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What is dangerous about the virus Zika?

Zeka virus About the virus Zika until recently, very few people have heard.And not surprisingly, isolated cases of the disease caused by it, were registered only in some countries of Africa and Asia.But it was only until 2007( the year in which the first outbreak of Zick's disease in the Western Pacific was officially documented).Subsequently, the gradual spread of the virus in the eastern direction was noted.In particular, the causative agent of Zik's fever in 2015 reached the shores of South and Central America, the Caribbean countries, and in 2016 two cases of the disease were already registered in the United States.

Contents: What is the danger of the disease caused by the virus Zika?How can you get infected with Zick's virus?Which countries are not safe to travel to?Is Zik virus dangerous for Russians?Clinic and diagnosis of fever Zika Preventative measures

What is the danger of the disease caused by the virus Zika?

WHO prognosis for Zick's disease is disappointing: a gradual spread of a dangerous virus is expected throughout South and North America.

In this regard, the world medical community, in particular WHO and PAHO( Pan American Health Organization), has begun active work on introducing laboratory diagnostics and strengthening surveillance of this infection in countries where outbreaks occur.The fever of Zika( this is what is called the disease caused by this virus) is usually fairly easily tolerated by the sick, the symptoms persist for a maximum of 7 days.That is, the disease itself does not represent a particular danger for a person, but it can leave serious consequences after itself. Most pregnant women risk being affected by them, because according to the scientists' assumptions, the Zika virus can cause a serious developmental malformation in the fetus - microcephaly. In this pathology the baby is born with a disproportionately small head and a reduced size of the brain, in the subsequent the child has various psychomotor disorders.In addition, there is a definite link between infection with the Zick virus and the development of autoimmune neurological diseases, in particular Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is manifested by flaccid paresis, vegetative disorders, and the like.Studies on the complications and consequences of Zick's disease continue even further, so it is unequivocal to say that in case of infection with this virus, a pregnant woman will necessarily be born in a pregnant woman, and in other patients there can be no autoimmune disorders.

How can I get infected with Zick's virus?

How can you get infected with Zik The virus Zika is a kind of causative agent of diseases such as Dengue fever and yellow fever. Infection with the virus occurs with a mosquito bite of the genus Ae des , which originally inhabited only in tropical regions of Africa, today its habitat has expanded significantly. In addition, in some sources there is information that it is possible to transmit this infection through sexual contact.However, this fact requires scientific confirmation, so while the main enemy for the person in terms of risk of infection with the virus Zika remains a mosquito.In which countries do you travel unsafe?

337156903 The cases of Zika fever are registered in 27 countries of the Western Hemisphere, in particular in Brazil( over half a million cases), Puerto Rico, the USA, Argentina, etc. Some WHO does not recommend introducing restrictions on travel to these states.However, pregnant women, if there is no strong need, it is better to refrain from visits to South and North America, as well as to the Pacific region.If there are any questions about the spread of Zick's disease in a particular country, it should be turned to the health and tourism authorities of this country.

Is the Zik virus dangerous for Russians?

On January 27, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova stated that the epidemic of the virus of Zik Russia is not threatened.The virus is not transmitted from person to person, the source of infection is only Aedes aegypti( "Egyptian mosquito").In the territory of the Russian Federation, there are no natural foci that support this infection.However, certain preventive measures were taken.So, the flights from those 27 countries in which the virus was detected were taken under control.In parallel, the Institute of Virology of the Ministry of Health began to develop a vaccine against the virus Zika.

Clinic and diagnosis of fever Zika

The first symptoms of Zika fever appear, usually a few days after a mosquito bite. They are expressed in the following:

  • Hot.
  • Spotted skin rash.
  • Inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes.
  • Tenderness in the muscles.
  • Headache.
  • Weaknesses.

Basic diagnostic methods for Zika disease:

  • PCR.
  • Isolation of the virus from blood samples.

Specific treatment for the disease caused by the Zicke virus, does not exist yet, only means of symptomatic action( paracetamol as an anesthetic and antipyretic drug) are used.

Preventative measures

56 Zinc vaccine is not available, therefore the main measure of preventing this disease is preventing mosquito bites. To do this, in the potentially hazardous regions it is necessary to do the following:

  • Use repellents.
  • Wear clothing that covers the body as much as possible.
  • Sleep under special canopies.
  • Close windows and doors or protect them from mosquitoes by mechanical barriers( for example, mosquito nets).
  • Eliminate the places of possible breeding of dangerous mosquitoes.Such places can be buckets of water, barrels, flower pots on the street, etc.

If, after a trip to the above-mentioned regions, you have symptoms that are characteristic of Zika fever, you should immediately seek medical help, especially pregnant women. Zubkova Olga Sergeevna, medical reviewer, epidemiologist-doctor

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