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Bartholinitis: symptoms and treatment at home


Bartholinitis symptoms and treatment are largely due to the form and stage of its course.The disease is expressed in an inflammatory process in the bartholin gland located around the vaginal entrance.

Table of contents: Brief description of the disease and provoking factors Symptoms of acute bartholinitis How does a true abscess occur in Bartholinitis?Symptoms of Chronic Bartholinitis What is dangerous for bartolinitis in pregnant women?Methods of conservative treatment of bartholinitis Surgical treatment: operation with bartholinitis Folk remedies for bartolinitis How to prevent the disease?

Brief description of the disease and provoking factors

Bartholin gland is responsible for moistening the vaginal entrance by isolating a specific secretion.The inflammatory process called bartolinite affects the tissue structures and ducts of the gland, delivering a lot of discomfort and unpleasant sensations to the patient.The disease is infectious.

According to gynecologists, the main reason for the development of bartholinitis is the penetration of the Bartholin gland into infectious pathogens.

The following factors can cause the onset of a pathological process:

  • urethritis;
  • insufficient compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • Colpitis;
  • infections, sexually transmitted infections, with unprotected intimate contacts.

Note: can be caused by chronic infectious foci in the female body: pyelonephritis, sinusitis, caries, tonsillitis, etc.

Bartholinic glands

Among the main triggers that significantly increase the likelihood of bartholinitis, experts identifyThe following :

  • vitamin deficiency;
  • weakened immune system;
  • induced abortion;
  • general body hypothermia;
  • stress conditions;
  • the transferred surgical manipulations in the field of organs of the genitourinary system;
  • microtraumatic lesions of the genital organs.

Important! The habit of wearing tight underwear disrupts the normal processes of outflow of a specific secret secreted by the bartholin gland, which can cause an inflammatory process!

The pathological process can occur both in acute and chronic forms, on which the symptoms of bartolinite depend, as well as the ways of its treatment.

Symptoms of acute bartholinitis

In the early stages of the pathological process, bartholinitis in the acute form proceeds almost asymptomatically. Only the appearance of a small puffiness is possible.In the process of palpation, when pressed on the Bartholin gland, there are discharge purulent.

In the case of the lack of adequate, timely treatment, the pathological process progresses and becomes the cause of the formation of the so-called false abscess, manifested by the following clinical signs:

  • pain sensations localized in the labia majora( with a tendency to increase whenMovement);
  • increased body temperature;
  • general weakness;
  • febrile state;
  • swelling of the labia;
  • redness of the skin.

Important! Softening of puffiness indicates the formation of a purulent capsule and the development of a true abscess !

How does the true abscess appear in Bartholinitis?

A true abscess that is localized in the Bartholin gland is formed by illiterate treatment of bartholinitis occurring in acute form or complete absence of therapy.

In this case, the patient has the following painful symptoms :

  • headaches;
  • strong attenuation;
  • increased fatigue;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • general intoxication of the body;
  • febrile state;
  • sharp and strong pain sensations of a permanent nature, localized around the large labia;
  • severe puffiness in the area of ​​the affected area;
  • enlarged inguinal lymph nodes;
  • redness and immobility of skin in the area of ​​neoplasm.

Note: ABD processes in the Bartholin gland tend to open themselves, which somewhat facilitates the overall condition of the patient.However, in the absence of adequate therapy, it is possible to transfer the disease to a chronic form, the appearance of a new suppuration or cystic neoplasm in the area of ​​the vaginal entrance!

At the appearance of the first signs, characteristic for bartolinite, which proceeds in acute form, it is recommended to immediately seek help from a qualified specialist!

Important ! Categorically it is contraindicated to try to open an abscess at home, as this can provoke a blood poisoning!

Symptoms of chronic bartholinitis

Bartholinitis, which proceeds in chronic form, is characterized by short-term improvements, which are followed by relapses.

The following factors may cause the next worsening of the pathology :

  • general body hypothermia;
  • diseases of an infectious nature;
  • "critical days";
  • disorders in the functioning of the immune system.

During an exacerbation, bartolinite, which proceeds in a chronic form, manifests itself by the following symptomatology of :

  • slight increase in body temperature;
  • compaction and swelling forming in the area of ​​the affected labia;
  • moderate pain;
  • a feeling of discomfort in the process of walking and intimate contacts.

Note: in the absence of therapy, the chronic form of bartholinitis can lead to the formation of a cystic neoplasm localized in the zone of the vaginal entrance of the !

What is dangerous bartolinitis in pregnant women?

Bartolinit Inflammatory processes in the field of the Bartholin gland are of great danger during the waiting period of the baby.In the early months of pregnancy, bartholinitis often becomes the cause of miscarriages, and at later times can lead to infection of the fetus and premature birth.

