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White boletus: benefit and harm

Bely grib

The white fungus is known to mankind for a very long time, at least the Slavic people and to this day is fond of "quiet hunting", looking for the product in question - it is considered the most delicious and useful.What is a white fungus and how does it benefit a person?

Composition of white fungus

If we consider the complete chemical composition of the product, then it will be possible to list the microelements and vitamins entering it for a long time. To understand the value of ceps, it is sufficient to disclose their composition only partially:

  • vitamins B, C, PP, E;
  • iron and riboflavin;
  • cobalt and chromium;
  • is silicon and calcium;
  • magnesium and manganese;
  • sulfur and polysaccharides;Zinc and copper and others.
  • .

Separately it is worth mentioning the caloric content of the product in question - it is quite low and is only 30 Kcal per 100 grams.Of course, it will increase if the ceps are fried in cream or vegetable oil - this should be taken into account when making menus for those who adhere to diets.

Useful properties of white fungus

White mushroom has become a favorite among the population, primarily for its luxurious taste and rich aroma - it's enough to be in the house where the product under consideration is boiled or fried to feel a light dizziness from the enjoyment of smells.And this is also useful for the body - the mood rises, the psychoemotional background stabilizes, the appetite awakens. But if we talk about the benefits of white fungus from a medical point of view, then it is worth highlighting the following properties:

  • prevents an increase in the level of "bad" cholesterol;
  • is used to prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques;
  • makes the walls of blood vessels more elastic;
  • normalizes the functioning of the thyroid gland, and with the existing diseases of this organ it supports its functionality;
  • improves the performance of all organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • increases and strengthens the immune system.

In addition, the doctors found out that the white fungus copes with the problem of the sick stomach and lack of appetite against a wide variety of diseases( from internal to mental), much better than chicken broth.

Possible harm of white fungi

Bely grib If we talk about the dangers of the product in question, we must immediately take into account the so-called "human factor".Fungi are accumulators of toxins, radiation particles and any dirt from the air, and people, as is known, with their "industrialization", active development of industry and automotive industry literally left no chance for white mushrooms to be clean and safe.It is for this reason that doctors and scientists say that there are practically no edible mushrooms left on the earth.To avoid collecting "dirty" white mushrooms, you need to do this in remote areas of the forest, and not along the routes and in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlarge / small production facilities.

White mushrooms are quite a "heavy" product, so it can not be introduced in the menu to children under the age of seven, and even after this "milestone" you should try to feed the children mainly with dried and boiled white mushrooms.

Please note: should refuse to consume white fungus in pregnant and lactating women. In principle, this product does not cause any harm to either the future mother or the fetus, but this statement concerns only absolutely "pure" fungi.In general, there is no need to take risks - it is not known what toxins can be in white mushrooms, and what will be their impact on the fetal development of a future child.

Recommendations for the collection of white fungi

mushroom White mushrooms are not grown under artificial conditions - this requires creating a special environment, and the growth of the "king of forests" is too slow, which negatively affects the payback and income from such a business.Therefore, the species of mushrooms under consideration can only be found in forests or grandmothers on the market. .. That's just the second option is not acceptable at all!It is not known where the white mushrooms were collected and for how long / under what conditions they were stored.

Collecting white mushrooms, as well as others, is needed only in remote forests from roads and industrial plants.It is necessary to know what a white fungus looks like, because in nature there is also a false boletus.You can distinguish them in color - the false boletus has a pinkish-red stem and on the fracture the flesh will be painted blue.

Note: to collect white mushrooms is possible from June to September, their hat can be yellow or brown - it all depends on the place of growth.Most white mushrooms grow "family", but the false boletus( it is also called the satanic mushroom) is growing as well.

White mushroom - it's very tasty and useful.If you comply with all the rules for collecting the "king of forests" and be confident in your knowledge about "quiet hunting", then the white fungus will not only benefit health, but also give pleasure to eating - the taste of this product is unmatched.

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