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Causes of discharge in men

Causes and treatment of transparent, white and purulent discharge in men

symptoms of STDs




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Separation of men from the penis should be cause for referral to a specialist.

Only in rare cases, they are the norm, but most point to the presence of inflammatory or infectious diseases. Find out the cause of this disease may be passing tests when visiting a urologist.

The treatment regimen is assigned on an individual basis, depending on the diagnosis and identification of the pathogen.

There are several varieties of normal secretions. These include:

  • Uretroreya.
  • Smegma.
  • Sperm and pollutions.

Uretroreya It appears in the background of sexual arousal and is a transparent secret, which is produced by urethral glands.

The void volume depends on the physiology of male and duration of sexual abstinence. In rare cases uretroreya arises not only when excited, and accompanies the process of defecation.

The composition of precipitates containing a small amount of sperm that are getting into the woman's genitals can lead to conception.

Smegma - a separation which are the secret of glands located in the head of the penis and foreskin. Their number is small, they are odorless and daily hygiene procedures are easily washed off.

Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene smegma can accumulate on the skin and cause inflammation. To avoid this, the penis should be washed 1-2 times a day with soap.

During the procedure, it is important to push back the foreskin and wash the head of the penis.

For normal secretions are sperm (secretion of the sex glands and sperm) and wet dreams (involuntary ejaculation). The latter type occurs in boys aged 14-15 years and in men with prolonged sexual abstinence. Normal isolation are odorless and do not cause discomfort, and their number slightly.

The main cause abnormal discharge from the urethra - Disease urethritis, which is an inflammatory process caused by infections or non-infectious factors. The infection can be specific or nonspecific. The former include gonorrhea and trichomoniasis, nonspecific urethritis can be caused by the following pathogens:

  • Streptococcus.
  • Aureus.
  • Candida.
  • Ureaplasma.
  • Mycoplasma.
  • Chlamydia.
  • Herpes.
  • E. coli.

When urethritis discharge from the penis may be very different in color, transparency and smell. This depends on the bacteria that cause the disease and the stage of the inflammatory process.

At the same illness the character selection is different in different people, and by visual examination, the doctor will not be able to make a diagnosis, so you need to get tested.

For non-infectious causes of urethritis include:

  • Various injuries.
  • The narrowing of the urethra.
  • Exposure to chemicals.
  • Mechanical damage of mucous.
  • Effect of allergens.

Challenge urethral discharge may be non-venereal inflammatory processes in diseases balanoposthitis and prostatitis.

When balanoposthitis copious and purulent, accompanied by pain, swelling and redness of the foreskin. Character precipitates prostatitis depends on the stage of inflammation (mucous or purulent).

For this disease characters perineal pain, violation of potency and urinary.

White discharge may have different reasons for the occurrence. Most often they occur in the following diseases:

  • Candidiasis.
  • Ureaplasmosis.
  • Chlamydia.
  • Mycoplasmosis.

Spin emerging infectious diseases, it is difficult to distinguish from the physiological that are normal.

If STDs has a chronic course, the person for a long time may disturb the white and transparent allocation without pain and odor.

A man may feel completely healthy and infect their sexual partners, so it is important to visit a specialist at the first sign of genital infections.

Candidiasis - a disease that provokes the fungi Candida. They are part of the pathogenic microflora, and in the case of bacterial imbalance begin to proliferate.

Candidiasis is more common in women and is rarely seen in men. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the skin covering the head of the penis and the appearance of a white cheesy plaque.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Redness of the mucous membranes.
  • Red rash.
  • Drawing pain in the abdomen.
  • Itching, burning and pain in the penis.
  • Discomfort during intercourse.
  • White discharge with an unpleasant sour smell.
  • Bonding with mucus in the morning urinary canal.

Despite the wide range of unpleasant symptoms, the disease responds well to treatment. If the fungus struck only the skin of the head, can be restricted by the local agents in the form of ointments. One of the most popular means is clotrimazole cream that is applied to the affected area 2 times a day for a week. Among other effective topical preparations:

  • Nystatin ointment.
  • Natamycin.
  • Pimafutsin.

