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The most useless for health technological novelties

The most useless for health technological novelties

Recently, there are more and more gadgets that are designed to make the human body healthier and stronger.Of course, there is some truth in this statement of manufacturers, many novelties do help to make life easier for a person, but how much they really can improve health is a matter. ..

Table of contents: Electric toothbrush Juicer Electric thermometer Vacuum cleaner robot with ultraviolet lamp Anti-cellulite hand massagers

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush How many times a day does anyone see an advertisement for electric toothbrushes from a series of "dentists recommend"?And in fact the majority of spectators blindly believe these commercials, get electric tooth-brushes and consider that this is a guarantee of health of a teeth and an oral cavity.But real dentists are only getting their hands up - "Advertising does its job. ..".What do experts actually say about an electric toothbrush?

Daily care for teeth and oral cavity has several important aspects:

  • brush your teeth regularly - 2 times a day;
  • the duration of the brushing process should be 3 minutes;
  • stiff bristles must be selected correctly;
  • it is necessary to make correct movements during the hygienic procedure - from the gums;
  • must be used for cleaning the interdental space of the dental floss;
  • should be a regular replacement toothbrush - at least every 2-3 months.
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Please note: electric toothbrush cleans teeth very well, but it is not able to instill the skills of proper hygienic procedure.

Why dentists do not consider an electric brush a useful invention:

  1. Regular brushing of teeth will not appear - if a person is too lazy to use a conventional toothbrush, then electric will not help.
  2. The exact duration of the procedure is necessary in order for useful substances from the toothpaste to penetrate into the gums and tooth tissue.When using an electrical device, a sensation of cleanliness in the oral cavity quickly arises, and a buzzing motor provokes a rapid end to the hygiene procedure.Yes, there is a gadget under consideration with a timer, but there time is set for 2 minutes, and you need to clean your teeth after all 3 minutes.
  3. The electric fixture has such a brush as it is - the choice of rigidity is not implied.You can, of course, replace it( there are removable heads), but it will be quite expensive.
  4. You can not use an electric toothbrush for people with gingivitis and / or stomatitis, but the paradox is that this category of people prefers the gadget under consideration.

Dentists offer a very useful alternative to an electric toothbrush - mouth irrigation .It is useful to all people, it is especially important to use such irrigation of the interdental spaces to those who have dentures, crowns, bridges.


120689_120689_1_500x400 Many believe that freshly squeezed juices are very healthy and buy self-advertised juicers.But doctors literally "beat" the alarm about the general entrainment of juices - these people are increasingly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus!And why it happens, experts give the exact answer.

Firstly, a glass of freshly squeezed juice contains as much sugar as sparkling sweet water.For example, the sugar content in 100 ml of Coca-Cola is about the same as in a glass of orange juice.

Secondly, this same sugar in the freshly squeezed juice is immediately absorbed into the blood, increases the level of glucose - the body's response will be the release of insulin.If such an action occurs repeatedly and regularly, then the development of diabetes will necessarily happen.By the way, after drinking a glass of juice, many experience a severe hunger and write off this condition for acids, but insulin gives similar sensations.

Thirdly, many associate the use of one glass of juice with the use of one fresh fruit.This is not true!The preparation of juice is always accompanied by the removal of cellulose, which also prevents the rapid absorption of sugar into the blood.

Please note: vegetable juices in general need to be consumed only in exact dosages, according to a certain scheme and with the permission of the doctor.

Doctors comfort the lovers of juices and offer them a useful alternative - smoothies.Of course, the debate about the benefits of such a drink is still ongoing, but it is prepared from crushed fruits and vegetables with the addition of fermented milk products, milk or mineral water.If you add nuts, oatmeal or dried fruit in a smoothie, you will get a full meal.

Electric thermometer

Convenient, fast and accurate - this is how electric degrees are advertised.But in fact, it is precisely known that even with a full charge of the battery, such a thermometer "lies" by 0.5 degrees.It turns out that at a body temperature of 37.1 degrees, the indices will be 36.4 - quite normal body temperature.But it is this error that will not allow to diagnose the inflammatory process in time.If the battery is already starting to discharge, then the error may even be 1-2 degrees!Thermometer

Note: requires absolutely accurate diagnostics for many diseases and fluctuations in body temperature can be decisive.

There is no alternative to an electric thermometer, nothing has been thought out better than the mercury form of this device.

Vacuum cleaner robot with ultraviolet lamp

Vacuum cleaner robot with ultraviolet lamp It is expensive, advertised competently - people buy.This is understandable - "preserves health, destroys ticks with the help of ultraviolet radiation."And few people think that even if the emitter of ultraviolet rays is generally available in a vacuum cleaner, it is too low-power( otherwise, it would have to provide the device with powerful protection).

In addition, to ultraviolet rays really cleaned the room, you need to do this procedure for at least 15 minutes - is it so much time vacuuming a bedroom, living room or kitchen?

What can be used as a useful alternative?Yes, conventional vacuum cleaners-robots without any "innovative" add-on devices from reliable manufacturers.

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Anti-cellulite hand massagers

Anti-cellulite hand massagers There is nothing to prove at all - such adaptations are simply ineffective.To "break" cellulite, you need to do a powerful, strong, aggressive massage with your hands.Such procedures should be conducted only by experienced specialists, and there are very few such.

And the alternative to hand-held anti-cellulite massagers is - steamer and electric grill.And it's not a joke!After all, only proper nutrition, the use of healthy dishes will help get rid of cellulite.

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We doctors are absolutely not against the achievements of modern science, many developments do have a lot of benefits for human health.But you need to know exactly the features of each gadget, understand their principle of operation and evaluate the possibilities realistically, rather than relying on advertising.

The most useless for health technological novelties

The most useless for health technological novelties

Recently, there are more and more gadgets that are designed to make the human body healthier ...

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