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Eye irritation: causes, how to remove and prevent

Redness of the eyes

The eyes of a person are in a state of constant tension - computers, televisions and telephones, work with documents and books, urban dust, decorative cosmetics: all this leads to dryness and irritation of the eyes.Of course, there are a lot of methods how to get rid of these unpleasant conditions, but before something is done it is worth to understand the reasons for what happened.

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Possible causes of eye irritation

Among the provoking factors that can cause this condition, doctors ophthalmologists distinguish the following:

  • continued work in front of the monitor;
  • hit the eyes of the smallest foreign bodies;
  • lack of sleep and constant fatigue;
  • long reading - especially this often this factor "works" when reading in public transport, when the eyes can not normally focus.

Redness of the eyes If a person lives in a large city, then often all the provoking factors work at once: the road to work in the metro or bus passes after reading the book, then a long sitting in front of the computer monitor, dust enters the street, andThe rhythm of modern life automatically implies fatigue and lack of sleep.

And that's not all!Chlorinated water from the tap, and aggressive sun, and tobacco smoke( and, no matter passive or active smoker, person), nutrition and many other provoking factors act on the state of the eyes.

Eye irritation: what should I do?

First of all, remember the rule: never rub your eyes with your hands if there are already signs of irritation. After all, it can not be ruled out that the condition under consideration develops against the background of an infectious eye disease, and if this is so, then friction with hands will only intensify the symptoms of the pathology and spread the infection.

Eye irritation from the computer

Redness of the eyes It is unlikely that people who spend most of their time in front of the monitor know that with concentrated work the eyes blink on average 3 times less often and the mucous membrane begins to dry out actively.Therefore, the first thing to do is to try to blink more often.

It is very important to interrupt your work at least once every two hours, if possible, it is better to do it more often .You do not just switch the tabs and look at the small pictures instead of texts, but bright pictures, and tear yourself away from the monitor, go into the kitchen, "switch" your view of something else.In such interruptions it is very desirable to drink a cup of herbal tea - you can use for its preparation mint leaves, chamomile medicinal or grass comfrey.These herbs have a calming effect on the organs of sight, although you can get by with ordinary green tea.

It is absolutely not recommended to work at a computer in a smoke-filled room, that is, even if a person is an avid smoker, he needs to go out into the street or a balcony - and the eyes will rest from the monitor, and they will be less harmed indoors.

If the foreign body gets into the eye

Removal-eyelashes This is unpleasant, painful and therefore the person instinctively starts rubbing the injured eye.So do not do it - the chances of getting rid of the foreign body are very small, but the probability of aggravating the situation is very high.

Quickly to get rid of a foreign body in the eye will help a usual wadded disk or a clean handkerchief - they need to be folded several times to form a pointed corner and it is up to them to try to remove a foreign body from the eye.You can do the procedure with your hands, but in any case, the extraction of a foreign body from the eye should be done carefully and in the conditions of the greatest possible purity / sterility.

Note: many people help others to get rid of a foreign body in the eye in a strange way - they try to extract their own particle by their own language.This can not be done categorically!Firstly, it is not aesthetically pleasing and, at least, looks strange.Secondly, this method is a complete violation of all hygienic rules: in the human mouth there is simply an incredible amount of bacteria that, if ingested into the eye, can provoke the development of an inflammatory process.

If within 2-3 minutes self extract foreign body from the eye fails, then you need to seek the qualified medical assistance of .In any trauma clinic, and in the polyclinic, the doctor ophthalmologist will not only remove particles from the eyes, but also examine the mucous membrane for the presence of microarrazine.

Home Remedies for Eye Irritation

There are several ways that can help cope with eye irritation and do not require any great expense or effort. Here are just some recipes that you can use at home:

  1. You can put a cold compress or ice cubes on your eyes.To make a cold compress, you need to moisten the tissue napkin in a cold howl, squeeze well and apply to the eyes for 5 minutes.But ice is better used from decoctions of medicinal herbs - for example, from decoction of chamomile medicinal or mint.Applying cold to irritated eyes can be practiced three times a day.
  2. Compress eyes Tea compress is an effective remedy against eye diseases in general and in particular from eye irritation.Make it very simple: two tea bags( plain black, without fruit additives and flavorings) are poured with boiling water and insist for 1-2 minutes.Then the bags are removed from the boiling water, lightly squeezed( they should still stay well moist) and cool.Then you need to take the position lying on your back, close your eyes and put on them ready-made tea bags.This tea compress can be left in your eyes for a maximum of 7 minutes.
  3. Rose water.If the house has rose water( it is sold in pharmacies and specialized cosmetics stores), then you need to add 5 drops of this product to 300 milliliters of clean water( the optimal use for this procedure is distilled water).The solution must be well mixed to use for washing the eyes - for example, do this three times a day, or twice - in the morning and in the evening.Rinsing the eyes with rose water is done with a pipette, you need to instill 3-5 drops into each eye.The solution should be warm( room temperature).
  4. chamomile Infusion of chamomile flowers.It is prepared according to the classical method: 1 tablespoon of raw material for a glass of boiling water( 250-300 ml), insist for 20-30 minutes, strain.This infusion can be used for compresses on irritated eyes - moisten it with tissue napkins and cotton discs and apply to the eyes for 5-7 minutes.Similar action has and infusion of leaves of mint, which is prepared, and use the same infusion of chamomile medicinal.These remedies help to get rid of red eyes and puffiness around them.
  5. Fresh cucumber.This is generally the fastest way to remove eye irritation - on closed eyelids lay thin circles of fresh cucumber, previously withstood them in cold water for 10-15 minutes.Only there is one nuance in this procedure - you need to use only "clean" cucumbers, without an incredible amount of nitrates and chemical additives.

All these products are good only at home, when there is an opportunity to prepare a remedy and calmly apply it. And what if the powerful eye irritation manifested itself, for example, at work?In this case, ordinary cool water will help - it needs to be splashed in the face, opening eyes, and after 2-3 such procedures a person will feel great relief: the eyes will stop ache, the burning sensation disappears .

Artificial tears

Tears These are special moisturizing drops that are particularly suitable for long periods of use at the computer. Artificial tears mono purchased in any pharmacy, and bury their eyes in strict accordance with the instructions - usually means the introduction of a 1 drop in each eye 4-8 times a day.

Doctors are categorically not recommended for the application of eye irritation Ocumetil or Ophthalmoferon - these drugs have vasoconstrictive effect and are intended to solve absolutely other problems of .Unauthorized use of such medications can lead to even more dry eyes, to their more intense irritation.

Eye irritation prevention

This state not only brings uncomfortable sensations, but also greatly distorts the appearance of a person - red eyes, swollen eyelids, hardly anyone will add beauty and attractiveness. Therefore, you need to know and follow the preventive measures that have been developed by doctors ophthalmologists:

  1. In winter, special humidifiers should be used indoors, and they should be not only in the house, but also in the offices.In extreme cases, you can expand on the batteries wet towels or rags, and on the windowsills arrange a large number of fresh flowers.
  2. If you are going to perform work that is accompanied by dust in your eyes, then you should use special protective goggles with closed sidewalls - they are called "canned food".It is necessary to wear protective goggles and during bathing - they must be waterproof.It is especially important to apply this recommendation to those who regularly visit swimming pools, because they are filled with chlorinated water - one of the eye-provoking factors.
  3. When applying cosmetics for the care of the skin around the eyes, you must carefully monitor that they do not get into the eyes.The components of such cosmetics are allergens that can provoke eye irritation.By the way, you need to be neat and using decorative cosmetics - often the condition in question takes place when using poor-quality products.
  4. Very carefully it is necessary to monitor the condition of the eyes and with the forced intake of certain medications.For example, antidepressants, tranquilizers and drugs that reduce blood pressure, in 98% of cases, cause eye irritation.This is considered to be a side effect, so you should contact your doctor to change the drug or adjust its dosage to restore eye health.
  5. Sleep deprivation should be avoided.A person who regularly does not sleep is very easy to "identify": blood vessels in the eyes( reddening) will be dilated and the mucous membranes( itching, slight swelling) are dried.

In addition, doctors ophthalmologists recommend to adjust the diet.For example, the menu must contain products rich in vitamin A( fresh eggs, orange vegetables and fruits, greens, liver, etc.), nuts and fish, bananas( they generally need to be consumed 1-2 times daily).It is recommended to use 1 tablespoon of linseed oil every morning for breakfast - it can be added to salads or porridge.

Eye irritation is an extremely unpleasant condition, which can be easily remedied by household remedies and a simple correction of the diet.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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