Systemic medications in tablet form a complex effect on the entire body and can get rid of mold in the shortest possible time. The most popular medication with antifungal effect is Fluconazole. Typically, for the treatment of thrush sufficient single dose of drug in a dosage of 150 mg.

Ureaplasmosis represents ostroinfektsionnoe disorder which activator are microbes ureaplasma. Disease in most cases is sexually transmitted. Some people ureaplasmosis does not manifest itself. The main symptoms of infection include the following features:

  • Itching in the genital area.
  • Pain.
  • White mucous discharge from the urethra.
  • Beli on the underwear.

Unpleasant symptoms may subside for a time and then reappear. If the disease is left untreated, may develop inflammatory pathologies of the urethra, epididymis and prostate. Ureaplasmosis often causes infertility in men, and only in rare cases, self-limiting.

Treatment is carried out with the help of antibiotics, which are selected individually. Can be used drugs tetracycline, macrolides and fluoroquinol. The average course of treatment - 10 days. After taking antibiotics for patients it is recommended for several weeks to restore microflora probiotics and prebiotics.

Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs. Pathology cause intracellular parasites - chlamydia. Usually men, the infection is latent within and does not manifest itself.

If untreated, the causative agent of the disease can affect the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, visual organs and lead to infertility.

If chlamydia occurs in acute form, the characters of the following symptoms for him:

  • Increase in body temperature to 37.5 C.
  • General weakness and fatigue.
  • Watery, mucus or pus, which are particularly noticeable in the morning.
  • Itching, burning sensation in the reproductive organs.
  • Muddy first morning urine drops.
  • Discharge of blood during ejaculation.
  • Swelling and redness of the urethra.

With symptoms of the disease subside over time, and only occasionally a man notices a slight separation in the morning. This suggests that chlamydia passed in the chronic form, and treatment will be longer. The following groups of antibiotics may be included in the therapy:

  • Tetracyclines: doxycycline, Doriks, Vibra-tabs.
  • Fluoroquinol: ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin.
  • Macrolides: Azithromycin, Clarithromycin, Josamycin.

Often regimen comprises just two different groups of antibiotics have been completely eliminated from the organism Chlamydia hard. Specific drugs are prescribed on an individual basis, depending on the severity of inflammation and the presence of other STDs.

The disease causes unicellular parasite Mycoplasma. Pathology is usually asymptomatic. When acute course of the following symptoms appear:

  • Colorless or white discharge from the urethral canal.
  • Burning sensation when urinating.
  • Slight pain in the groin area.
  • Increase in the nearby lymph nodes.
  • Discomfort during intercourse.
  • Frequent urination.

If untreated, mycoplasma can cause urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis. Therapy includes antibacterials. The most popular of them are:

  • Erythromycin.
  • Doxycycline.
  • Tetracycline.

Average treatment mycoplasma course is 14 days. In this case, treatment may include not only antibiotics but also immunomodulators, vitamin complexes, and local procedures.

If transparent allocation appear regularly in large quantities and have a smell, it is possible to suspect the inflammatory process in the field of reproductive organs.

One of the diseases, which is characterized by the following symptoms is bacterial vaginosis. The causative diseases are microorganisms Gardnarella vaginalis.

In men, the disease is extremely rare and it is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Frequent urination.
  • Pain and burning sensation in the reproductive organs.
  • Transparent mucus or pus.
  • The smell of rotten fish in the intimate area.

In the treatment of bacterial vaginosis are used antibacterial drugs - metronidazole, azithromycin and clindamycin. Usually, the doctor prescribes some antibiotics belonging to different groups.

It is also important to restore normal microflora, the following drugs are used for this:

Transparent mucus as the nature of chronic chlamydia and mycoplasma ureaplasmosis. Allocation for these diseases is easy to notice - they remain in shorts and may be accompanied by a burning sensation and itching.

The main reason for purulent discharge - infectious urethritis. The structure consists of urethral pus, mucus and damaged skin cells. Such liquid contains a large amount of leucocytes and may have a yellow or green color. When you see these drops after urinating in the morning, you can suspect the diagnosis of gonococcal urethritis.