In addition, the risk of infection of the baby is high during the birth process.Therefore, at the first signs, indicating the presence of inflammation in the Bartholin gland, future mothers should urgently seek professional help from a qualified specialist!

Methods of conservative treatment of bartholinitis

Methods of conservative treatment of bartholinitis are particularly effective at early stages of development of the pathological process.Because the disease is infectious, patients are urgently prescribed antibiotic drugs. The dosage of medicines and the duration of the therapeutic course are established by the attending physician individually!

Please note: antibiotics for bartholinitis are prescribed only after a preliminary diagnosis and establishment of the species pathogen !

pills To eliminate the characteristic symptoms and ease the condition, the patient can be recommended medication for analgesic, antipyretic, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action.

Since in most cases bartolinite develops on the background of weakening of the immune system, vitamin D mineral complexes and immunomodulating drugs are included in the mandatory program of the therapeutic course in order to activate their own body defenses.

For the local treatment of bartholinitis is practiced using ointments( Levomekol and Vishnevsky), make antiseptic compresses and lotions.

The following physiotherapeutic procedures also give a good effect:

  • medical baths;
  • UHF therapy;
  • infrared laser;
  • magnetotherapy.

Important ! Physiotherapy is contraindicated in cases of fever, as well as acute stages of the inflammatory process of .

Compresses with such antiseptic solutions as Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, etc. are also mandatory. The use of these products contributes to the normalization of blood circulation processes, reduces swelling, and has a pronounced disinfectant effect.The average duration of the treatment course is about 2 weeks.

Surgical treatment: operation with bartholinitis

Surgical treatment of bartholinitis can be indicated in case of abscess formation, as well as in the absence of efficacy of the methods of drug therapy .During the operation, the surgeon opens an abscess, rinses the cavity with peroxide and antiseptic solutions.Surgical intervention can be performed both under anesthesia and under local anesthesia, depending on individual indices.


The average duration of the post-pre-treatment period is about 2 weeks .During this time, the wound is treated daily with antiseptic solutions, bandages are made.In order to prevent the development of possible complications of an infectious nature, a course of antibiotic therapy is prescribed. Also to surgical treatment resorted to the appearance of a cystic neoplasm in bartolinitis, taking place in a chronic form.

Note: operation for removal of the cyst can only be done during the remission period!

Surgical treatment of bartolinite, which proceeds in a chronic form, in most cases, is performed by the method of marsupialization.During the intervention, the cystic neoplasm is opened and the opening of the excretory ducts is formed.Then a special catheter is inserted into the wound hole to release the contents of the cystic neoplasm.

Important! In particularly severe cases, as well as with frequent relapses of the disease, the patient may be recommended surgical removal of the bartholin gland.

Folk remedies for bartolinite

Important! Methods of traditional medicine can be used in the fight against bartolinite only as an auxiliary element of complex therapy!

Therapeutic baths made on the basis of decoctions of medicinal herbs have a good therapeutic effect. Clearly expressed antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are such plants as chamomile pharmacy, calendula and string.

Baths with these herbs are recommended to be done every other day.The optimal duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.In addition, from the broths of medicinal herbs, you can make warm medicinal lotions, which are recommended to apply to the area affected by bartholinitis of the labia.

tea Very good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect gives the use of compresses with saline solution .This procedure is especially recommended in the early stages of the inflammatory process.In order to prepare a solution, it is enough to dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt in a glass of warm water.Then a piece of clean gauze tissue should be treated in the resulting solution and applied to the affected area.Make such compresses can be from 1 to 5 times throughout the day.

You can activate the defenses of the body and accelerate the healing process by regularly taking a vitamin-fortifying mixture. To prepare the drug, you should combine in equal quantities such ingredients as honey, shredded nuts and dried fruits.The medicine is taken by 2 tablespoons, in the morning and evening hours.

Important ! Before using any folk remedies, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor!

How to prevent a disease?

In order to prevent the development or aggravation of bartholinitis, gynecologists advise their patients to follow such recommendations:

  1. Bartholinitis Observe the rules of intimate hygiene.
  2. To conduct an orderly intimate life, use the means of barrier contraception.
  3. Avoid general body hypothermia.
  4. Wear high-quality underwear, made of natural fabrics.
  5. Take vitamin and mineral complexes to strengthen the immune system.
  6. Two times a year pass a gynecological examination, for preventive purposes.

Bartholinitis is a serious disease requiring timely detection and proper treatment.Methods of therapy are aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process, which is a characteristic feature of bartholinitis.The optimal therapeutic course is appointed by the attending physician on an individual basis, depending on the severity of the symptoms of bartholinitis.

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