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Sprain of joint ligaments is the most common trauma with which patients seek medical help.Moreover, this can happen in any person, regardless of whether he is engaged in sports, or leads a low-activity lifestyle.

Sprain stretch is an injury that can occur with any joint in the human body, but most often this effect is exposed to large joints - the ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder or hip.

Treatment of sprain of joint ligaments is simple enough, although the trauma itself is very unpleasant and causes a lot of discomfort in life.Mostly for reconstitution use topical ointments and compresses - this therapy is safe and very effective.

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Basic principles of treatment of sprains

Treatment of ligaments

This trauma is always accompanied by acute pain, swelling and flushing of the skin in the area of ​​the damaged joint.It is because of this symptomatology that when stretching the ligaments, a person is not able to make the usual movements - for example, if there is an extension of the ligaments in the ankle, the injured person will be problematic to use this leg when walking.

To treat sprains, it is absolutely necessary and such therapy will be as follows:

  • needs to quickly get rid of the pain syndrome, which will allow the affected person to return the joint to at least half a strength;
  • then it is necessary to take measures to get rid of swelling and redness of the skin;
  • the last phase of treatment of the trauma under consideration is the restoration of joint function.

Once the injury has occurred, the victim must provide first aid.It consists in the immobilization of the joint in which the ligaments have stretched, and applying a cold compress to the site of the injury.Further, the victim must undergo a medical examination, since often the type of injury under consideration is accompanied by quite serious injuries - for example, a bone fracture may occur.If a medical examination excludes fractures, there is no need to impose gypsum, then you can proceed directly to the treatment of sprain.

Ointments during the process of growing Therapy is performed with the use of ointments or balms - they are applied directly to the skin in the area of ​​the damaged joint, have a local effect and provide a rapid recovery.In the composition of such ointments has an active substance that quickly penetrates through the skin and exerts its curative effect directly on the stretched ligament.When making such preparations, vegetable or animal fats are taken as a basis - they are absolutely harmless to health, they provide easy application of the product to the skin and their quick absorption.

Please note: in pharmacies for the treatment of sprains are sold various gels, creams, balms.All of them have the same efficiency, so the choice, in principle, will depend only on personal preferences.

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Characteristics of ointments for sprains

The healing properties of all ointments that are intended for the treatment of this type of injury can differ only in the presence of a particular active substance in their composition.

Ointments with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances

They are considered to be the most effective, since getting directly to the source of injury, able to stop inflammation, remove puffiness and pain.Similar ointments can quickly cure sprain and restore joint function.

Ointments with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs include Voltaren, Diclofenac, Ketoprofen and others.

Ointments with steroid hormones

These drugs are also considered effective, due to the ability of hormones to suppress the inflammatory process.In addition, ointments with steroid hormones reduce the permeability of the walls of the vessels, and this in turn prevents the formation and progression of puffiness.

Ointments for warming up

Many specialists prefer treatment of sprain with warming procedures.For this, ointments with snake and bee venom in the composition are excellent.

Note: The effectiveness of such medications will only be visible if they are applied a few hours after the injury, and immediately after stretching to the damaged joint it is necessary to apply cold.

Ointments with cooling effect

Quickly improve the condition of the affected with ointments with a cooling effect.These include those in which menthol is available - it will cool, and relieve pain syndrome.

After getting the injury, you can use a cooling spray( for example, chloroethyl), not with ointment, but when applied to the skin in the area of ​​the damaged joint, it relieves pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition to these ointments, when stretching ligaments use local analgesics - they have a beneficial effect directly on the nerve fiber, through which impulses and provoke an acute attack of pain.Another necessary tool in the treatment of sprains is angioprotectors.These are drugs that have a resolving and blood thinning effect.Their use prevents the formation of blood clots, quickly eliminates swelling.

The most effective means for stretching the ligaments

Specialists believe that the most effective in the treatment of sprains will be complex ointments.They contain anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and cooling active substances. Several similar preparations can be distinguished:

  • Ointments from bruises Nicoflex - ointment eliminates pain syndrome and has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Menthol Ointment - contains not only menthol as a cooling element, but also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances;
  • Dolobene gel - active in its composition and non-steroidal inflammatory agents, and substances that accelerate the healing process of ligaments;
  • Finalgon - has a warming and analgesic effect;
  • Capsoderm.

It is these drugs that doctors recommend most often to patients with sprains.

It should be noted that the use of ointments for the type of injury under consideration is safe.But all the same, before using this or that drug, you need to consult a doctor, or to make sure that the victim has no hypersensitivity to the components of the ointment.

Apply the products listed in the material with gentle and accurate movements, without applying any effort, the exact dosage and the number of ointments applied per day should be clarified by the attending physician, or in the official annotation to the medicinal preparation.

Treatment of sprains is not a complicated process, but it takes a long time to apply ointments of complex effects and gently begin to develop the joint - sometimes, the recovery phase is delayed.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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