Gonorrhea develops gradually and initially allocating and have a transparent color liquid consistency, and as the disease progresses - yellow or become green and thick. Secretions an odor of rot and constantly dripping from the penis. The process of urination becomes painful, and there is itching and burning sensation in the crotch area.

gonorrhea treatment should be carried out only after an accurate diagnosis and under the supervision of a specialist. Therapy includes antibiotics (ciprofloxacin, cefixime, Ofloxacin) and has a duration of 14 days. Having a course of treatment, it is necessary to supply test samples and the detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, continue therapy has other medicines.

Yellow purulent discharge may be trichomoniasis. They are not as plentiful as in gonorrhea, and are accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Pain when urinating.
  • A feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.
  • Frequent urge to empty the bladder.

In the crotch area often itchy skin, urine may notice white flakes. Treatment for the drug metronidazole, and in the chronic form of the disease requires complex therapy comprising several antibiotics.

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Discharge from the penis can be a symptom of severe pathology to be determined by a doctor on internal reception. Diagnosis independently and without delivery of analyzes impossible.

When pathologies completely different allocation may be similar. If the unpleasant symptoms appeared after sexual intercourse without using a condom, venereologist visit is a must.

When dangerous diseases such as syphilis and chancroid HPV may also be discharge from the urethra.

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White discharge in men

On the men we used to think, as a brave heroes who can turn over, if necessary, to the mountains, and at the same time never does not get sick. But, sadly, they, as women, have their own problems. One of them - white discharge from the penis. At first, they may go unnoticed until they begin to cause discomfort to the man.


Beli - so called male white discharge that occur from the urethra, may be liquid or mucous membranes. Often, they are the norm, but sometimes - it is an alarm, saying that violated health.

Normal discharge in men may occur after sleep, urination, as well as throughout the day at the underwear in the form of spots of white or flesh-colored.

They testify to a healthy reproductive functionality of the men in the case where there are at the head of the penis during arousal and strong erection.

Such isolation - the result of the normal functioning of the bulbourethral glands and Cowper's, which are at the base of the penis cavernous bodies. Glands need to lubricate the urethra just before the sperm output, it helps to alleviate the promotion of sperm during ejaculation channel.

Also common is the appearance of discharge in men during spontaneous pollutions (sperm eruption) in the morning, when the level of the hormone testosterone in the blood increases.

Furthermore, during the act of defecation attempts strain abdominal wall and as a result also can be seen men slight discharge (prostatoreya defecation). On this kind of mucus streaked with gray: the seminal vesicles and prostate secretion. However, this mucus can be a sign of prostatitis.

In healthy men, such separation does not happen very often. Basically healthy male urethra (the outer part of it) does not emit anything.

hazardous release

If the penis of a man is at rest, the presence of precipitates may indicate inflammation in the reproductive system.

Color, consistency and odor of secretions may be diverse, it all depends on the type of disease that is the cause of their appearance. highlighted are fully determined by which cells in them anymore.

If the discharge of gray and thick, then they have a lot of the epithelium, if the yellow or green, you can talk about the presence of these white blood cells, curdled - a clear sign of candidiasis (thrush).


Candidiasis in men is not as common as in women, and says, first of all, that a representative of the stronger sex is lowered immunity. In most cases this is due to receive large doses of antibiotics or chemotherapy. The reasons for its occurrence need to look at the man, through the diagnosis of the organism.

In the presence of secretions man should in any case consult a doctor. Having considered the complaint of the patient, the doctor, first of all, send it for tests, which will be examined in a special laboratory. It is the laboratory method can detect pathogens such as Trichomonas and gonococci. Often analyzes confirm the presence of yeasts.

In addition to analyzes made using a microscope, men do the sowing precipitates in the medium, as determined by certain types of infections. All this helps to choose the right therapy.

Antibiotics - the main method of treatment in the allocation. If the diagnosis is not installed, used antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action. When the cause of thrush is identified, urologist appoints specialized medicines. It is important not to self-discharge after the appearance, because it still does not give a good result, but will only aggravate the symptoms and the disease.


