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Symptoms of cystitis in children: distinctive features


Cystitis( inflammation of the walls of the bladder) is a disease that can develop not only in adults.Quite often it is diagnosed in patients of childhood, but this happens, as a rule, with a delay.The fact is that it is in childhood that cystitis has distinctive features of manifestation and parents, without knowing them, often do not associate the poor state of health of the baby with problems in the bladder.

More than that!Symptoms of inflammation in the walls of the bladder in childhood may differ in girls and boys, although there are common symptoms.

Table of contents:

Causes of development of cystitis in childhood

On the topic under consideration, it will be appropriate to highlight only the main causes of the inflammatory process in the walls of the bladder, although there are several provoking factors.


cystitis Most commonly, the disease under consideration develops due to hypothermia in girls aged 12-16 years.This feature is due to the fact that young girls rarely dress in the weather, and wearing too light clothing even in minus air temperatures leads to a systematic overcooling.According to statistics, in 90% of cases, vulvovaginitis first( inflammation of the vagina), and then the pathological process begins to spread and localizes in the bladder.

Please note: may develop acute respiratory illness when undercooled, and then the symptoms of cystitis appear.In this case, the disease in question will be classified as a complication of acute respiratory disease.

The defeat of bacteriological

Cystitis with such etiology is more often diagnosed at the age of 4-10 years, and, the child's age is larger, the easier the inflammatory process proceeds.

A distinctive feature of cystitis of bacteriological etiology is the color of urine, although this factor may not be present.But turbidity of the urine, a change in its color may be a reason for diagnosing( preliminary) inflammation in the bladder and / or urinary tract.

Symptoms of cystitis in children

There are a number of signs that parents may assume that their child's inflammation progresses in the bladder wall. To such general symptoms, characteristic for both girls and boys, are:

  1. Rapid urination.The child too often asks / goes to the toilet, while the amount of urine released is minimized.This symptom will be present even if the amount of fluid consumed by the child has not increased.
  2. Pain syndrome.A sick child complains of the presence of pain in the lower abdomen at the time of urge to urinate, and as the disease progresses, the pain syndrome begins to be present and immediately during urination.
  3. General malaise.The child becomes sluggish, he is not interested in moving games, periodically he goes to bed and even falls asleep for a short while, the body temperature can rise.

Symptoms of cystitis in infants and children under 2 years of age

Because of their age, such children can not express their feelings in words, therefore the following symptoms of general cystitis will be added to the above symptoms:

  • cystitisAbdomen( area of ​​the anatomical location of the bladder);
  • constant stroking or tingling of a particular area of ​​the stomach;
  • whims and crying directly during urination;
  • changed color of urine - it can be cloudy and dark, in some cases, the presence of blood is detected in the urine;
  • increased motor activity of the lower and upper extremities against the background of general weakness.

Features of symptoms of cystitis in children over 2 years old

At this age, children can already explain, tell and describe their feelings and feelings.This significantly increases the chances of quickly diagnosing the inflammatory process in the walls of the bladder.But at this age the signs of cystitis will have their own characteristic features in girls and boys. It's worth remembering the following:

  • nocturnal uncontrolled urine excretion in small amounts is characteristic of the development of cystitis in boys;
  • Partial urinary incontinence in the daytime is seen in girls, but this symptom may also appear at night;
  • skin rashes in the groin area most often appear in boys;
  • in girls, the pain often spreads to the waist.

Characteristics of symptoms of cystitis in girls during the monthly

If the girl has already reached the peak of her sexual development and she has a period of time, then the progressive cystitis during this period will have its own peculiarities:

  • ,than usual;
  • monthly are accompanied by a drawing pain in the lower abdomen, a feeling of excessive fullness;
  • swelling of the legs appear, the girl can complain of heartburn and nausea - so manifest physiological instability, hormonal imbalance, weighed down by the inflammatory process in the walls of the bladder.

Pediatriya-school_age_children_enuresis In addition, attentive parents can note that during the months the girl becomes too irritated, quick-tempered, her mood changes hourly.Of course, such symptoms can not be called characteristic for the disease under consideration, but all together( and abundant discharge, and bad mood, and pains in the lower abdomen, and swelling of the lower extremities) may lead to the idea that the girl's urinary system has some pathologicalProcesses.

It is often very difficult to diagnose cystitis in childhood, but if you carefully monitor the child's condition and pay attention to changes in his behavior / state of health, then the inflammatory process can be stopped at the very beginning of its development.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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