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Poisoning by whiteness: symptoms, first aid and treatment


Whiteness is the most popular cleaning and disinfectant of "all times and peoples".This tool perfectly removes any dirt, makes the surfaces clean not only from dust and debris, but also from bacteria, allows whitening bed linens and hygiene in the bathroom.In addition, it is inexpensive, it is easy to use - well, what is not an ideal tool for housewives?

Doctors warn that all known whiteness is not a safe cleaning / washing product at all - it is necessary to work with it very carefully, and some information about this product should be obtained from reliable sources.

Contents: Is whiteness a chlorine?Poisoning by whiteness

Is whiteness a chlorine?

Poisoning with chlorine Many housewives call whiteness "chlorine" because of the presence of a specific flavor - is this correct?If you study the chemical composition of the disinfectant in question, sodium hypochlorite can be found - an active whiteness element containing active chlorine in an amount of 95% of the total mass of sodium hypochlorite. Therefore, it can be stated with precision that to everyone the habitual whiteness is real chlorine - this chemical substance can lead to severe poisoning in case of improper application, absence of observance of safety rules.

Did you know that even a slight inhalation of chlorine vapor can lead to a breakdown in the functioning of all body systems?Of course, chlorine vapor should get into the body in large quantities, but for example, it will be enough for the child to simply sniff the whiteness from the bottle in order to have symptoms of poisoning.Yes, and adults, sometimes, show amazing carelessness - whiteness gets on the skin and eyes, it is swallowed, which invariably leads to a condition that will require medical intervention.

White poisoning

It has been scientifically proven that the chemical composition of the agent under consideration has a strangling effect on ingression into the respiratory tract, which corrodes - when exposed to mucous membranes, both internal and external.

Symptoms of white vapor poisoning

In medicine, there is a classification of such poisoning - chronic and acute.Chronic white vapor poisoning occurs in people who are forced to come into contact with this cleaning / disinfecting agent many times, but in this case we are not talking about the ingress of a large number of toxic fumes at once. Symptoms of chronic white vapor poisoning are the following health problems:

  • White poisoning appears cough - it is permanent, always dry and paroxysmal;
  • progresses respiratory diseases of different etiologies;
  • marked a significant deterioration in health: dizziness, periodic headaches, nausea and fickle vomiting;
  • is rare, but convulsions may occur.

Acute white vapor poisoning can occur in various forms:

  1. Light form .There is burning eyes, frequent sneezing, increased lacrimation, choking in the throat.As a rule, these symptoms pass within a day without the development of any serious consequences.
  2. Medium form .In this case, to the above symptoms, characteristic of a mild form of white vapor poisoning, constant attacks of dry cough, a feeling of compression in the pharynx and chest, and minor pulmonary edema are added.
  3. Heavy Duty .All of the above symptoms are present, respiratory arrest is added to them.Moreover, it can be short-lived, then breathing returns, but it is already characterized by disorders.

White poisoning In addition, there is also such a thing as lightning-fast poisoning whiteness - the victim has convulsions, involuntary urination and act of defecation begin, in the upper part of the body veins swell.As a rule, this state ends with the death of the victim, often even on time, medical assistance does not save a person.

Note: if whiteness has entered the respiratory tract in large quantities( this is a high concentration of vapors), then a person may die within 30 minutes.

At home, it is very rare that white whitening occurs in pairs, which occur in a heavy and lightning form, but such situations do occur.Most often, the mild to moderate severity of the condition is diagnosed.

Symptoms of poisoning when whiteness hits the digestive tract

Perhaps this is the most dangerous situation that can occur at home - ingestion of whiteness directly threatens the health and life of a person.Especially often whiteness enters the digestive tract of the child - the curiosity of the baby can not stop even the unpleasant smell of this disinfectant.

Symptoms of white fluorescence poisoning through the digestive tract:

  • White poisoning, acute, intense pain immediately appears in the oral cavity - a burn of mucous membranes occurs;
  • after a few seconds, the pain syndrome shifts to the esophagus and stomach area - along the path of "following" the whiteness along the digestive tract;
  • begins bloody vomiting, which does not bring relief to the victim;
  • the urine changes color - it becomes dark;
  • body temperature rises sharply and quickly reaches critical levels;
  • there are all signs of an organism's intoxication - intestinal colic, dizziness, convulsive syndrome, confusion and so on.