After these tests, knowing the external signs of discharge, the doctor can diagnose the presence of inflammation in the urethra - urethritis. In this disease isolation consist of a large number of red blood cells, mucus and other liquid that collects at the site of inflammation. The abundant selection of a man, the greater the scale of the inflammatory process.

It happens that when urination occurs mechanical injury to internal walls of the channel different salt crystals, chemicals or kidney stones, which may be present in urine. urethritis Treatment passes using antibacterial drugs.


Itching and burning, together with secretions indicate the presence of pathogens of sexual infections in male body. This can be:

  • chlamydia - a committed partner during sexual intercourse, its pathogen chlamydia;
  • mycoplasmosis - an infectious disease transmitted by sexual and domestic;
  • ureaplasmosis - sexually transmitted, caused by unicellular organisms Ureaplasma;
  • trichomoniasis - is another infectious disease that is manifested by white or yellowish foamy discharge, it is considered one of the most common diseases in the world.


Prostatitis - this is a very unpleasant and dangerous disease, among which white discharge symptoms. Its cause may be an infection that gets into the prostate gland and cause inflammation there.

Prostatitis is possible in the presence of predisposing factors: frequent constipation, sedentary work, hypothermia, chronic diseases, hypodynamia.

These factors contribute to the penetration into the prostate gland of different microbes that leads to stagnation in the pelvis, which enables them to grow quickly, and then and there allocation.

Methods of traditional medicine

Along with a doctor's appointment, in the struggle with the secretions of patients can use the most effective traditional medicines.

It is very useful in these secretions can be barberry berries and viburnum. They can be taken by pushing and making juice for one glass per day. Also, you can make a decoction of these berries, and drink it three times a day over a glass.

From the tops of grass yarrow need to insist in the allocation of strong tea and drink it four times a day for 100 ml cups. Peel thorns, cherries, viburnum willow or the appearance of the problem can be ground into powder and taking it for 2r. up to four times a day.

Not bad helps to cope with the secretions of the powder, made of nine acorns. It must be divided into eighteen parts, and for nine days to make one part of the morning and the other in the evening, drinking a cold drink of mint.

Quickly forget about the white secretions of men, if brewed strawberry root in boiling water and drink the broth one glass for five days. You can also take the remedy: pour '17 bark of oak with four cups of warm water, cook on low heat until one cup has evaporated. Drink it three times a day.

Good help with the appearance of secretions three-time reception of one glass per day iced tea beverage of wild rose flowers. Man can be cured by mixing the juice with the juice of plantain sorrel juice or strawberries (strawberries). This means the stronger sex will need to drink three times a day on one glass.

In addition to these methods, separation are treated with cold douches morning and evening from the stomach to the reproductive organs casting two bucket of cold water. Effective treatment will only be if, during therapy to eliminate from the diet of hot food and drinks, avoid alcohol.

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Separation of men: what are and how to get rid of them

Allocation of the urethra in men can tell a lot about health. Color, odor, texture - these are the main aspects that you need to pay attention in the first place. That it is possible to independently identify the pathological processes in the early stages of their development and in due time to seek help from a doctor.

Conventionally, all allocation are of two types - physiological and pathological. Physiological not require any remedial measures and third-party intervention. A pathological point to the development of diseases that can lead to serious health problems, so they should be treated immediately.

There are various conditions accompanied by discharge from the urethra. These include:

  • libidinal uretroreya;
  • prostatoreya defecation;
  • smegma;
  • ejaculation.

It is characterized by the appearance of precipitates in small amounts in certain moments - with a strong erection or in the morning after waking up. Spin have a specific odor, color - transparent and does not cause any discomfort.

Such separation is the norm and perform a very important function - they envelop the sperm, the thus providing protection after penetrating the woman's vagina, where there is ruinous for them Wednesday. Since sperm safely reach the uterus.

