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Gardnerellez - symptoms, treatment


Gardnerella is one of the most common diseases of the gynecological direction of medicine, the second name is bacterial vaginosis.This disease develops because of the high concentration of Gardnerella vaginalis bacteria, which are always present in the microflora of the vagina.If there is an imbalance of the gardnerella and lactobacilli, the development of bacterial vaginosis can not be avoided.

Table of contents: Gardnerellez - causes of development Signs of gardnerellez Gardnerellez in men Treatment of gardnerellez

Gardnerella - reasons for the development of

Doctors say only one reason for the development of the disease in question is a violation of the vaginal microflora, but this can be facilitated by various factors. These are the agents that serve as agents for increasing the concentration of bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis:

  • regular use of daily pads;
  • forced long-term use of certain drugs - for example, antibacterial( antibiotics);
  • Shema-lechenija-gardeneleza-u-zhenshhin_1 non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene during menstruation - untimely replacement of tampons / pads, lack of water procedures;
  • sexual life with the change of a large number of partners;
  • problems with intestinal microflora - dysbiosis of this organ;
  • imbalance of hormones in the body - most often manifested during child bearing or in adolescence;
  • permanent wearing of synthetic linen and not properly sized;
  • problems with the immune system.

Symptoms of gardnerellez

The most important symptom of bacterial vaginosis is a sharply increased amount of vaginal discharge. They have several distinctive features:

  • the color will be greyish or with an admixture of yellow tint;
  • odor is extremely unpleasant, which is described as the odor of rotten fish.

Symptoms of gardnerellosis Almost in every case of the development of the disease under consideration, the inflammatory process in the vagina develops in parallel - it is classified in medicine as vaginitis.It is characterized by itching and burning in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčentering the vagina, intensifying during intercourse or urination.

Note: is only a large number of vaginal discharge with uncharacteristic color should be the reason for contacting a doctor.When gardnerellez it is important to diagnose the pathology in time and to carry out a course of treatment so that in the future different inflammatory processes that require long and complex therapy do not develop.

Gardnerella in men

In general, the diagnosis of the disease in the representatives of the stronger sex is impossible a priori.But when a man contacts a sick woman, Gardnerella vaginalis bacteria can enter the urethra - in this case, men will receive complaints of burning and pain during urination.A man can be a carrier of pathogenic bacteria - he will not be ill himself, but infection of a woman will occur constantly.Doctors recommend with frequent recurrences of gardnerelleza in a woman, lead to an examination and a partner - you need to exclude the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the body of a man.

Treatment of gardnerellez

Therapy aimed at getting rid of bacterial vaginosis takes place in two stages.Note that none of them will not be effective "alone" - only an integrated approach to treatment will give the expected result. Stages of treatment of gardnerellez:

  1. Suppression of active growth of bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis.To achieve this, only antibacterial drugs are used - for example, clinicians can prescribe clindamycin or metronidazole in tablet form, in the form of topical suppositories.The duration of the course of therapy with antibacterial drugs is 7-10 days.
  2. Population of the flora of the vagina with lactobacilli.This stage is much more complicated than the first:
  • it is necessary to pass tests after therapy with antibacterial drugs to confirm the effectiveness of treatment;
  • a woman undergoes a follow-up study for the development or absence of signs of thrush - it can occur when taking medications;
  • are prescribed drugs with a high content of lactobacilli - for example, lactobacterin, suppository acylact, lactonorm and others.

Note: is used in parallel with the therapy of bacterial vaginosis and normalization of the intestinal microflora.A doctor will prescribe medicines for a woman who contain probiotics in her composition - for example, normoflorin or linex.

Treatment of gardnerellosis It is very important to diagnose gardnerelleza and adhere to certain dietary rules during treatment - dairy products should be introduced into the diet, and you need to eliminate smoked, fried, spicy dishes and spices, seasonings, sauces.It is necessary to give up alcoholic beverages of any strength.

Do not forget that one of the factors that provoke the development of bacterial vaginosis is a decrease in immunity - it is necessary to support the body, help it to cope with the disease more quickly.For this purpose, immunomodulating drugs, multivitamin complexes, tincture from echinacea or magnolia vine may be prescribed.

For the duration of treatment, a woman should exclude sex, in extreme cases - it is mandatory to use barrier methods of contraception( female or male condom).

The duration of the general course of treatment for gardnerellosis can be 2-3 weeks.After this, the woman should undergo a control examination and make sure that the growth of opportunistic bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis has stopped, the vaginal microflora has been restored.And do not forget that 40-50 days after the treatment you will need to undergo another control examination - relapses of gardnerellez are not uncommon.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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