tract by inhalation mint oil;
  • stimulates digestion, treats diarrhea, eliminates nausea;
  • dilates blood vessels, reducing blood pressure;
  • rubbing menthol oil to the temples, neck and forehead eliminates the headache, migraine;
  • calms nerves, helps with insomnia, improves sleep;
  • It possesses choleretic action and diaphoretic;
  • dilates coronary vessels.

How useful mint for women? At menopause it helps to cope with its unpleasant symptoms. The use of plants in cosmetics to improve the condition of skin problem: tightens pores, reduces oily skin.

Also, there are serious contraindications mint in which it is not recommended to use it inside the following states:

  • hypotension;
  • mint intolerance, tendency to allergy;
  • Heartburn, hyperacidity of the stomach;
  • varicosity (mint relaxes blood vessels);
  • drowsiness;
  • infertility or problems with conception;
  • children up to three years (menthol able to depress respiration).

Before the use of preparations based mint and menthol (and of the plant) must eliminate these contraindications.

several recipes

Tincture mint vodka has all the beneficial properties of the plant. For its preparation is necessary:

  1. 100 g of fresh leaf;
  2. 5 g of cinnamon;
  3. add 0.5 liters vodka;
  4. insist week;
  5. filter;
  6. cook syrup 1 tbsp. spoons of sugar and ½ cup water, add to the infusion;
  7. insist a week in a dark place.

It is very useful and tasty jam with lemon mint. The recipe of its preparation is very simple:

  1. 250-300 g of fresh mint;
  2. 2 lemons;
  3. 1 kg of sugar;
  4. 0.5 liters of water.


  1. chopped mint and sliced ​​lemons add water;
  2. cooking for 10-15 minutes;
  3. insist day;
  4. peppermint and lemon broth filtered and squeeze;
  5. add sugar;
  6. cooking for two hours at low boil;
  7. ready to pour the jam into sterilized jars and roll up.

Mint during pregnancy

The curative properties of mint can benefit during gestation. Drunk 3-4 cups of mint tea a day are absolutely harmless during pregnancy.

Mint tea during pregnancy facilitates the symptoms of toxicity, eliminates nausea, heartburn, constipation and bloating.

To prepare this tea, you need to:

  1. 1 tbsp. l. dried leaves of peppermint (or 3 tbsp. l. fresh leaves);
  2. pour cup of boiling water (250 ml);
  3. insist 0.5 hours;
  4. drink strained.

You can prepare this tea in a thermos or water bath.

But here is the use of essential oil of mint is not recommended in pregnancy because it is a high concentration of menthol, which can cause premature labor.

Mint breastfeeding

Mint breastfeeding may affect the amount of lactation. The official medicine does not recommend its use in this period. But not all types of mint are on lactation same way: some may repress it, the other - to stimulate.

Menthol acts individually, but most of the systematic use of the plant inhibits the production of breast milk. The use of pepper mint can be beneficial for the smooth completion of lactation at the time.

But here spearmint essential oil contains a minimal amount of menthol, but it contains other substance - carvone. This fragrant substance (its content reaches 70% in curly mint) is able to stimulate lactation.

If necessary, the completion of lactation is useful to drink the next infusion.

How to brew mint?

  1. 1 tbsp. peppermint spoon dry and powdered sage;
  2. sugar and 1 liter of boiling water;
  3. insist 0.5 hours;
  4. drink for 3-4 days, the course can be repeated if necessary.

Mint for men

How useful mint men?
The plant has a favorable effect on the male body. Mint for men is useful in solving the problem of sweating of the feet.

To do this, you must do the mint foot bath before going to bed, preparing a pre-infusion.

  • A handful of fresh or dried mint pour liter of boiling water;
  • insist warm 0.5 hours;
  • Pour warm infusion in a bowl and keep it stops about half an hour, covering the top with a towel.

Contained in mint menthol narrows skin pores and eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat.

Undoubted benefits of tea with mint to reduce stress, which is often subject to man. Prepared beverage from the mint and lemon soothe the nerves and heart. To do this:

  1. 1 liter water;
  2. ½ lemon;
  3. mint beam;
  4. cinnamon
  5. sugar to taste.

In boiling water, put the chopped lemon, sugar, cinnamon, bring to a boil, add the washed mint and turn off the fire. Infuse drink about two hours.

Keep in mind that excessive consumption of mint can be dangerous

decrease in potency in men, exacerbation of varicose veins of the lower extremities, and the relaxing effect of spice contributes to the weakening of attention and reduction reactions at transport management.

The use of peppermint essential oil

Application of the essential oil of peppermint has to be strictly dosed and does not have contraindications, basically it is used topically, by inhalation and aromatherapy.


  • Aromatherapy - 3 drops to the lamp;
  • massage - 6 drops;
  • Inhalation - 1-2 drops;
  • bath - 6 drops;
  • packs - 4 drops.

The oil has the following properties:

  1. antiseptic;
  2. vasodilator;
  3. tonic;
  4. expectorants;
  5. absorbable.

It is used for: muscle pain, arthritis, colds and headaches. If you have problems with heart, help with oil bath.

Collection and Storage

When collecting mint to keep and how to dry?
Collect plants from April to September, but the most useful leaves collected prior to flowering, during the period of maximum content of menthol - in June. Dried immediately after harvest - in the shade, under the conditions of good ventilation.

How to keep the mint?
The dried stems and leaves are stored in a dark and dry place.

This aromatic plant known to us since childhood, along with everyday products such as tea, coffee, cocoa. But knowing what is the use of mint and harm to the body, you can make full use of the properties of this amazing and affordable in our area gift of nature.


And now a video about this plant.

A source: http://budu-zdorov.net/produkty-i-zdorovje/poleznye-produkty/myata-lechebnye-svojstva.html

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