Important! This transparent liquid contains sperm, and when she gets into a woman's vagina, the risk of pregnancy significantly increased, even if there was no ejaculation.

defecation prostatoreya

During stool man makes an effort, which leads to increased pressure in the abdomen, resulting from the urethra begins to stand clear liquid. As in the previous case, it does not smell, but may contain specks of gray or white.

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Mucous consistency of such discharges caused by the presence of secretory liquid, which generates a prostate, and seminal vesicles. Some men notice the presence of such secretions in his head of the penis immediately after urination. This condition is also normal, just called a little differently - voiding prostatoreya.

It preputial lubricant that is protective. It is produced by glands, which are located in the area of ​​the glans and foreskin.

If a man carefully monitor their hygiene, the data highlight it almost never bother.

But if you do not, it begins to accumulate smegma between the trunk of the penis and foreskin, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to grow.

A source: https://ovydeleniyah.ru/u-muzhchin/vydeleniya-vidy.html

White discharge in men and odorless, it dangerous?

Health - important for any representative of the stronger sex thing, especially when it comes to the organs of the urogenital system. Unfortunately, from time to time, many are faced with problems in this area. For example, a fairly frequent white discharge in men without smell may have different causes. It is necessary to find out whether it is always cause for concern.

When this is the norm

In healthy men normally can be discharge from the urethra. All of the following are normally not cause pain or discomfort. These common in male physiology manifestations - not a cause for concern.

Here is what the normal functioning of the body:

  • The presence of smegma - preputial lubricant consisting of sebum of the foreskin and the glans penis. Smegma serves to reduce friction on the mucosal surface. If the rules of personal hygiene, smegma is washed off with water and does not cause discomfort. Failure in personal hygiene accumulated smegma reproduce various microorganisms and die, resulting in occurrence of an unpleasant odor and inflammation.
  • Uretroreya - mucus transparent color, appearing from the urethra. It appears during sexual arousal and serves as a lubricant to facilitate sperm passage along the urethra. Is abundant or scarce - all in different ways, because each organism has its own characteristics. Incidentally, this lubricant may contain a small amount of sperm. When it gets into the woman's vagina there is a risk of getting pregnant.
  • Prostatoreya - out a small amount of secretion of the prostate gland during stress abdominal muscles. This usually occurs during defecation, especially constrained. The secretion is due to the fact that the prostate is located near the rectum. They are transparent, sometimes contain gray-white veins, does not smell. In this case we speak of defecation prostatoree. Also found voiding prostatoreya, when the secret of the prostate appears after urination. Generally, doctors argue about whether this is a normal phenomenon, but if a man took a survey, which showed that his prostate gland is normal, do not worry.
  • Pollutions - Sperm emissions, not accompanied by sexual contacts. This usually occurs at night or early morning. This is a completely normal phenomenon often typical for teens, but it also happens in adults (for example, irregular sexual life or prolonged abstinence).

Cases requiring treatment to the doctor

Representatives of the stronger sex should be wary if the discharge from the penis have expressed an unpleasant odor, accompanied by unpleasant and painful feelings, their number has increased dramatically, they are a strange shade - for example, grayish, greenish or yellowish, they have an admixture blood. Inflammation on the penis and the cases of sex without a condom is also a reason to see a doctor.

By the way, in some diseases, sexually transmitted infections, particularly chlamydia, are practically no outward signs.

In this case, you should pay attention to the appearance of crusts around the urethral opening channel, indicating that the secretions and drying, as well as the presence of secretions in the morning, immediately After sleep. A certain number of them may be removed on urination.

If during the night was not going to the toilet, to identify them will be much easier. You can still find traces on the underwear. Perhaps the appearance of discharge when you press on the penis.

white discharge

It is fairly common among the stronger sex health problem arises due to different factors. The reasons may be as follows:

Thrush (candidiasis)

A common phenomenon in our time. Unfortunately, this disease susceptible not only women but also men. It is caused by the yeast genus Candida.

They are in the body of any person, is part of the microflora, but the accompanying microbial growth conditions cause thrush.