Symptoms of whiteness in the eye

Usually, whiteness in the eye ends safely - a person simply rinses the affected eye with running water and some discomfort in the eye disappears within a few hours. But if the whiteness hit the eye and this moment was not fixed, there is no first aid, then the following symptoms will be present:

  • Whiteness in the voice reddening of the sclera of the eyeball;
  • itching the whole eye, including the eyelids, and their outer side;
  • there is a burning eye, which is gaining intensity gradually;
  • if the whiteness in the eye has got in a lot, it can cause acute pain, from which the victim closes / closes his eyes, which can not be done categorically.

First aid for poisoning with whiteness

In order not to become perplexed and quickly take the necessary medical measures, you need to know how to behave when poisoning with whiteness.Naturally, first of all it is necessary to call a brigade of "First Aid" - only a specialist will be able to establish the degree of poisoning and choose an effective treatment.

White vapor poisoning - first aid

If the poisoning has occurred in an easy degree, then the victim should be taken to fresh air, to force him to take deep breaths "full chest".It is advisable to unbutton the affected shirt collar, do not wrap it with a scarf - the intake of fresh air in the respiratory tract should be carried out as much as possible.Do not forget to leave the room where the whiteness is accumulated, open - you need to carefully ventilate it.

How to render-first-help-when-poisoning_5_1 In case of a white vapor poisoning in moderate severity, it will be necessary not only to remove the injured person to fresh air, but also make every effort to ensure that he does not lose consciousness.If the person is unconscious, but the pulse and breathing rate are not violated, then he can give a sniff the cotton wool soaked with ammonia.

Note: if a person has lost consciousness, he does not listen to the heartbeat and pulse on the carotid artery, there is no breathing, then you need to do an indirect heart massage and artificial respiration.Remember that in his respiratory system there are pairs of whiteness - artificial respiration is done by the method "mouth to mouth" and only through a wet handkerchief with an inspiration on the side.

Even if poisoning with whiteness in pairs has occurred in a mild form, after recovery, the patient may have a cough, a feeling of sore throat, light dizziness.In such a situation, you need to seek medical help, even if after a poisoning happened 2-3 days.

Intake of whiteness in the digestive tract - first aid

Very difficult situation, which requires immediate intervention of doctors!No measures for self-treatment, washing the stomach, drinking large amounts of water can not be done.Immediately need to call the ambulance, on the phone the dispatcher needs to clearly explain what chemical substance has got into the digestive tract. What can be done before the arrival of specialists:

  • put the victim on a flat horizontal surface;
  • unbutton his shirt collar, remove all accessories and jewelry;
  • to turn the head to the side - this will prevent swallowing of vomit.

Eye contact whitening - first aid

Here, in principle, everything is simple - you need to rinse the eye with running water and wait for the arrival of the ambulance team.The only thing that can be used from a home medicine chest is Albucid: eye drops, which reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process and contribute to the rapid healing of the burn mucous.

Treatment of white poisoning

Treatment of victims is carried out in a medical institution, only an easy degree of poisoning allows to leave the patient at home and conduct medical activities as part of a visit to the polyclinic department.

In each individual case of white poisoning, the individual treatment method is selected:

  1. Drops2 When inhaled white vapor, the patient can be treated to restore and improve respiratory activity, the patient is injected with drugs that normalize and stabilize the heart.
  2. If whiteness is in the eye, ophthalmologists first conduct an eye examination to establish the degree of chemical burn and only after that will be prescribed treatment.
  3. The ingress of whiteness into the digestive tract always ends with a surgical procedure - it may be that the esophagus and stomach are removed.Everything depends only on the amount of whiteness swallowed by the victim, how widespread the burns of internal organs, and how quickly emergency medical care was provided.

White poisoning is a serious "accident" that involves the provision of professional medical care.Do not trust the folk remedies and the fact that "everything will pass by itself" - even inoffensive inhalation of whitening vapors can lead to the development of pneumonia, emphysema, and getting the disinfectant in the eye to partial or total blindness.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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