Signs of yeast infection in men: white curd plaque under the foreskin of the penis on the glans and having an unpleasant sour smell, on the head of the penis there are patches of red, discomfort during urination and sexual intercourse (itching, burning, pain), discomfort in the penis, even in a state rest.

If thrush symptoms should see a doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests and appropriate treatment. As a rule, the treatment of this disease using anti-fungal drugs.

Self-safe in this case, since yeast may accompany other diseases.

In addition, treatment need and the sexual partners of men, otherwise partners will permanently contaminate each other.


Disease, sexually transmitted disease, which is characterized frothy white color of the penis. When they occur should see a doctor to be tested and start treatment immediately.

Chlamydia, mycoplasmosis or ureaplasmosis

Typically, for these diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, characterized by allocating transparent color but at exacerbation changes are possible. In this case also it requires access to a doctor and the corresponding treatment.

Chlamydia - an insidious disease, which has almost no symptoms. However, if you do not treat it, in the future it may adversely affect health. Regardless of the sex of the patient human infertility may occur in the future.

This is a serious problem, so its solution is impossible to pigeonhole.


It is characterized by passive sperm output is not associated with sexual contact or pollutions, sensations orgasm spermatorrhea not.

Arises from the reduction of the ejaculatory ducts and tone occurs when spinal injuries, certain diseases of the nervous system, long-term inflammation in the genitourinary system.

This requires treatment of the underlying disease, then this will pass and the associated symptom.

chronic prostatitis

Common urological disease, is more common after the age of forty, but prostatitis rapidly "younger" in recent years.

May be infectious (in the background of sexually transmitted diseases) or have a congestive nature (it occurs due to sedentary, sedentary lifestyle and associated problems, bad habits, exposure to cold / heat and et al.).

Difficult urination accompanied with frequent urging, reduced potency, erectile dysfunction, discomfort in the perineum. Treat prostatitis it is necessary, as it not only spoils the life of a man, but also can lead to infertility.

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Causes heavy discharge in men

When the diagnosis of diseases of the sexual sphere based on the different nature of discharge in men, their causes can be quite varied.

It should be borne in mind that not all selections are abnormal, ie, those associated with the development of inflammatory diseases of infectious and non-infectious.

There is also a physiological discharge, which is caused by the peculiarities of the functioning of male sexual organs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = U7-yKJ5LTl0

Before dealing with the symptoms and characteristics of possible abnormal discharge in men of reproductive organs, we need to find out what is considered the physiological norm. At a glance, such a discharge is considered normal, which indicates the full implementation of the physiological functions of the organ or organ system.

In this case, the norm is the following allocation:

  1. Urine is the product of the urinary system. If problems with the urinary system is not present, the urine will be clear without impurities, flakes or sediment. Almost no odor, and color corresponds to different shades of yellow.
  2. prostate secret is vyazkovatoy of fluid consistency, which is produced by the prostate gland. It normally white color and has a specific odor. This discharge is part of the semen and has a supporting role in the case of a female egg fertilization. In its pure form can be obtained when the prostate massage.
  3. Separation of men, who are made up of sperm and secretion of glands of the sexual sphere are called "ejaculate". It is normally white, slimy. Sperm starts to be developed in adolescence and reaches its maximum volume in adult males. The ability to provide this liquid substance female sexual fertilization cells depends on the quality and quantity of sperm content of the total ejaculate.
  4. If the sperm release occurs spontaneously without sexual intercourse, it is called "wet dream." Consistency and appearance it is similar to ejaculate. Most often, such separation occur in the morning hours, that is, at a time when increased levels of sex hormones.
  5. Sometimes, after the male urinate, or after the physical load on the abdominal muscle groups, there may be minor transparent discharge from the urethra. It prostatoreya. It consists of prostate secretions and a small amount of seed.
  6. Smegma, or in a translation from Greek - sebum is produced by sebaceous glands, which are located in the foreskin. Furthermore, its composition may contain sloughed cellular structure of the skin, and non-compliance with hygiene, pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. Normally smegma white and has a specific, quite pungent smell. However, in pathological processes may alter the color towards the yellow or green. In the case of non-compliance with the rules of hygiene, it can accumulate in the folds of the foreskin becomes the cause of various inflammatory pathological processes.

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Characteristic pathological secretions

All of the above refers to the normal discharge from the genitals. However, there are abnormal discharge in men, the causes of which are inflammatory processes of bacterial and non-pathogenic flora of nature. In this case, from the usual secretion may differ on the following parameters:

  • increase or decrease in total;
  • can change the physiological characteristics such as color, transparency, consistency, smell;
  • It may change the frequency of pre-existing symptoms;
  • you may receive the previously non-existent relationship of any allocation from urination, sexual intercourse, etc.

Based on the nature of the discharge, the presence of certain clinical and symptomatic picture urologist or venereal diseases can make a preliminary diagnosis and even suggest the possible cause of the pathological process.

How does a sexually transmitted infection?

Most often, changing the characteristics of the discharge channel of the urethra due to the development of a venereal disease. So called infection, the infection which has occurred through sexual contact.

What should be alerted? In which case it will be necessary to consult a doctor-venereologist? When a conventional secretions, such as semen or pollutions, veins mucus enables chlamydial infection or suspected mycoplasmosis.

In the case where the addition of mucous and will enable putrefaction with a characteristic odor, then it is assumed not to have acute and chronic form of the disease recorded in the acute stage.

Treatment is required and the presence of purulent discharge. In this case, for example, the ejaculate will have a foul odor of decay, and will combine green and yellow shades of color. This indicates the presence of symptoms of gonococcal infection.

It should be noted that an accurate diagnosis and determine the cause of venereal disease without laboratory studies sometimes quite difficult.

This is due to the fact that these infections often are combined nature, ie they can be caused by not one, but two or even more pathogens.

Accordingly, the characteristic clinical picture can not be observed.

However, they may not be classified as sexually transmitted infections. In the presence of various disorders of the immune system the disease can be triggered even usual microflora of humans.

Most often, in this case, wear slimy discharge with an admixture of pus or purely purulent. Preliminary diagnosis is based on clinical manifestations of the disease.

For example, in bacterial inflammation in urethra such isolation will be minor and will manifest only after prolonged abstinence from urination.

If, in addition to changes in the secretory functions will be pain in the different nature perineal area, as well as change the potency and the act of urination, it can be suspected development prostatitis.

More typical clinical picture is observed in lesions of genital candidiasis men. In this situation, from the urethra appear specific cheesy discharge.

How is it diagnosed?

The treatment of any disease, and especially those related to the genitourinary system, it is impossible without determining the exact cause of their occurrence. In addition, a diagnosis based only on the release characteristics of urethral canal is difficult.

The preliminary diagnosis urologist poses during the initial examination and patient interview. At the same time clarifies the nature of discharge, their frequency, the presence of pain symptoms and the place of its location.

Next is palpation. It allows you to determine the presence of seals or adhesions in the penis, increase in regional lymph nodes, and so on.

Additionally performed a rectal examination of the prostate.

To confirm the diagnosis is recommended to undergo a clinical examination. It starts with a general urine and blood laboratory analysis.

It can be recommended ultrasound of the genitourinary system. Only after that it will put the final diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

A source: https://zppp03.ru/simptomy/vydeleniya-u-muzhchin-prichiny.html

Separation of men: transparent, white, smegma from member cheesy white on the head, yellow mucus, and other - causes and possible disease

Colorless discharge, the so-called whites, are every woman. Their appearance is considered the norm. Few people know, but vydyalyat liquid and capable of the male body. Men tend to be less likely to pay attention to it than women, but only up until the whites are not very abundant and begin to cause some discomfort.

What are the selection of men considered normal

Secretions of men call appearance of different colors of liquid or mucus from the external opening of the urethra. A similar phenomenon is often the norm, but in some cases may indicate the presence of any disease.

Notice the appearance of heavy discharge quite easily. They can appear throughout the day, after a long sleep, or urination. Meager selection of the urethra can be seen by the appearance of small spots or white flesh on his shorts.

The process is considered normal in the following cases:

  • With a strong sexual arousal, erection in the background (smegma, a natural lubricant);
  • During wet dreams (spontaneous eruption of sperm);
  • In vain attempts during defecation;

It should be noted that the appearance on the penis of a small amount of white or transparent liquid during strong excitation is not considered a deviation from the norm, but rather the contrary, evidence of reproductive health men.

Concern is to cause the appearance of whiter is sexual intercourse, when the penis is not in an excited state. Their appearance often indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the reproductive system organs.

Establish an accurate diagnosis can be a specialist, performing diagnostic tests. Often, the appearance of discharge from the urethra is one of the main symptoms of such sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia.

Often, over the phenomenon of joke, they say, "is dripping from the end", but nothing cheerful in the presence of no disease.

White, cheesy, gray, yellow or transparent - which could mean the color

Men spin-off, as well as women, can be a different color, transparency and consistency. These symptoms vary depending on the disease, which led to a whiter, its intensity and phase. Spin - is usually a combination of cells, fluids and mucus. Transparency depends usually on the number of cells in them.

Turbidity whiter indicates the presence in them of a large number of cells, with a large number of epithelial cells liquid becomes thick and become gray. And a greenish yellow color is a sign of the predominance of these leukocytes.

White, curdled urethral discharge indicate the presence of such diseases as candidiasis (thrush).

Male candidiasis - a phenomenon quite rare. Its cause can be reduced immunity due to the uncontrolled use of antibiotics, treatment with chemotherapy, etc.

The man, whose immunity is normal, never catch candidiasis from her sexual partner.

Therefore, the appearance of its main feature is the reason for access to the art and passing a diagnostic organism.

When handling a patient complaining of urethral discharge physician directs it tend to analyze the change. In the laboratory, conducted their thorough investigation.

With the help of a microscope can detect the presence in a patient of Trichomonas, gonococci, yeast fungus. Upon detection of bacteria that can not be identified using the microscopic method, delivery of assigned seeding selections on a nutrient medium.

Treatment is most often carried out with antibiotics, however, to establish the correct diagnosis of medication has almost no meaning.

In such cases, the doctor prescribes a broad-spectrum antibiotics, and at diagnosis - receiving specialized medicines. Self-medication usually does not bring positive results, but on the contrary, to promote disease latent chronic.

Liquids urethral kanalavydelyayutsya as the response of the organism to the presence therein of any infection. In their profusion can be judged on the extent of the infection.

Often the main cause of the whiter the man is the development of the disease called urethritis (inflammation of the urethra). In this case, the mucosa produces large amounts of mucus, and red blood cells, which are the protection factors.

By secretions also mixed into the liquid that collects at the site of inflammation.

The second most common cause of male secretions in a mechanical damage of the urethra contained in urine chemicals, salt crystals. Yield small kidney stones also contributes to damage to the inner wall of the urethra.

White liquid, itching and burning - what is it?

White discharge from the urethra, accompanied by intense itching and burning, are a sign:

  • Chlamydia trachomatis (the infectious, transmitted through unprotected sexual contact disease whose causative agent is considered to be chlamydia);
  • mycoplasmosis (widespread infectious disease whose causative agent is Mycoplasma - organisms are between bacteria and viruses);
  • ureaplasmosis (infection, sexually transmitted disease, whose main causative agent considered unicellular organisms - Ureaplasma).

White discharge with a foamy consistency, often indicates the presence in the body of the most common in the world of infectious, transmissible through sexual intercourse diseases - trichomoniasis.

And finally, the appearance of white fluid from the urethra may be one of the symptoms is very unpleasant and dangerous diseases - prostatitis. In this case the appearance accompanied leucorrhea usually process difficulty in micturition disorders and sexual life. Sometimes the discharge may indicate prostatoree or uretroree. Accurate diagnosis is always only puts the urologist.

As you can see, in many cases, the appearance of secretions in men is a significant cause for concern and immediate treatment to the doctor, do not when treatment is started the majority of diseases of the genitourinary system can lead to serious consequences, such as impotence or infertility.

Material updated on 25.04.2017

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